Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Closet Organizing Tips to Use Today

Is it time to organize your closets and get rid of the chaos that is lurking inside them?
Start with these easy home organizing tips to turn your closets into a successful makeover.

Hall Closet

An easy organizing tip to begin with is to redistribute any items from the hall closet that would be better used in other rooms in the house. Donate outdated and outgrown coats to charity which will leave room for coats and jackets for you and your guests. Make use of open and closed storage bins to keep smaller items, such as gloves, mittens and hats under control and easily accessible. You are now ready for those quick exits as your family heads out the door.

Linen Closet

Even though they are called linen closets, in many homes they would be more appropriately called a "catch-all". An easy home organizing tip for this closet is to put linens "front and center". Move belongings that are used less often into the sides, top and bottom of the closet. Use clear plastic bins or linen bags to store out-of-season linens and other odds and ends.

Master Bedroom Closet

A basic organizing tip for the master bedroom closet is to designate a section of the closet for each partner where they can pull together a day's outfit fast and easy. Carefully select clothes and shoes that are worn out or outdated. If your closet doesn't have adequate shelves and hanger space, visit an organizing store or big box store for ideas. Use clear plastic bins for organizing accessories and for storing items on higher shelves in the closet.

Organizing Tools

There are wonderful organizing tools on the market today that will make organizing your home much easier. An over-the-door shoe organizer is not just for shoes. This multitasker can hold kitchen spices, gloves and mittens and office supplies as well as shoes. Another organizing tip is to purchase wire shelf dividers for your closets that keep unstable things such as purses upright and tidy. An ottoman which is solid enough to sit on with a lid that lifts off for storage is ideal in a master bedroom closet.

By applying these easy home organizing tips, you will put your closets on the road to recovery and no longer fear opening that closet door!

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Lynn Cressy is the owner of Lynn's Home Decor, which was created out of a love for decorating and shopping for home decor. There you will find shabby chic furniture, shabby chic home decor and wrought iron furniture and home decor as well as seasonal decor, ebooks and interior decorating ideas.

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Sunday, 28 December 2008

Exploring Closet Handbag Organizers

Many women are crazy about adding new handbags, or purses, to their collection. However, when you take a peek inside the closet of a female that has a huge collection of handbags, you may be surprised at what you see. You may see them hung over a clothes hanger, hanging on various nails placed within the closet, stuffed at the top of the closet, boxes filled with handbags, or purses all over the floor. In this article, you will learn about a new and effective way to organize all those pesky handbags by implementing the use of closet handbag organizers.

If you are a female that is crazy about various types of accessories, such as handbags, it is important that you discover ways to organize them. By implementing an effective storage solution, you can preserve the overall life of the handbag, find the item that you are looking for quickly, match the purse to the appropriate outfits, and keep your closet free and clear of disorganization. This is where the use of closet handbag organizers comes into play.

There are numerous places where you can purchase a closer handbag organizer. Many department stores carry these types of closet organizers. Furthermore, there are many online specialty stores that carry various types of organizers for the closet. You can generally purchase a basic closet handbag organizer for less than $30.00. However, the price will depend on the material that the organizer is made of and how many handbag slots are included as part of the organizational system for the closet.

When selecting a closet handbag organizer, you will be able to select from the material that it is composed of. The most common materials are wood, plastic, and Rubbermaid materials. You will also be able to select the number of slots that are included in the closet organizer. Some of these organizers have enough room in each slot to store more than one handbag; however, there are many that only have enough room for one purse in each slot. You must carefully consider how many handbags that you have in order to purchase one that is suitable for you.

When organizing your closet with a closet handbag organizer, it is important that you take all of the purses out and organize them. You should also check to see if there are any types of contents in each handbag. This is also a great time to clean up each of the bags. You will want to get a damp cloth and simply wash them up a little bit prior to placing them in the closet handbag organizer. If you have a leather bag, you must clean these as appropriate. For leather, it is important to get leather cleaner.

Once you have all of the bags placed in the closet handbag organizer, it is important to store it in an easy accessible location within the closet. You should not store it behind anything, as you will need to be able to get to it easily in order to select an appropriate handbag for use with your clothing. Once you have found an appropriate location for the closet handbag organizer, you are all set. That is, of course, unless the rest of your closet needs to be organized.

Are you tired of your messy and cluttered closets? These quick tips for organizing your closet will help you finally get the pile of clutter organized. Try visiting http://www.bestclosetorganizerguide.com an informative website that provides closet organization advice, tips and resources to include information on cheap closet organizers and wire closet organizers.

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Friday, 26 December 2008

Help For Do it Yourself Closet Organizers

Saving money and the opportunity to create your own space are the biggest benefits of do-it-yourself closet organizers over the professional systems. With so many different choices of organizers, what is the best way to be sure you get one that works for you? As with any major investment: shop around. Searching online as well as at your local stores is a good idea. Looking at the showrooms of professional closet system companies is good as well so that you can get ideas about how to organize your closet.

While you are shopping around, you will want to be thinking about whether or not you want a kit or a custom solution. But aren't all do it yourself closet organizers kits? Not all. There are different options available to customize do it yourself closet organizers. There are standard kits that you can buy or you can build your own customized solution. If you want a more customized organizer, you will, of course, have to pay more for it because every piece is individually priced. You can also buy a standard do it yourself closet organizer kit and then add on pieces as needed to customize it for your needs.

As you shop around, also keep in mind how you want to use your closet space. Do you need more hanging space or more drawers? Be sure that whatever do it yourself closet organizer system you buy fits not only your physical space but your vision for your space as well.

Investigate the company that you are planning to buy your do it yourself closet organizer from before you make your purchase. No matter whether it is online or at your local store, you need to make sure that the company you buy from is legitimate. Make sure that you know how long the company has been in business and know whether or not anyone has registered a complaint with them with the Better Business Bureau. If it is an online store, be sure to call the phone number listed so that you are comfortable with the professionalism of whoever answers the phone.

When you buy your do it yourself closet organizer online or from a local store, make sure that you are clear on the return policy. If it isn't the right color or specifications for your closet, you want to make sure that it is easy to return.

It goes without saying that in order to install your own closet organizer, you will need to be one of those people who are handy around the house. If you are not, enlist the help of someone who is. These do it yourself closet organizers can be a challenge to install and the last thing you want is a half-finished closet that you cannot figure out how to complete. Make sure that you have set aside enough time to get your system installed in your closet. You are better off overestimating the amount of time it will take you to install it than underestimating. Because the closet is one of those things you use daily, it can be very frustrating to try to live with a half-finished closet for several days.

Getting and installing the do it yourself closet organizer that is right for you can be difficult. Be sure to do the proper research before taking on this exciting task. For more help on do it yourself closet organizers, visit http://www.yourhomeisorganized.com/ClosetOrganizers.htm

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Wednesday, 24 December 2008

What to Look for When Buying a Closet Organizer

Whether it’s a New Year’s Resolution or spring cleaning, no cleaning spree would be complete without cleaning the closets. This time, don’t just rearrange the junk—find a permanent solution. Closet organizers provide a way to organize your possessions. When every item has a “home,” it is much easier to keep the closet clean.

