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Stanley Closet Organizer - Regain Control of Your Closet

Each year, many individuals pursue the task of organizing their homes. Most of the time, many of these people end up throwing numerous things into the closets around the home. Closets are often more of a “hiding” area, then an organized space to place clothing and various clothing accessories like they are suppose to be. If you are attempting the task of cleaning and organizing your closet, you should implement the use of a Stanley closet organizer.

There are many different kinds of Stanley closet organizers available. You can purchase small structures that will help to make simple storage easy to accomplish, or you can purchase large closet organizers that can be used to effectively clean up and organize a large closet. In order to whip that closet into shape, you should consider implementing the use of a Stanley closet organizer. These items are created in such a way that they can meet the demands of any type of budget, any type of space, and any type of needs.

When organizing that messy closet, you must consider a couple of important things. The first thing that you should consider is the color scheme of the room and/or closet that you are working on. It is important to choose a Stanley closet organizer that will match the theme of the room that this space is with in. Many individuals will select a white Stanley closet organizer, or a clear colored one. This is entirely up to you. The next thing that you want to consider is the type of material that you want the Stanley closet organizer to be composed of. You can choose plastic, Rubbermaid, wood, metal, and similar items.

Stanley closet organizers can assist you in each and every organization need that you have. You can select from small space organizers, such as the shoe and sweater closet organizer, the purse organizer, custom closet kits, expander closet systems, as well as closet organizers for hobbies. For example, Stanley offers a closet organizer that is designed for golf players. This particular organizer allows an individual to effectively organize and store their golf equipment.

When you order a Stanley closet organizer, you can have the system professionally installed, or you can install the kit yourself. Stanley includes easy to read instructions so that you can do a great job in installing the closet organizer the way that you want to. You can place these closet organizers in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, utility room, or even in a garage closet! With the large selection or organizers that are available, it is quite easy to place them in any room of the home, and use them for numerous purposes.

For more small closet organization tips try visiting, a popular closet organizing website that provides tips, advice and closet cleaning resources including information on selecting the right closet storage system.

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Saturday, 30 August 2008

A Closet Accessory For Every Need

Closet accessories are practical items that help organize your closet space in a better way. They allow you to utilize the available closet space in a much more practical manner. You no longer need to stack layer upon layer of clothes on a single shelf and then struggle to pull out a single shirt because it is stuck in the middle of a huge stack. Proper utilization of closet accessories will make your life easier.

Neckties are always a bit if a nuisance to store in a closet. You either fold them up and stuff them somewhere or hang them with your clothes and hope that you wouldn’t have to pick them off the bottom of the closet the next time around. Either way, picking out a matching necktie would not be quite so pleasant. Tie racks would be the closet accessories to sort out this mess. You can get a tie hanger that is built to accommodate multiple neckties into one hanging space. The neckties will be spaced out enough for you to be able to get a quick overview of which necktie you would need for the day. There are also tie hangers that can swing out from the closet and swing back in when you are done choosing.

Picking out a shoe storage system for your closet would help organize your space even further – especially when you own a lot of shoes. There are closet accessories that hang on the back of the closet door where you can hang shoes. You can also opt for the swiveling system where the shoe rack can be swiveled out when you need to choose a pair of shoes and then swiveled back in for storage. There are also specialized shoe drawers that can be installed into your closet as well.

Many other closet accessories are available on the market. All you need to do is plan your closet space well and then choose the right accessories to execute your plan. A well-planned and accessorized closet will present you with plenty of storage space that is easily accessed.

When To Have Sliding Closet Doors

The sliding closet door is one option available when thinking about installing or purchasing closets for a room. If you only have very limited space for a closet, then the sliding closet door will make sure that you can have access to the inside of your closet without having to worry about banging the door on the walls or the foot of your bed. If you are worried about sliding the doors too fast and making lots of noise, then worry not because there are sliding closet doors that will not slam when reaching the end of their travel. These doors come with silent rails and a damper system to slow the doors down at full travel.

Sliding closet doors come in many different types. You have the traditional wooden sliding closet door that gives the whole closet a warm look. Different types of wood or wood laminate with all the different combinations of wood color and grains, will give different effects to a room. To add a bit more functionality to the doors, you can opt to mount mirrors on them. Now you can really save wall space when mounting mirrors on the sliding closet doors. Mirrors will also give a small room a good sense of depth. Because of this effect, there are many different sliding closet door options that have its surface completely covered in mirrors to use the depth effect to the maximum.

