Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Luxurious Closets Combat Stress

Creating a beautiful closet space can be rewarding and calming on many levels. With work, family, deadlines, financial struggles and endless obligations, we can face a lot of stress every day. Work is the source of a lot of people’s stress and they can’t wait to get home each day. However, with family pressures, housework, bills, and keeping up with everyone else’s schedules, being home may not be so relaxing either. Clutter around the home can make matters even worse. When you’re surrounded by chaos, you never get a mental break. If keeping your home in order seems impossible, try tackling one thing at a time. A good place to start is your closet.

Organizing is one thing, but creating a beautiful space that you enjoy looking at is another. Many cultures believe that you should be surrounded by things that make your life easier and things that you believe are beautiful. Looking at things that make you happy or inspire your creative spirit can work wonders on your attitude and mentality. Make a point of looking at the things that you like about your home and relax as you’re gazing at them. This could be your Grandmother’s lamp, a painting, a family picture, a flower arrangement, or just about anything that makes you happy and calm.

Beginning with your closet is a good idea because it gets the ball rolling in the right direction. Keeping up with laundry is a difficult task on its own. Add in the frustration of not being able to find what you need when you need it and you’ve got a constant source of stress. If we are constantly being made late or being put into a bad mood by our disorganized closets, then we will always view them with a stressful attitude. It’s not a good idea to get up every morning and “face the monster” first thing. It can set the tone for the whole day, giving you a base of underlying stress that can affect the way that you deal with other stressors as they come along.

When you organize your closet, get rid of the clutter. Giving things that you no longer use or need to a local charity will give you a good feeling about yourself. When you narrow down what you own to what you use and what you consider beautiful, then your closet will start to take shape. As you decide how you are going to arrange your closet, take your time. Make decisions that allow space for new items that may eventually come into the closet. Make room for the out-of-season clothes. Add a high shelf for storing things that you won’t use very often. Use clothes hangers that make your happy. Cedar hangers or other high quality wood hangers will give you a sense of being grounded while making your closet a beautiful site to behold every morning.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Stuffed Closets

Closets get full so fast today making it hard to keep our clothes looking neat, clean and fresh. Even if you are good at hanging your clothes up when you take them off it doesn’t do a lot of good if you then stuff those pants into a closet where they can’t breathe and get wrinkled from the congestion.

Closets need to be cleaned out every season at least to allow enough room for proper care of the clothes you do wear. There are many benefits associated with having enough room for your clothes. You will save yourself a lot of time ironing. Pants or shirts stuffed into a closet get wrinkles. You find that shirt you want to wear but when you pull it out of the closet it is so wrinkled that it needs ironing. You don’t feel like ironing so you find a shirt that doesn’t need ironing. This shirt might not match the pants you planned on wearing so now you have to choose pants to match and hope they aren’t wrinkled. Meanwhile you have added time and work to getting dressed and if you go through this every day it really adds up. It makes much more sense to take the time to clean your closet of unused clothing.

Let’s face it most people have too many clothes today especially clothes they never wear that lurk around taking up valuable space. Closets get out of hand so quickly particularly during busy times. What can really get your closet in bad shape is putting clothes back in there after wearing that need some attention. They may have a spot that needs cleaning, a button that is loose or a loose hem.

It is eye opening to go through a stuffed closet and look at every piece of clothing and think about the last time you wore it. If you haven’t worn it for a long time determine why. The reasons can be many: it’s outdated, you don’t like the way it fits now but when you lose that 5 lbs. it will fit nice, it has a stain or you just never feel like wearing it. Decide what needs to go to free up space and either get rid of it or move it to another storage area so that the clothes you do wear have a better chance of looking nice and fresh.

Once you have cleared out your closet organize your clothing so that your shirts, pants, dresses are each in their own section. Make sure that you have the proper hanger for each garment as their shape can be ruined by using the wrong hanger.