You have a few choices when it is time to buy closet organizers. First, determine your budget and go from there.

Under $100: If you are working on a small budget, it would probably be best to buy closet organizers at the local home improvement store or department store. These closet organizer kits contain all shelving, components, and hardware needed for your closet. You will need to measure your closet to determine the right sized kit. Some assembly is generally required, but it is usually simple. In addition to the basic closet, you can buy any accessories you need: shoe racks or cubbies, shelves, drawers, tie racks, etc.

Low $100s - $1000s: If you are working on a mid-level budget, you might want to consider closet organizer systems. These modular units are pre-assembled and simply need to be installed. Some can be placed on the closet floor; some need to be wall-mounted. You also have many choices of accessories with this option.

Unlimited: If price is no object for you, custom closet organizers are also available. These can be ordered online, using a “design wizard,” or a local company can send a consultant to your home. While this option is the most expensive, it also offers the greatest level of creativity.

There are many brands available. One of the best known, Rubbermaid, offers a unique “custom-closet-in-a-box” system. This is a combination closet organizer kit/custom closet organizer. This Configurations kit contains shelving, hand rails, brackets, hanging rods, and all necessary hardware. There is no cutting involved as all rods and shelves are adjustable. The hanging rods range from 2 ft. to 8 ft., depending on how they are assembled. Accessories and extensions are also available to further customize the closet. Customers report that this product is easy to install. It can even be easily reconfigured if you change your mind. Customers were also impressed that there is no cutting involved. Configurations by Rubbermaid are available at some Wal-Mart and Home Depot stores and at the Rubbermaid website.

Another popular brand for closet organizers is Stanley. Though these closet organizers are a bit hard to locate, they are very popular with consumers. Many customers have said the Stanley organizers are better quality than what is available at local home improvement stores.

Within each type and brand of closet organizers, you will have choices in color, material, and style. You can design your closet to match your home, your taste, and your lifestyle. With a little bit of time and money, your closets can be permanently organized.

Closet Organizers Info provides detailed information on bedroom, kids, custom, wood and walk-in closet organizers for sale. Closet Organizers Info is affiliated with Original Content.

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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Effectively Organizing Your Closet

Do you find your closet completely disorganized resulting in wasting considerable time? Do you find opening your closet becomes a nightmare as while opening, things stored therein straightaway fall you are unwary of?

If your answer is in affirmative, it is high time you go for a system to organize your closet.

A Closet Organizer System will arrange things in the closet properly and keep the closet free from clutter besides saving you from embarrassment which would otherwise be caused by the falling of heap of clothes once the closet is opened for taking out or keeping in any item thereunto.

Market is developing with new innovative products being developed almost everyday keeping in view the necessities in daily life and sometimes items of pleasure becomes items of indispensable necessity. And thus, such systems can organize clothes and other stuffs in your closet orderly.

One can organize the closet by one self easily by using shelves which comes in various sizes and enables save space. Bins can be used to store small and essential items. For women, different bins will form part for keeping items like ear and nose tops as well as cosmetic items.

A question arises as to why use organizer system in closet.

The answer is to prevent cluttering the things stored in the closet. Everyday, we have tendency to buy some items or the other that we are attracted into in the market which need to be preserved according to their value and to be used frequently and invariably we curse either others or ourselves for not keeping them properly when the same was/were not in use.

Use of organizer results in making the surroundings clean and tidy and sometimes even help making room for storing items not suitable to be stored in closet.

Who requires the organizers?

It is perhaps those who are literally disorganized and those who are having time constraints.

Closet Organizer for the bedroom is a well organized which do not cause a hole in the purse and help create a peaceful surroundings in the bedroom. Reputed manufacturers make available well designed and assembled and are available a modular units though one can imagine and make one's own organizer suiting one's needs.

One can search from the internet and access the appropriate website disclosing information about the manufacturers, designs and features available with cost. Investing on a neatly designed organizer will change the lifestyle altogether and get the things rearranged.

Adam Peters is a consultant who writes on similar consumer topics for many magazines. Gather more information and resources on closet organizers ideas at http://www.home-decorating-reviews.com/closet-organizers.html

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Monday, 22 December 2008

Organization - How to Bribe Your Closet to be Your Friend

After following these tips your “new found friend” (your closet!) will always be there for you when you need an item from it.

* Clothes:

Sort & arrange shirts by sleeve length (from long to short) – this will make the space look & feel organized and roomier. To maximize space, buy a hanging closet rod (cost is approx. $10) so you can place clothes on the bottom of your closet.

* Shoes:

Sort shoes by usage. Those used more often should be accessible, least used should be
placed from your farthest reach. If your closet is too small to place a long shoe rack, I recommend that you purchase clear cubbies that stack upwards & sideways (cost is approx. $7). To keep your tall boots from drooping over, roll up an old magazine & insert it into your boots.

* Bags:

Hang – hang – hang! Hang all bags that have straps. I suggest you use “S” hooks (sold at
most local hardware). The key is to hang the bags in a space that is viewable & accessible without having to pull one bag out and fear an avalanche (yikes!).

* Door:

Maximize your door space – “INSIDE” your door. I recommend placing a garment hook (about 5” length – approx. $9) inside your door, here you can place a few business suits for the week or pick and place the clothes you will be wearing after you shower in the morning.

The fact is that these tips are common sense, but when closets are cluttered people tend to just drop items anywhere & everywhere; therefore THE KEY is to have a designated area for items so every time you open your closet you will (by habit) know where to drop, pick, pull, place, look in, or reach for your item – it’s almost as if your “friend” hands it to you when you open the closet door.

Again, the key to having an organized closet is to have designated areas for all your items within your closet. If you treat your closet with a few economical commodities, it will return the favor by staying de-cluttered and organized.

Ada Gonzalez is an interior decorator who designs solutions that provide comfort & function with a BIG SPLASH of style without having to spend hi-end prices on furniture & furnishings. Her designs have been featured in the Life & Style section of The Journal News, Sound Shore Express newspaper, and the Lohub Blog of Westchester County. In April 2007 she won a design competition called "Interior Motives". She was honored as an Interior Decorating Subject Specialist March and April of 2007 for DETC (Distant Education Training Council) helping perfect learning materials for interior decorating students. Her ezine called Smart Decorating!, which offers FREE DECORATING TIPS, is her way of helping people across the United States learn to comfortably live in and love their homes – to get more information on her ezine go to http://www.adasdecoratingsolutions.com

Web: http://www.adasdesigninc.com Ezine: http://www.adasdecoratingsolutions.com

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Friday, 19 December 2008

Closet Storage Is All About Wringing That Last Drop Of Use From The Space Available

It does not matter just how much or little closet storage space you have, there are times when you could probably do with a little bit more. However, building a whole new closet might not be the best or most practical option available to you. There are ways, however, in which you can effectively use the space that you already have. Through this article we will look carefully at how you should go about planning your closet storage so it is more effectively utilized.