Instead of mirrors, you can opt for glass sliding closet doors. These glass doors will give an open look to your closet and could give the room a more open feel. You have to keep your closet organized though or else the glass sliding doors would be counter-productive. If glass is still your fancy but you don’t really want everything inside of your closet to be seen, then frosted or stained glass sliding closet doors would be the other options. Otherwise, a combination of sliding glass and wooden doors could be the solution.

If space is limited, then the sliding closet doors is definitely the way to go. But even if you are not constrained by space limitations, the sliding closet doors will offer some nice decorating options that could enhance the overall theme of your room.

Friday, 29 August 2008

A Practical Closet Design

There are many ways to utilize the space within a closet. Some ways are simple while others are extravagant. In the end, the desired outcome is always to be able to use as much closet space as possible and be able to find anything inside in an instant. This is where practical closet design is a must.

One way to beef up your closet space utilization is by adding closet organizers. These accessories are designed to assist in maintaining a tidy and organized closet. Closet organizers come in a wide variety of choices designed to fulfill your storage needs. Design types range from simple add-on shelves to specialized hangers to portable drawers. A well-sorted closet will be a big time saver on days where you need to find things quickly or risk missing the bus.

Lighting is one aspect of a closet that is quite often overlooked. Most people are contented to have either a filament light bulb or a florescent light bulb lighting the inside of the closet. What you don’t realize is that these types of light bulbs only operate on limited wavelengths of natural light. This means that there is a very good chance that picking out clothes that look nice hanging in the closet would have a different effect when worn out in natural sunlight. One way to get a better impression of your clothes in the closet is to install full spectrum light bulbs. These light bulbs operate to almost the full spectrum range of natural light. Another way is to build a skylight that opens up directly into your closet.

If you are lucky enough to own a walk-in closet then there are more options available to you. If your walk-in closet offers a lot of space in the middle, then you could install a little island in the extra space. This island can be made to act as an ironing area; a place to hang favorite clothes or an accessory booth so that picking out clothes and accessories could be done at the same time.

In the end, having simple or extravagant designs for your closet should be accompanied by a lot of practicality so that the closet will function as an optimized storage unit.

Top Three Closet Organizing Tips

No one likes the idea of tackling a messy closet. Yet, sooner or later, it will have to be done. If you are ready to dive in and finally get your closet under control, keep these three closet organizing tips in mind so you can achieve the best results.

Create Piles

The first of the three closet organizing tips is to divide everything inside your closet into five piles: giveaway, storage, projects, trash, and closet. The giveaway items are those that you will be donating to charity or giving to a friend, so they should still be in good shape. Storage items are those you won't be needing for a while but still want to hang onto, such as clothes for special occasions. The projects pile should consist of those items that are in need of repair while the trash pile is made of those that cannot be repaired. Finally, the closet pile is made of the items you will be putting back into the closet.

Categorize Your Items

Once you have established which items will go back into the closet, the second of these organizing tips is to categorize the items according to their function. For example, you might have a casual section, a special occasion section, a career section, and a sportswear section. Then, divide these sections into categories such as pants, blouses, skirts, and jackets. Finally, group these categories by color.

Utilize Organizers

The last of the closet organizing tips you should follow is really quite simple: purchase and use pre-manufactured closet organizers. Wall hooks, over-the-door organizers, and multi-level rods can go a long way toward getting you better organized, particularly if you have a limited amount of space. Before you know it, you will actually enjoy opening your closet door rather than dreading it!

To help keep your home organized, download a free copy of the ebook "The Essential Guide to Organizing Your Home". This ebook has many practical, easy-to-use tips to make home organization a reality. Click here for your free download.

Lynn Cressy is the owner of Lynn's Home Decor, which was created out of a love for decorating and shopping for home decor. There you will find shabby chic furniture, shabby chic home decor and wrought iron furniture and home decor as well as seasonal decor, ebooks and interior decorating ideas. For additional home decorating ideas, visit decorating-info.

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Thursday, 28 August 2008

Closet Doors Dare To Be Different

You've just spent a considerable amount of money on the interior of your closet, installing a closet organizer to assure that your shoes, ties, belts, scarves, dresses, shirts and slacks are all easily accessible. As nice as the interior of your closet now looks, you don't want the effect to be spoiled by a door that doesn't do it, or the rest of your bedroom, justice.

How big is your closet?
Of course the type of closet door you have depends in large part on the size of your closet. If it's a wall closet - very shallow - then of course you'll need a different type of door then if it's a walk-in.

