Wednesday, 30 March 2011

You Can Build a Closet Yourself

If you build a closet yourself you may find it is a great way to not only save money but also create the exact type and amount of storage that you need. A few years back a good friend decided to build a log cabin on a lake in the North. He did a great job in designing and building it. It was a beautiful structure with a fireplace and large windows overlooking the lake. When the day came to move into the cabin for the summer his wife asked where the closets were. Yes that's right he left them out of the design.

My friend called me and in the background I could plainly hear his better half extolling his building abilities. With our assistance he quickly found that you can build a closet yourself. Since this was a log cabin he decided that constructing several walk in closets was impractical. However since the cabin was going to be used in both the summer months and for snowmobiling in the winter there was a need to store both summer and winter apparel the use of free standing and wardrobe closet furniture alone would not provide all the needed closet space.

One of the best places to find closet ideas and designs is on the Internet. Many closet manufactures and installers have great closet layouts design software on their websites. Many of these software packages are specifically design to help you select the company's products but they frequently can be used to build a closet yourself. Basically there are only three closet options available and they include the walk-in, reach in and free standing or wardrobe closet furniture. Since space was limited we decided on using 36 inch deep reach in and free standing designs.

Once you have your closet idea and design you can start looking for building materials. In the case of my friend whose log cabin had no closet space we select half log siding that was very similar to the existing log structure. We roughed in the closets against the interior stud walls of each bedroom and then lined each with white cedar. This cedar closet lining basically works the same as a cedar chest. The interior shelves were also constructed of cedar. One half of the closets were dedicated to standard half and full length clothes hanging and the rest to open shelves. Open selves allow one to quickly find everything stored within the closet.

We used the same sealer used on the cabins interior log surfaces to finish the exterior of our new reach in closets. My friend's wife did her part as well by finding wardrobe closet furniture that would accent the natural look of the log cabin. We visited the furniture store and made several measurements and noted the type of construction and material. It was not long before we were back in our shop designing and building two copies.

You can build a closet yourself that will function as well as any product found on the market today. In addition the total cost of designing and building 3 standard and two free standing closets was less than $1000. If you were to purchase the two wardrobe furniture pieces it would have cost more than twice as much alone. Our total project time was about 3 weeks which was reasonable considering we all had regular jobs to work as well. As you can see you really can build a closet yourself.

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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Do it Yourself Closet - How To's

The opportunity and saving money to make your own room are the most significant benefits of DIY or do it yourself closet organizers over the specialized systems. With lots of varieties of organizers, what's the best method to ensure you get closet that works great for you? As with any investment: shop around. Searching on the Internet and at your stores is a great idea. Going at the showrooms of closet companies is also great so that you could get ideas about how to manage your closet.

How to Customize My Closet That Fits My Needs

If you have tools, the top solution would be to customize it yourself. It also depends on your housing situation. You wouldn't want to spend and work into a house that you're only renting. Save your skills for you own house.

The closet space design should be created to use the space available. This will let you fit more onto the closet without a cluttered look. You might want to measure the dimension of the closet, write it down, and keep this measurement handy when you are searching for items that are accessible for creating a do-it-yourself closet system.

There are lots of types of closet that are intended to fit in the available space you have. Hanging arrangers could be hung from the maximum amount as long as you utilize either a hook or an anchor. There are the free standing types of organizer that could be used for lots of items as well.

There are also small organizers that are accessible to fit into small closets. They could hold towels or linens or anything. Adjustable shelves have numerous types of design. By having shelves at various levels, the more items you could put in your closet, that means less clutter and more organization.

A DIY Walk In Closet

Have you ever dreamed of owning a walk in closet that you can actually walk right in? Well, it's possible. The closet design depends on your needs and wants. If you own a closet that's going to hold nothing but shoes and clothes, the right bars, shelf, and organizers would help to get it altered from dream to reality. A closet that has changeable shelves is great for your changing requirements. Lots of people have a bar for clothes; longer bars for pants and dresses, and shorter bars for slacks.

If you're a cap person and always thinking where else to put it in your closet, you'll be able to know there are arrangers that could be placed to the walls of the closet that could hold this collection nicely. With DIY closet design, there are great solutions for any kind of closet for your house.

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Monday, 7 March 2011

Knowing How to Organize Your Closet For Maximum Storage

Does your master bedroom closet act as a dumping area for things without a set place? If your answer is yes, it's time to do a closet revamp and organize the closet to your liking. Clothes, dress shoes, t-shirts and shorts all have their place in your master closet. Most master closets also become dumping grounds for cherished possessions, keepsakes and even air conditioners during the winter months. Closets come in large and small. Those fortunate enough to have large, walk-in closets do not clamber for space like those with a lack of space. Closest organizers can be pricey leaving many people questioning how to efficiently use their closet space.

The first step to organizing your closet involves tossing everything out of your closet and then going through it thing by thing. If you have clothing you've never worn or if you rarely wear it, it's time to throw it away. Resale shops like Goodwill and the Salvation Army will happily take your used clothes for their stores. In many places, they'll even pick up the items at your residence. The clothing that remains should actually fit you.

If you have some extra money, many hardware and home good stores have cedar panels that you fit in your closet. These cedar closet liners smell good, ward off moths and help add insulation to closets on outside walls. Cedar closet liners are simple to install without an expert. Additionally, consider sprucing up your closet space with a brand new coat of paint. If your closet is situated on a wall against the outside of your residence, you may find the closet temperature warms up in the summer and is much cooler in the winter. Use mildew resistant paint to avoid any mildew troubles from occurring.

Your mission is to end with a master closet that makes it easy for you to find and store the things you use. A time-tested way to organize your closet follows the rule of storing "like with like." Separate your clothes according to kind of item and color. For example, hang each of your blue jeans and slacks on hangers, and store them on the right side of your closet. Arrange shirts and blouses according to color, and hang them on the left side of your closet. Store jackets, sweaters and coats together. Install hooks for belts, ties and purses. Shoe storage can be a challenge, depending on your closet space. Buy special multi-rack shoe storage containers fitted to your closet space. If you still don't have enough room, use a special over-the-door shoe organizer.

In conclusion, if you use your closet for storing other items, try to store them toward the back so that they do not hinder you getting your clothing and accessories. It saves you time and energy if you are not having to climb over things to reach your clothing.

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