Firstly you will need to know what sizes each item of clothing is that you store in your closet. Knowing the dimensions of particular items of clothing will help you to effectively plan out how to maximize the closet storage space you have. Although you may not want to know exactly everything you have, having a rough idea of what clothes you own will certainly help you to work out just how much space you will need.

Certainly one of the most wasted spaces you will find in any built in closet is the space that is found between the top shop and the ceiling of the room. If you want, why not fit a shelf that sits at around 3 inches below the height of the closet door and is about 10 inches in width. This then provides you with additional closet storage space but it also makes it easy for a person to maneuver items in and out of this particular space.

You could, if you want to, provide yourself with additional closet storage by fitting some shelves down one side of your closet and into these place baskets in which you can place much smaller items such as t shirts, socks, etc. They are also a great way of storing all those little items you have without actually creating more clutter. As they can be slid easily in and out of the closet this makes putting things away as well as finding them again much easier. Also if you have items in your closet which are normally difficult to store such as purses, belts or other accessories for outfits they come in really useful then.

Plus, how about installing a shoe rack across the base of your closet. Or instead of going to the expense of installing a shoe rack instead consider buying some clear boxes in which you can place your shoes and will be able to see at first glance what is in them. You may decide that both these ideas for providing you with additional closet storage is too expensive and instead why not go for a hanging shoe rack that you just attach to the back of the closet door.

For more information on closet storage and closet solutions, visit http://www.theclosetinfosite.com, a website that specializes in providing advice, tips and resources on closets and closet wardrobes that you can use to help create a safe and clutter free home.

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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

That Sliding Closet Door Sure Looks Great On That New Closet Wardrobe

Are you like many people today and finding that you just do not have enough space in your home and things are starting to get a little cluttered? Do you have a closet in a room that has so little room for maneuver when it comes to opening the closet door? Then you need to start finding some alternatives to your closet problem.

One great alternative to your closet door situation that you may wish to consider in order to help allow you access to your closet in a confined space is by fitting sliding doors to it.

The great thing about using sliding doors on a closet is that you will still have access to everything inside but you just simply slide the closet door to one side in order to gain access. No longer will you need to worry that you only can open the door to your closet a few inches before it hits something or that you have to squeeze your way into it through the narrowest of openings just so you can search right at the back to find what you are looking for.

This particular type of closet door is not only really simple to install and use but is also very effective in saving you space that you simply do not have to spare.

There are a wide range of sliding closet doors now available and ultimately the one you eventually decide upon will depend upon your own personal taste. Plus you will need to choose a style of sliding closet door that sits comfortably in with the decor of your room already. Some sliding doors now even have mirrors fitted to them which can help to make the space in a small room look much more than it actually is.

Or you may decide to have a sliding closet door which has a picture on it and this will provide the room it is located in with a much more homely feel. Certainly both of these types of sliding doors are regularly used on closets in bedrooms. Also, as many of the sliding doors that are available come in a variety of different woods they can add a real touch of warmth to any room.

When used with a quality closet organizer a set of sliding doors on a closet can enhance its look and make you feel good about the space that you have been able to save.

However if you happen to be worried that these types of closet doors are either not strong enough or make too much noise then do not worry any more. Today you can purchase a sliding closet door which actually comes with silent rails. But as for the strength of the door? Well, this will all depend on the type of wood used to make them.

By far the best thing you can do when looking for a good sliding closet door is to shop around and do not be afraid to ask the shop assistants which are the best types to buy.

For more information on closet doors and a sliding closet door, visit http://www.theclosetinfosite.com, a website that specializes in providing advice, tips and resources on closets and closet wardrobes that you can use to help create a safe and clutter free home.

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Monday, 15 December 2008

California Closet Company - The Custom Closet Creators

As household's grow they are demanding more for their money. When it comes to the availability of space, they are also demanding more to be provided within the homes that they buy. In order to meet the constant changes that occur in peoples lives as well as provide them with the necessary space so that they do not have to buy a large home, the design consultants at California Closet Company are there to help.

Certainly such designers as those at California Closet will be able to transform what was the smallest bedroom in to a great new home office. Yet it can still be used in such a way that when guests come to stay they have a place to sleep as well.

But not only can they revamp a room completely for you they can look at revamping the closet space you currently have. When it comes to transforming tired and cluttered closet space in a home, this can certainly be a life changing experience for some people. The California Closet Company is able to provide their customers with a clothing and storage system which has been specifically designed with piece of a person's wardrobe in mind. So no longer will you spend hours trying to find your favorite shirt or dress it will be there right where you can see it.

Not only will the closet look much better but everything will now be nice and neat when it is taken out and be ready to wear. A great innovation to ensure that every piece of space within your closet is effectively used is the introduction of such accessories as slide out racks which you can keep your belts, scarves or ties on. They will always be easy to reach and can be pushed back out the way once you have chosen what you need. Another idea that the people at California Closet use is the pant rack. This allows you to move the garments around freely to see what is hanging there but also takes up very minimal space in the closet.

In addition to offering such innovations as these the California Closet company also has a range of specialized hooks, accessory racks as well as boxes and drawer dividers all of which will help you to get your closet organized in the best way possible.

For more information on the closets provided by California Closets and other closet storage solutions available, visit http://www.theclosetinfosite.com, a website that specializes in providing advice, tips and resources about closets that you can use to help create a safe and clutter free home.

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Friday, 12 December 2008

Tips to Better Manage Your Closet

To help you organize your closet and to launder easily, follow the under-mentioned tricks.

Pant trolley nothing but a rack with built in wheels having a dozen or two metal hangers and this comes handy in any closet and laundry rooms.

In the event of running out of space in the closet, the pant trolley can be wheeled out onto the floor of the closet for creating additional space which can be slid in and out of the closet as and when required.

In the laundry room, one can easily wheel in after hanging the garment on the trolley post washing or ironing and works great especially when the clothes are out of the dryer or ironed to prevent formation of wrinkles. In storage, one or more pant trolleys can be used to store off season clothes. This will alleviate in the event of lack of closet space.

The other way to organize the closet is by including a bar to hang sweaters/suits. The Cedar Hangers will allow hang multiple garments in place of one. Organizers with hooks and shelves can fit in very nicely into your closet and help you arrange everything neatly.

Yet another improvised product is the hanging type Space Maker/airtight storage bags to help you get additional space in your closet. These bags contain garments which can be hung in your closet and you can seal the same with vacuum yourself by your household vacuum cleaner. This will occupy less space since you can hang or stack these bags. It also helps protecting the contents from pests/insects.

The ideal way is to plan the available space and make the most of it to accommodate to enable locate the items easily whenever required.