The four types of closet door, therefore, would be the simple panel door that opens outward and lets you into the walk-in closet, bifold doors that let you view your wall closet, and the sliding doors which could be used for either version, depending on the length of the closet itself. The accordion door is also a choice.

Bifold doors would allow you to use over-the-door system to store shoes, for example - which would not work with a sliding door. Sliding doors can look more attractive than bifold doors, however.

Matching or contrasting colors?
Of course the first thing you'll have to decide about the door is its color. You'll need to find a color that will match your bedroom walls, or set it off in a striking manner. If you'd like to give your bedroom the illusion of greater size, than you'll want to get mirrored doors. And for that really elegant touch, you can even get sliding frosted glass doors.

And you'll have to give some thought to the future, of course. If you like to change the color of your bedroom every now and then, you won't want to have to change the closet door as well because it would clash with your new decor.

Vinyl or wood or what?
And what should your closet doors be made of? You've got a lot of varieties to choose from: stamped steel, hollow core, super-thin wood, or solid wood. Solid wood doors give you the most variety in their design, for you can have them hinged, folding, sliding or with pocket applications. These doors can have flat panels - to which you can affix mirrors or fabric, or louvers. (Kestrel Wood Closet Doors is one company that offers solid wood doors of high quality. They also do custom doors.) For mirrored closet doors, Fort Glass (fabricators of Stanley Mirror Doors) are one provider out of several that you can investigate on the web.

There are so many choices that you won't want to rush into your decision. Take your time investigating sources on the web, visit such stores as Home Depot or Menards or the specialty stores in your area. You can also take advantage of open houses in housing developments to go in and visit these houses and see the way those closets and bedrooms are designed. You'll then be able to make an informed decision.

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Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Kids Closet Organizers- Take Control of Your Child's Closet!

Does your child’s closet look like the aftermath of a natural disaster? If so, you’re not alone. The jumble of clothes, accessories, shoes, and toys is overwhelming to many children’s closets. But there is a solution to help add some order: kids closet organizers.

Kids’ closet organizers come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are made to be moveable, whereas some are installed as permanent closet fixtures. Kids’ closet organizers are available with a variety of different organizing components including, storage totes, bins, drawers, hangers, and cabinets.

Kids’ closet organizers are available in many kid friendly designs as well, with storage components down lower for toys and games so that kids can independently retrieve these items and there is no need to climb to get it themselves.

Many kids closet organizers are made in bright, fun colors or with cartoon characters or other fun themes. This looks cute for a kids room, but there are some disadvantages to these styles of organizers. To learn more about this type of kids closet organizer, visit:

The biggest advantage of having a kids closet organizer is so that your child’s belongings can be kept in a neat and orderly fashion. This avoids the feelings of frustration and wasted time that arises when things are misplaced and disorganized. In addition, kids closet organizers are a great way to teach your child that everything has a place since there are so many compartments for storing separate items.

For more information on kids closet organizers try visiting, a website that focuses on providing resources, tips, and advice on closets and kids closet organizers that you can use to make your home the best it can possibly be. Click on the link to get all the facts and info today.

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What Is A Mobile Closet

A closet is normally meant for storing items out if sight. In a home, the closet might also play a role as part of the overall interior decoration. The closet doors would normally be designed to blend in or enhance the surroundings. Customized closets can also be built to fully utilize free space meant for storage. Nowadays, master bedrooms would be equipped with walk-in closets as part of the room design. Home closets are usually part of a built-in set or are not that convenient to relocate. That is not the case with mobile closets.

You could say that there are two types of mobile closets: one that looks like a normal closet – doors and all, and one that just have enough accessories to fulfill the basic needs of hanging clothes. Both share the attribute of being lightweight and can be easily moved around.

The first closet type usually comes with aluminum frames and canvas covers. The lightweight frame makes it very portable and the covers provide a form of protection for items stored inside. This kind of closet is also known as a portable closet. The portable closet usually has a hanger bar inside to hang clothes off of. There are also models with additional wire rack basket at the bottom of the closet for extra closet. The portable closet can also come with wheels for added mobility.

The second type of mobile closet looks more like a moving clothes hanger. There are no doors or protective coverings on this closet type. There could one or two clothes bar for hanging clothes. The height of the bars can be adjusted to hang different types of clothes. Wheels normally come as a standard for mobility purposes. Some models will have a little space at the bottom for shoes.