If there is surplus space available apart from the closet, either moving in some off-season clothing to another closet or to a pant trolley in storage will help locate items that are required or used frequently. Old clothing like your wedding gown/antique dresses in your closet could have an innovatively decorated box made out with folk art. However, if you have clothes which are seldom worn, you may as well consider giving it to charity or the home for the destitute. This can possibly avoid the old clothes from getting affected by moths besides becoming useful to the destitute and needy people. There could also be some vintage shops dealing with old items which can take those items for a price thereby deriving a mental satisfaction and peace and economizing/optimizing space in the closet.

Adam Peters is the editor of many articles on closet organizing published at http://www.home-decorating-reviews.com - More articles on closet organizers review and closets at his web.

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Wednesday, 10 December 2008

How Closet Organizers Can Create a Practical Closet Design

You wouldn’t believe the many things which you could use in order to get the most out of your closet space. There are some simple things that can be done which do make all of the difference. Then you have the more extravagant things that which good, are fully functional and they help to keep things that little more organized. Yes, closet organizers are definitely worth purchasing!

Keep Things Practical with Closet Organizers

Have you ever considered using closet organizers but you have never actually gotten round to getting them? Having a closet organizer can really help to keep things running smoothly, as well as keeping the house tidy and also making it easier to find everything that you need. Making the most of a closet is not something that everyone tends to do. It is sometimes used to throw clutter in any old how with no thought to it whatsoever and it could be a hard task finding what you need.

What Can You Expect From a Closet Organizer?

For anyone with a closet, the organizers can be extremely helpful when it comes to keeping things extremely organized. They come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, so there is plenty to choose from but just how can they benefit you?

Well, there is a different organizer for different needs and so there are going to be something to help keep all of the things organized in your closet. The benefits of a closet organizer will be evident as soon as you start using one and you will instantly notice how easy it is to find the things which you need.

You can buy anything from simple rods which hang in the closet and keep old clothes and jackets on it, to portable drawers which also can keep clothes as well as magazines and newspapers if needed. Shelving is another good closet organizer and possible one of the most common too. This is because it is easy to just install a shelf and put things on it. It clears more space within the closet and allows you to walk around in there instead of worrying about things falling on you.

Closets do tend to suffer over the years and you may find that sorting it out takes quite a good few hours if not days! It all depends upon how much clutter you actually have. It is always better to start off small so change things a little at a time. If you just rush in you could find that you get fed up easily and everything will once again get chucked into the closet instead of being put away nicely and tidily.

Overall closet organizers help you to find everything that you need and they also help to keep the home looking tidy and organized.

Andrew Caxton is the author of many articles on different web publications, with subjects like interior design published online for http://www.home-decorating-reviews.com. A website with tips on closet organizers.

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Monday, 8 December 2008

Create A Custom Closet Organizer From The Comfort Of Home

If you're like many other people, you probably spend a lot of time searching in your closet for items which seem to have been lost. However you should not despair as help is at hand in the form of a custom closet.

Whether it be a closet for your kitchen, home office, your bedroom, the bathroom or a child's bedroom you will find a custom closet to suit. Although these types of closets are a little more expensive than the ones that you can purchase either in flat pack form or ready assembled they will certainly be able to utilize every little bit of space in the area where your closet currently resides.

As well as providing you with a custom made outer closet a good quality closet manufacturer will able to provide you with an effective closet organizer as well. These custom made organizers along with the custom closet outer parts will not only utilize the space available but also provide an elegant touch to any room.

There are some companies today where you can go online and use their services and just by providing them with the correct measurements, they will be able to provide a custom closet to meet your requirements. These companies once they receive all the right measurements and payments will then send out the closet to you flat pack style for you to install. They are specifically designed for easy installation and will come with a wealth of instructions as well as all necessary components to ensure that it is installed quickly and efficiently. The only thing they do not provide is the tools and the labor to construct it. This you have to do yourself.

The other method of having a custom closet built for your home is by arranging for a professional closet consultant to visit you. They will then evaluate the space that you have available, the decor of the room and your particular needs. Also such consultants will look at your budgetary constraints and your own personal design requirements. These people will provide you with recommendations which you may or may not choose to agree with but which in the long run will help to utilize the space you have available.

Once they have your agreement on the design they then take these back to their manufacturer and have the custom closet built and arrange for it to be installed in your home with all the accessories. The only thing with using such professionals is that they are extremely expensive. They will charge you an hourly fee as well as the cost of the materials, labor and any commission that they earn from placing an order with the manufacturer.

For more information on a custom closet wardrobe and other closet systems, visit http://www.theclosetinfosite.com, a website that specializes in providing advice, tips and resources on closets from companies like California Closet that you can use to help create a safe and clutter free home.

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Thursday, 4 December 2008

Closet Organization Solutions

Do you make sure closet doors are shut when visitors are over? And is it because you don't want anyone to see what a mess it is? If your answer is yes to these questions you should take time to organize your closet space. A well organized closet can not only be personally motivating but will even result in you dressing better, because you'll actually be able to see the clothing you grab. Here are some simple closet organization solutions:

Proper lighting is the first step to an organized closet. You may need to add a new fixture that provides better lighting, a higher wattage light bulb if possible, or even a window if you have a walk-in.

Hooks for clothing and accessories are critical for a well organized closet. They are inexpensive and can be used for purses, belts, robes, and so much more. Hooks are easy organization solutions for small closet areas to prevent wasted wall space.

Get rid of some stuff. This can be the hardest part of organizing your closet. Sometimes it is best to get someone close to you to assist in this process. Throw out or give away any unattractive articles of clothing, stained items, or things you have not worn in a few years. You can always donate these items to charity or have a yard sale to make some extra cash.

Organizing your clothing by category is the next step for closet organization solutions. Put like items together, such as: Shirts, Pants, Dresses, Skirts, Sweaters, and Jackets. This will make the articles of clothing easier to browse and make the overall appearance of your closet neater.

Utilize storage bins. Some items such as your wedding dress, winter sweaters, lingerie, and other clothes you rarely wear can easily be folded and put away in storage bins. This will open up useful space for clothing you wear regularly.

Organize your hangers. Discard any broken or bent wire hangers and put the remaining hangers facing the same direction. Use trouser hangers for pants to prevent creases.

Follow these closet organization solutions and you'll be on your way to a more organized closet. Getting ready in the morning just got easier!

Click on the link to learn more about closet organization solutions. Closet organizers come in a variety of types, styles, sizes and have many different functions. Click on the link to get all the facts and info about organizing your closet at: http://www.need-info.com/closets

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=J.C._Taylor

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Closet Organization Tips

If you are looking for a way to help you organize your closet and make doing laundry easier, there are quite a few little tricks that can help you.

For your closet and your laundry room a rack called the Pant Trolley can help immensely. The pant trolley is a rack on wheels that has eighteen coated metal hangers. This is a product that you can use:

· In your closet

· In your laundry room

· In storage

In your closet, you may have run out of room. It’s not difficult to quickly run out of closet space but you can wheel your pant trolley right into the floor of your closet to create extra space for eighteen pairs of pants. In stead of having to install a special closet organizer, this product slips right in and out as you need it.

In your laundry room, you can easily hang your pants on the pant trolley as soon as you’ve finished washing or ironing them and wheel them right into your closet. This works great for clothing fresh out of the dryer or freshly ironed to save it from becoming wrinkled.

In storage, you can use one or more pant trolley carts to store out of season clothing. This is also a great tool if you don’t have the closet space and need extra clothing storage for a spare room, attic, basement or garage to hold clothing.

Other ways to organize your closet include products that are readily available online such as a closet add a bar that allows you to add an additional storage bar to use to hang sweaters or suits, Cedar Hangers that allow you to hang five garments in the space of one while repelling moths, Closet organizers including hooks and shelves that easily fit into your closet to help you arrange everything neatly, Cascading shirt and pant hangers and shoe racks.

Another innovative product is the hanging spacemaker bag or airtight storage bags that also help you increase what you can fit in your closet. These bags hang in your closet holding vacuum sealed garments that you can easily seal yourself with your household vacuum cleaner. This takes up much less space as you can hang these bags up or stack them and it also protects clothing against moths, mold and mildew.

It seems like no matter how much storage space we have, we could always use a little help making the most of that space so that we can store more stuff and find that stuff easily when we need to.

When you have space outside of your closet, consider moving some out of season clothing to another closet or to a pant trolley in storage so that you aren’t continually sifting through things you don’t need. Perhaps your wedding gown is in your closet. You could have a lovely and decorative folk art storage box made for it. If you are holding onto clothing that you haven’t worn in twenty years, consider giving it to charity. There are great vintage clothing shops that will pay for items that are taking up valuable space in your closet too.

Taylor Gifts offers not only the pants trolley, but also a whole selection of functional home organization products.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Nancy_Dean

Monday, 1 December 2008

Merging Lives - And Closets!

If you have recently gotten married or moved into a home shared with your significant other, you may have encountered one small conflict that did not cross your mind before making the move – sharing your life also means sharing that precious real estate in your closet!

If you have become accustomed to the freedom of your own private closet for a while, you may now be experiencing some unexpected challenges that go along with merging two people’s possessions into one bedroom closet. If your own closet was marred with clutter that left you searching through mounds of clothing, shoes, and accessories, adding years worth of your partner’s collected possessions to the mix may render the closet inaccessible altogether. Here we offer some organization techniques to help you and your partner merge your possessions so that you can enjoy harmony in both your closet and your relationship.

-Start with a clean slate: If the two of you already live together and the bedroom closet is full, start by removing everything from the closet. An empty closet is the best way to begin if you want to creatively maximize your space without the preexisting scheme interfering.

-Purge. Both you and your partner should make an honest assessment of your collective belongings and determine what should be kept, what should be tossed and what you can donate or give away. Minimize the quantity of items that must be stored in the closet as much as possible.

-Strategize. Everything that you kept in your own closet may not be logical to store in the closet you now share with your partner. Prioritize keeping items such as clothing, suits, dresses, shoes, ties, and belts in the bedroom closet, and consider other storage options for extras that do not fit well. For instance, coats and jackets may find a better home in a hallway or entry way closet, and items such as sporting equipment and backpacks can be moved to a garage or basement.

-Give and take: One of you likely needs more storage space inside the closet due to having more possessions, and a 50/50 square footage split is not a logical solution for most couples. Dividing space in the closet disproportionately is perfectly acceptable, but you may need to rethink your plan if items belonging to one partner claim 95% of the closet.

-Splurge on the right organizers. A man and woman sharing one closet equates to a hodgepodge of neckties, stilettos, scarves, belts, sandals, the list goes on. Remember, the goal is to make the items in the closet accessible and, possibly more importantly, easily returned to where they belong. A tie rack, belt rack or a combination unit makes an excellent closet organization tool. Additionally, a solution must be found for shoes. Stacking shoe shelves, hanging shoe organizers and individual plastic shoe boxes are good options to consider for containing what would be a mountain of intermingled shoes just waiting to make you late.

About the Author: Stephen Nickse is the founder of Closet Solutions, a leading provider of quality Boston custom closets, strategically headquartered in the nation’s design capitol, Boston, Ma. For more information, please visit http://www.closet-solutions.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Stephen_Nickse

Saturday, 29 November 2008

The Benefits of Using a Custom Closet Organizer

Much of the time, the closet seems to be the messiest part of the room or house as this is where everything is thrown. We throw our things there since we do not feel like taking the time to sort them out. Our attitude is that they'll be there later when we need them: but, when it comes time to locate the things we have carelessly thrown in the closet, a great deal of time is wasted as we dig through the junk to find what we need causing the burdensome headache we wanted to avoid in the first place. This doesn't have to be your situation as you can make life easier using a custom closet organizer.

What Are the Benefits?

Custom closet organizers allow you to organize your closet the way you want. Rather than having a generic closet organizer that has a certain number of compartments, you can have one tailored to suit your needs so everything can be put in its proper place. You won't need to continue to throw things on the floor at all as there will be room enough for everything. This will save you much of the hassle that is associated with digging through a whole heap of junk to find that one thing you need.

Should you want a specific color, that will not be a problem as these closet organizers are custom made. You won't be disappointed since you'll have the exact shade you need to go with the rest of the decor.

Another awesome benefit of using custom closet organizers is that you can request them to be made however you want. Should you want a specific shape, height, or width, this, too, can also be accommodated.

Custom closet organizers can be used in any closet, whether it is for the pantry, bedroom, or bathroom. You can have them designed to fit the specifications required by the area the closet is in. For example, if you get an organizer for the bathroom, you'd want plastic since this material resists the mold and mildew caused from the moisture of showering. Wood can be used in the bedrooms since there is little threat of erosion. Steel is recommended for the pantry as this material is strong enough to hold a great number of canned goods.

So, the next time you find yourself feeling frustrated from digging for hours through a messy closet trying to find that one specific thing, why not solve the problem by getting your hands on a custom closet organizer? You'll be happy you did because finding the things you need will be easier than ever before!

Learn more benefits and tips to choose or do it yourself a custom closet organizer in Easy Closet Organizers site.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Alex_Woo

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Bifold Closet Doors: Best Option for Small & Large Closet for Room

When you are looking for saving space, Bifold closet doors are designed in such a way that they fold outwards saving lot of space. Mostly these doors are made of two panels which are joined together by hinges and which allow the door to fold outwards.

The best thing about bifold closet door is you can use it anyway it can be convention made to fit any size closet.

Benefits Bifold closet door for small closet of room

Bifold closet door is best option when your room has a small closet, If your room just has a small closet, then you would be better to opt for just one bifold closet door, but if your room is wide enough, then you hold two bifold doors on opposite sides. When you want room feel more unified, use good paint scheme this makes pleasing to your eye and also shown as the effect of modern architecture to your home.

Benefits of Bifold closet door for large closet of room

Bifold closet doors are very useful for large closets like those that extend the whole length of a room. With bifold doors you are able to easily gain way in to all corners of the closet space. If you are using wardrobes in your room, Bifold closet doors would save lot of space in your bed room which you could use it for other purpose.