There is actually a third type of mobile closet that is a combination of the previous two types. This closet type comes with a fixed frame but with no covers. It is an open concept mobile closet but with a little bit more of a solid build than the hanger type closet. This closet type also sometimes comes with added storage space like a wicker shelf unit for example.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Bifold Closet Doors

Bifold closet doors are a space saver and allow you access your entire closet. However there are disadvantages with certain types of closet doors. Sliding closet doors will only allow you to open one side at a time whilst closets with hinged doors face problems when any items are placed near and around the outside of the door. By far the most convenient door design is the bifold closet door.

If your room just has a small closet, then you would be better to opt for just one bifold closet door, but if it is wide enough, then you could accommodate two bifold doors on opposite sides. Whilst two doors are not necessary they are definitely more pleasing to the eye and will add a bit of a modern architectural effect to your home. Together with a good paint scheme, it will make the closets blend in with the rest of the wall to make the room feel more unified.

Whether you have a reach-in closet or a large walk-in area closet, a bifold closet door is certainly the ideal choice. If you do decide to have this type of door installed on your closets then it is recommended to have a professional install it for you. Correct installation will ensure optimum performance of the door. Afterwards, the only thing that you should have to do to make sure the door keeps working is to put a little grease or oil in the track to prevent and problems with opening and closing.

Another thing to consider when choosing closet doors is that the type of closet door that you have will effect the space of your room. If you want to conserve space, then ideally you should install bifold closet doors. Not only are they visually pleasing but they drastically cut down on the space that a hinged door takes up in a room.

When faced with the option of which closet doors to purchase, bifold doors are without a doubt the popular choice over sliding doors and hinged doors because they provide the ability to access the entire closet at one time.

For more information, news and advice on bifold closet doors, closets and closet organization, visit the one true closet resource online, the Closet Info Site.

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Sunday, 24 August 2008

The Right Door For The Right Closet

If you think that closet doors can be taken for granted, then think again. Picking out the right kind of closet door can make or break the overall scheme of your room. Even after fitting into the whole scheme, a closet door must be able to perform its primary function to satisfaction – that of opening up in the right manner to allow you access into the closet.

When you layout a theme for your bedroom, then your choice of furniture will have to contribute towards making the theme a success. This means that your closet doors must blend into the whole thematic feeling. If you are setting up a room that would capture the ambience of a palace bedroom, then a set of metallic bifolding closet doors will never do. A set of elegantly carved wooden ivory closet doors with decorated mirrors would blend in better. Remember, the closet doors need to add to the theme and not stand out like a sore thumb.

Colors are just as important as blending into a theme. Decide on which colors are the primary drivers of you room. These are the colors that will most likely influence your closet door color choice. When closet door type and color are properly addressed, then you can rest assured that your bedroom theme will work out fine.

The style of closet doors will make a difference to your overall space usage. Having closet doors with mirrors on them will give the illusion of being in a larger room because of the reflections in the mirror. Bifolding closet doors will allow better space usage in a small or cramped room. If you are really going for a high-tech design, then a remote controlled sliding closet door will be icing on the cake! To add cherry on top would be having the remote controlled closet doors slide into the walls. If you really need to, then you could add some hidden speakers to your closet setup to have a Star Trek door opening sound when you open your closet door.

When customizing closet doors, the first consideration should be space and the second is theme and color. Keep these in mind and you are in good shape to choose closet doors that will be less of a nuisance and more of a convenience.

Want to learn more about Closet Design?, feel free to visit us at:

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Portable Closet Tips

Portable closets are handy things to have around the house. They are usually not elegant enough to be placed next to your everyday furniture so the best places for portable closets are usually the attic, basement, laundry room or maybe even the garage.

The nice thing about having a portable closet is that it can instantly add new storage space. There is no need to have carpenters build anything and there is no need to haul heavy materials either. All it takes is a short trip down to the local hardware store, browse for the color and size preferred and some simple assembly at home.

Portable closets almost always come with zippered flap doors. It is important that you choose one with a good set of zippers to avoid jammed zippers during usage. Test the zippers on the portable closet of your choice before buying it. If the store can provide it, then you might want to ask for some load to be stored in the portable closet while testing the zippers. This is because some portable closets have unsupported canvas bottoms that will cause the entire portable closet structure to sag when fully loaded. Depending on how much weight is in the portable closet, zipping could become a challenge especially with portable closets that have a ‘T’ zippers arrangement.

To avoid having to struggle with the zippers on a sagging portable closet, choose one that has support at the bottom. Another option is to purchase a portable with a different zipper configuration. There are portable closets that have a zipper arrangement like a ‘D’ on the side. While this could make zipping a fully loaded portable closet a little easier, I would still recommend having some kind of support at the bottom as I believe that heavy load will still pose a challenge when the zipper has to close the top part of the closet.