Custom bifold closet doors with latest designs & modern architecture

Bifold closet doors are available in all sizes and colors to choose from you could buy them according to the needs (custom bifold closet doors). Bifold closet doors are available with latest designs and modern architecture. And no doubt the popular choice over sliding doors and hinged doors because they provide the ability to access the entire closet at one time. These doors are easy to maintain because they made up of lightweight material. There is a use of glass for making panes of these doors.

The significant characteristic of bifold closet door is the rails on which it rests on. The performance of the bifold closet door depends greatly on how well it glides on its rails. So install the bifold closet door and save Space for any room regarding above facts.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/interior-design-articles/bifold-closet-doors-best-option-for-small-large-closet-for-room-575917.html

Friday, 21 November 2008

Knowing How to Organize Your Closet For Maximum Storage

Does your master bedroom closet act as a dumping area for things without a set place? If your answer is yes, it's time to do a closet revamp and organize the closet to your liking. Clothes, dress shoes, t-shirts and shorts all have their place in your master closet. Most master closets also become dumping grounds for cherished possessions, keepsakes and even air conditioners during the winter months. Closets come in large and small. Those fortunate enough to have large, walk-in closets do not clamber for space like those with a lack of space. Closest organizers can be pricey leaving many people questioning how to efficiently use their closet space.

The first step to organizing your closet involves tossing everything out of your closet and then going through it thing by thing. If you have clothing you've never worn or if you rarely wear it, it's time to throw it away. Resale shops like Goodwill and the Salvation Army will happily take your used clothes for their stores. In many places, they'll even pick up the items at your residence. The clothing that remains should actually fit you.

If you have some extra money, many hardware and home good stores have cedar panels that you fit in your closet. These cedar closet liners smell good, ward off moths and help add insulation to closets on outside walls. Cedar closet liners are simple to install without an expert. Additionally, consider sprucing up your closet space with a brand new coat of paint. If your closet is situated on a wall against the outside of your residence, you may find the closet temperature warms up in the summer and is much cooler in the winter. Use mildew resistant paint to avoid any mildew troubles from occurring.

Your mission is to end with a master closet that makes it easy for you to find and store the things you use. A time-tested way to organize your closet follows the rule of storing "like with like." Separate your clothes according to kind of item and color. For example, hang each of your blue jeans and slacks on hangers, and store them on the right side of your closet. Arrange shirts and blouses according to color, and hang them on the left side of your closet. Store jackets, sweaters and coats together. Install hooks for belts, ties and purses. Shoe storage can be a challenge, depending on your closet space. Buy special multi-rack shoe storage containers fitted to your closet space. If you still don't have enough room, use a special over-the-door shoe organizer.

In conclusion, if you use your closet for storing other items, try to store them toward the back so that they do not hinder you getting your clothing and accessories. It saves you time and energy if you are not having to climb over things to reach your clothing.

April Walters writes articles to help her clients find the information they need. If you are looking for a new home, check out the Weatherford luxury property available. And have a look at the Waxahachie new homes for sale. There is something for every style and every budget.

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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Get Your Room Organized With Bedroom Closet Organizers

People may not realize this, but the closet could be the answer to all of your prayers. Sometimes a house can look extremely cluttered or it can be a bit over used in terms of too much furniture in the room, etc. In the bedroom it needs to be a place that is tranquil and relaxing and with too much furniture, it may not create the peaceful surroundings and atmosphere that you need.

The closet can be a great way to store things and it can also help with the overall décor of the room at the same time. You can get closets in many shapes and sizes these days and with a closet organizer system, it can help in so many different ways; offering a new world of possibilities.

Choosing a Closet to Suit Your Needs

Most closets these days have doors and the reason for this is so that it can keep everything away tidily in an enclosed space, away from the line of sight. It can also add to the decoration of the room and you can choose any door that you like for your closet. You may decide to use fancy paned glass, cut your door into two parts or you can have it absolutely any way that you desire. Choosing the right look for the door goes a long way to creating the perfect look for your room.

Now that you have set the closet up the way that you like it, now is the time to best utilize the space in there by the addition of bedroom closet organizers. You can either buy closet organizers or make your own if you are creative and good with”DIY”.

What Types of Bedroom Closet Organizers can you Use?

There are many different uses for your closet, but generally people tend to throw everything that they can into it without any organization whatsoever. By using closet organizers, you get functionality as well as organization from it; meaning that you can easily access the things that you need.

You may want to store towels and old clothes in the closet too, so you might be able to use a rail for the clothes and some shelves that go above it to stores the towels. As well as this, you may want to put some hooks up in order to store coats etc, and make or buy your own cupboard to store shoes and other footwear.

Overall there are quite a few different things that you can get, so it all comes down to the individual and what they need the closet for.

Adam Peters is a journalist who writes newsletters on organizers for http://www.home-decorating-reviews.com . Find more publications about simple bedroom decoration at his website.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Adam_Peters

Monday, 17 November 2008

Portable Closet Tips

Portable closets are handy things to have around the house. They are usually not elegant enough to be placed next to your everyday furniture so the best places for portable closets are usually the attic, basement, laundry room or maybe even the garage.

The nice thing about having a portable closet is that it can instantly add new storage space. There is no need to have carpenters build anything and there is no need to haul heavy materials either. All it takes is a short trip down to the local hardware store, browse for the color and size preferred and some simple assembly at home.

Portable closets almost always come with zippered flap doors. It is important that you choose one with a good set of zippers to avoid jammed zippers during usage. Test the zippers on the portable closet of your choice before buying it. If the store can provide it, then you might want to ask for some load to be stored in the portable closet while testing the zippers. This is because some portable closets have unsupported canvas bottoms that will cause the entire portable closet structure to sag when fully loaded. Depending on how much weight is in the portable closet, zipping could become a challenge especially with portable closets that have a ‘T’ zippers arrangement.

To avoid having to struggle with the zippers on a sagging portable closet, choose one that has support at the bottom. Another option is to purchase a portable with a different zipper configuration. There are portable closets that have a zipper arrangement like a ‘D’ on the side. While this could make zipping a fully loaded portable closet a little easier, I would still recommend having some kind of support at the bottom as I believe that heavy load will still pose a challenge when the zipper has to close the top part of the closet.

If you already own a portable closet with no support at the bottom, a durable box could be a good way to add the needed support. A set of plastic drawers set at the bottom of your portable closet could even complement the storage space.

Lastly, be sure to choose a portable closet with good strong material covering. Plastic covering are okay if you only plan to store soft things (e.g. pillows, blankets, etc…). However, I would recommend a portable closet with good canvas coverings for multi-purpose storage.

Want to learn more about Closets?, feel free to visit us at: http://www.aboutclosets.net

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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Create Valuable Space In Your Closets With Closet Organizer

Wire closet organizers are a very inexpensive and functional way to make the most of the space in a bathroom closet. This particular type of closet organizer is constructed of some of the finest and strongest materials in the industry of wire closet organizers. It is a great to be installed in the kitchen or pantry, especially the wire baskets and pullout shelves. For the bedroom - not really a great option.

Rubbermaid closet organizer kits sell like nothing else. With efficient solutions for closet bard ventilated shelves and shoeboxes theres nothing you cant do with Rubbermaid organizers. It is one such company that has custom closet organizers for any storage need or preference. Choose from rods, racks, shelves, baskets, and much more.

Create valuable space in your closets by storing your sweaters and clothing accessories in a Tweed Hanging Closet Organizer . This hanging sweater bag is a great storage solution for any cluttered closet. Creative Storage features a whole line of closet organizers that make your closet work more efficiently. Optimize your storage space with valet pins, pant racks, pull-down valet rods, pull-out mirrors, wire baskets, wicker baskets, pull-out shelves, pull-down shoe racks, belt racks.

Hanging shelves are a big bonus as part of a bedroom closet organizer and if there is enough room under a shelf, a small drawer can be installed to hold small items. Complete systems for transforming a nightmare closet into a well-organized storage are with a ready-made bedroom closet organizer. Hanging closet rods take the squeeze out of crammed closets and give your garments more breathing room to keep apparel wrinkle-free. This clothes rod is easy to use - no installation, it simply hangs up and works with any existing closet rod.

Kitchens have always been the focus of any home, and that trend is only increasing. In older homes kitchens are often the largest room in the house. Kitchen closets are often the most neglected closet areas in the home. There are many different things that are placed in a kitchen closet.

Designed with tweed fabric and faux leather accents, the clothes organizer will look great in any closet. Designed with a reinforced hanging system, it can hold a number of sweaters, jeans and other garments. Each shelf of the hanging sweater organizer is reinforced with a wire frame to provide stability when the unit is full. Design one to include all of the closet drawers you'll need and easily include space for computers, desk chairs, even additional lighting underneath closet cabinets or shelving. It's the fast way to organizing your home office and giving it a stylish facelift at the same time.

Shelves in there can be broken to get dividers, which will be known as sections. From here on, your mind comes to help you on the process of sorting the closet. Shelves save space, come in various adjustable sizes and give a tidy look to your closet. You can also introduce bins as a part of your closet for storing certain essential things.

Do You Use Closet Organizer Systems? Bedroom Closet Organizers? Find Out All About Closet Organizer Click Here. http://www.thebestclosetorganizer.info

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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Closet Organization - Space Saving Accident Prevention Made Easy

Let's face it. With the frantic pace of life right now, and the juggling of the daily chores and working hours, who in their right mind suddenly decides that they really must get round to that closet organization? In that spare few minutes that you might be lucky to snatch, are you really going to start de-cluttering the closet? It's not a job that automatically makes it to the top of the 'to do' list, but it is one that you should take a little time out one weekend to do.

Why? Well... How much time do you waste each morning trying to find that clean shirt you need for that important board meeting? That new dress you bought for that party this evening. Did you find it at the back of the closet... creased and in desperate need of pressing? Have you guessed the number one reason for a little closet organization? If you know where everything is you're going to save quite a bit of wasted time and not to mention your sanity as you won't be rushing around in a panic.

There are a number of companies that can help you with your closet organization and they can work with you and help to create custom closet storage solutions that will help you to maximize what space you currently have available in your closet. Wire baskets, hanging poles and shoe storage racks are just some of the elements that closet organizer companies can help you with, and with materials such as plastic, wood and wire available in a massive variety of colors, you can be sure that your closet will never look as clean and clutter free again.

As well as making your closet look much better, closet organization is going to make your closet much safer as well. No more having to rummage around at the back of boxes on the top shelf, whilst standing on that flimsy box. No more opening the closet door and having to dodge whatever it is that decides to fall off the shelves this time, be it the kid's baseball bat and toys or your collection of classic 1970's vinyl records. Everything can now be given its' own place and can be safely stored.

It may not have made it to the top of the 'to do' list for this weekend, but when you realize what a time saving exercise it can be as well as preventing you or members of your family from getting hurt again, don't you think that a little bit of closet organization could make it to second place?

For more help with your closet organization and finding a reliable closet organizer, or for information about closet companies like California Closet, you need to get as much of the latest news, advice and resorces as you can. Well, it's your lucky day. You can get all this and more by visiting the Closet Info Site TODAY!

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Saturday, 1 November 2008

The Many Great Benefits of Using Closet Organizers

Closets can be a great way to save space around the house and they can really help to keep it looking tidy too. However, as well as putting old things and appliances in it out of the way, they can also be used for more useful things or just to keep things more organized around the house. To be able to achieve this, you will need to make the most of your closet which a lot of people tend to misuse.

Why Closet Organizers are great

Some people may be unaware of the fact that you can buy accessories for your closet such as organizers. This is another reason why closets are not always used to their full potential.

The accessories you can purchase to make closet organizers come in many different shapes sizes and hey also use different materials too. With closet organizers there is no need to stack everything up in a massive pile as this is not only untidy but it can also be extremely dangerous too.

There is quite a lot of junk which gets put into the closet any old how, but with a bit of organization they could look extremely tidy. For instance, some people throw clothes and jackets into the closet with no thought whatsoever. The problem with this is if there is a lot of stuff in the closet, it can be extremely hard to get to something in particular. If you purchase a fitted shelf for your closet, you will be more organized and it can make things a lot easier to access. There is so much that you can use the shelf in a closet for and it is all down to personal preference in the long run.

What Are The Other Closet Organizer Accessories That You Can Use?

Ties can be extremely difficult and fiddly to keep tidy and for some people, they just chuck them into the closet every night after work. If there is nothing else in the closet it is not too bad but it can still look incredibly messy. It is always better to try and be organized, so to remedy this problem, a tie rack is the solution.

Another common problem that people face is having a mass of shoes cluttered everywhere. If they are going to be stored in a closet, what better way to store them than in a shoe storage system? By using this, it can keep the shoes tidy and make them a lot easier to find.

There are many different accessories which you can use, so it is all down to a matter of personal preference and circumstances on what you want to get or need to get.

Andrew Caxton is the author of many articles on different web publications, with subjects like decoration published online for http://www.home-decorating-reviews.com. You can find more information and resources on closet organizers at his website.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Andrew_Caxton

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Enhance Your Room With A Closet Door Mirror

Mirrors are a good addition to any room. They immediately make the room look larger, which is one reason you often see mirrored walls at restaurants and other places of business. Their light-reflecting properties brighten up a room. If you have a bedroom that needs brightening but you don't have any space, try a closet door mirror.

There are two ways to add mirrors to your closet door.You can buy a kit that allows you to add mirrors to your closet doors. This is a reasonably-priced option, but make sure to install the mirrors well so they don't fall off.

Another option is to replace your closet doors with a closet door mirror. These doors, like traditional closet doors, come in a variety of styles and sizes. They tend to look better than attaching a mirror to an existing door, and you will have no worries about falling glass.

Their is a large variety of closet door mirrors to choose from. It's easiest if you stay with the type of door you have now. In other words, if you have a bi-fold or tri-fold door, don't try to replace it with a sliding door. You will find plenty of options using your existing style and track and won't have to worry as much about getting the fit right.

You can buy closet door mirrors where the mirror covers the entire door. If you prefer, you can find doors that have a metal frame or a wood molding. There are several choices of wood frame to suit your style and the style of the room.

Closet door mirrors are reasonably priced. If you are building a new home and want to add them, the floor-to-ceiling variety can save you money because the contractor doesn't have to take time to drywall and frame.

There are kits for mirrored closet doors that will help the door stay on the track, but not all kits offer this feature. When purchasing, you will be much more satisfied if you buy a door that doesn't jump off the tracks.

A closet door mirror adds light, the feeling of space, and elegance to any bedroom. If you are on a budget and can afford only one home improvement, consider a closet door mirror. There are not many other improvements that add so much to a room for such a small cost.

Mirrors, everything you wanted to know from designing to buying.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Sliding Closet Doors - Perfect Choice For Your Bedrooms

Are you one of those people who find adequate space in your home, when everything seems to be very messy? Do you have sliding closet doors in your room that is not big enough to place your wardrobes? Then, you need to find some options to your sliding closet doors problem.

One perfect option to your wardrobe closet door problem that you might consider to give you easier access to your cabinet in a limited space is by fitting sliding doors into it.

The good thing about sliding closet doors is that it will be a lot easier for you to get into everything you need inside. It is also practical since it does not require much space and you can just place in any corner of your room. Moreover, you can easily organize your wardrobes and you can easily access them.

However, a simple sliding closet door is not that easy to install. You need an expert to effectively do the job for you. But before that, you need first to choose your own sliding closet door style.

There is a wide array of sliding closet doors available in the market today. Your decision should depend on your personal taste. To guide you in choosing a perfect sliding closet door, consider the quality and the comfort it may bring to your home. You should choose a simple yet elegant style that matches the color of your room.

You can also opt for a sliding door that has a mirror on it. This would also help save some space in your room. Or, if you are a bit artistic, you can get a sliding closet door that has a picture on it. The picture will add extra comfort and some kind of a homely feel. Both of these are types of sliding closet doors usually used in bedrooms. There are still lots of styles and designs made of woods that will give your room a real touch of comfort.

In case you are also worried on the types of the sliding doors that either they make noise or not that strong enough, then you should not feel that way. Now, you can already purchase a sliding door that actually comes with "silent rails". As to the durability, it will depend on the type of wood the sliding closet door is made of.

By far, the good thing you can do if you're looking for a perfect sliding closet door is to consult an expert, shop around and ask the assistance about the sliding door product your wish to purchase.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

The Best Closet System For Your Life

Look in your closet - quick. Then close it. It is cramped, packed with so much stuff that you cannot even find the things you really need, right? It's time to clean your closet out. The great news : you don't have to throw out everything. Today's best closet systems can double the usable space in your closet. If you are reorganizing your closet, the first thing you need to do is assess what you want to keep and what you want to throw away. The second thing? Choose the best custom closet system to organize your life.

There are two ways you can go when you're setting up your new improved closet. You can use a pre-measured closet system. This system has a fairly rigid set of gadgets, shelves, and racks, designed to fit into the space you measure your closet to provide. This method makes the most efficient use of space, provided your closet is set to fit one of the pre-made systems available. However, it is not flexible for those who have, for instance, a fairly small clothing selection but a million pairs of shoes and matching purses.

The second way to easily organize your closet is by using a closet organization kit. These kits are much more flexible in size, and generally consist primarily of many different modules, often expandable plastics. A closet organization kit is easier to modify, but does not make the most efficient use of space available. Some people choose a method somewhere in between these, with a portion of the closet devoted to a rigid closet system and the rest flexible to use organization kits and similar individual modules.

One of the best custom closet kits available is the 8 in 1 closet organizer system. This handy kit fits in any standard eight-foot closet and can be modified into eight different configurations, or portions left out in smaller closets and closets that need other parts. In its most efficient configuration, the eight-foot closet can handle the amount of stuff you would need twenty feet of closet to hold under normal situations - that is, a 150% increase in the amount of room you have available. For larger closets, you can add smaller modules or shelf systems into your closet with the 8 in 1 closet organizer system, giving yourself even more room and organization.

The ShelfTrack 8 in 1 closet organizer system has also gotten some very good ratings from consumers, who praise its sturdiness and child-friendliness. This makes it an especially good item to check out for space-hungry families.

You can also design your own closet organizer system, with or without a system core. This is a good choice for those who have irregularly sized closets (like closets built under eaves or in renovated homes) or for those who have an atypical collection of possessions, like collectors. No matter what your closet organization system, make certain you carefully assess your own needs, likely future needs, and all storage alternatives before you select one. This ensures that your first closet organization investment is the right one. As you can see, building the closet organizer of your dreams is not a difficult task at all. Start organizing your closet now!

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Monday, 20 October 2008

Closet Storage Systems - Organize A Closet and Keep It Organized

You are most likely the same as everyone else. You clean the entire house only to be overwhelmed with the clutter. Organization is the key. Closet storage systems have become one of the best ways to stay organized. You can transform any small space into extra storage with the proper system. There are storage units available for any size closet from the broom closet in the kitchen to the walk-in closet in the master bedroom. When the clutter becomes overwhelming it is time to get organized.

You will find quality closet storage systems at most retail stores. You can choose from metal, plastic, or wood. There are many accessories purchased separately to complete the system. Purchasing the storage system from the retail store may be pricier than you think. By the time you get the wall brackets, drawer slides, and other hardware the cost may go up quite a bit.

You can purchase complete closet storage systems, including the hardware, online and at home improvement centers. The hardware is usually included. You should not worry about putting it together. Most of the organizing systems can be put together using simple tools. The instructions are very detailed and easy to follow.

The closet storage systems come in many different colors and styles. There is one to match any décor. The wood systems can be painted to match. Staining the wood will allow the closet storage system to match your cabinets or other furniture pieces. These versatile pieces can become part of your furniture.

The hardest part of any storage system is deciding what you want. You can choose a wall unit with shelves. You can add drawers and storage bins. Hanging systems with tiered dowel rods are available. The choice is all in what you what to do.

With a closet storage system you can turn a walk-in closet into a personal dressing room. Simply adding a mirror and sitting bench would make the transformation complete. Depending on the size of your closet it may be possible to install a vanity. This could make it the perfect room to get ready for the big date.

Closet storage units in the kitchen can turn a small broom closet into a needed pantry. With shelving systems and pullout drawers storage is a breeze.

Adding a closet storage system to the space available in your house can significantly cut down on the clutter. You will know where everything is at a glance. It is nice to have a place for everything and everything in its place.

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