If you already own a portable closet with no support at the bottom, a durable box could be a good way to add the needed support. A set of plastic drawers set at the bottom of your portable closet could even complement the storage space.

Lastly, be sure to choose a portable closet with good strong material covering. Plastic covering are okay if you only plan to store soft things (e.g. pillows, blankets, etc…). However, I would recommend a portable closet with good canvas coverings for multi-purpose storage.

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Friday, 22 August 2008

Five Classic Pieces You Must Have In Your Closet

Many people ask us what clothing they need to have in their closet. What are the classical pieces, that can be used for a few different season, and be paired up with trendier, seasonal pieces. We have put together this list to help you shop for more classical pieces of clothing:

- A Great Looking Suit. Every woman should have one great looking suit. You can wear the suit to job interviews, client presentations and the important meetings to impress your boss and your clients.

A dark suit that looks good on you is a great classic thing, and a great investment.

- A Nice Pair of Pants. Everyone has a great, favorite pair of pants. These are versatile pants that you can wear to the office, and you can dress them up a bit and wear them out as well. They are usually dark and made from a material, so that they can last for a while.

A great pair of pants can be worn in the winter with a nice sweater and in the summer with a summer blouse or a dressy top.

- A Little Black Dress. Every woman should have a little black dress. This is a dress that you look and feel gorgeous in. This is a dress you can use any time there is a last minute party or a reception that you didn't have the time to buy an outfit for. Your little black dress will save you every time.

- A Great Blazer. A great blazer is also a very versatile piece. It can be worn with pants to the office, it can dress up your regular jeans, your sometimes you can wear it with the little black dress, just in case you get cold. Sometimes a grey or a dark blazer is appropriate. Other times, it is a brighter blazer that will go with the rest of your things, and will add a little color to the rest of your outfit.

When shopping for a blazer, take into the consideration other things you have in your closet, as well as the fact that you will be wearing it for a few years.

- A Great Coat. A stylish coat goes a long way - you can wear it to work, you can wear it to parties, you can wear it on top of the little black dress to the opera or theater.

Once you have the classic pieces, you can buy cuter, trendier pieces to match, and to wear with them. For example, bright blouses will look great with your dark, classic suit. Enjoy putting together your classic pieces and matching them with the rest of your things.

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Thursday, 21 August 2008

Bedroom Closet Organizers

If you are like most people, your life is pretty hectic. Whether you spend your days in the office, in the fields, with your children, etc., you are busy. Your home should be a haven. When you come into your bedroom, you want to relax, unwind, rest. That is difficult if you can’t even open the closet door for fear of having items fall on your head! The first step to creating a relaxing bedroom retreat is installing a bedroom closet organizer.

Bedroom closet organizers are available to match most any d├ęcor. No matter your personal style or the size of your closet, there is probably a closet organizer to match. You are limited only by your own imagination—and perhaps your budget. Bedroom closet organizers are available in a wide variety of materials, styles, and price ranges. Materials such as wood, metal, wire, and laminate are readily available.

Bedroom closet organizers are commercially available as either closet organizer kits or closet organizer systems. Kits are less expensive and are available at most local home improvement stores and some department stores. Closet organizer kits contain all shelving, hardware, and components needed. Most are adjustable, so there is usually no cutting involved. However, many bedroom closet organizer kits will needed to be installed, so drilling is usually required. Kits cost around $40 and up.

Bedroom closet organizers are also available as closet organizer systems. These modular units are pre-assembled. You simply have to measure your space and determine the correct pieces. These units can be permanently mounted to the wall or temporary floor-based units. An assortment of configurations is available depending on the size of the closet and your individual needs. Shoe racks, shelves, racks, drawers, and more are available, and can be mixed and matched to create a unique look. Closet organizer systems can be purchased at local home improvement stores or at specialty stores. Prices can range from the low $100’s to the high $1000’s.

With a touch of creativity, a little bit of money, and a well-designed closet organizer, your bedroom can be a neat, orderly haven.

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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

A Closet Design For Every Purpose

If you’re tired of the way your closet looks, it’s time to consider your closet design, or lack thereof. Closets of all types are magnets for disorganization, and adapting a new closet design can help eliminate the clutter. You can even build your own closets and pick your own closet design in a laundry room or on a bare wall, as this article will explain.

If you fold and hang laundry while you’re in the laundry room, Home Depot sells many items that will make this task easier for you and your family. One option is the Configurations by Rubbermaid, which is essentially a custom closet in a box. Configurations is a low-hassle, easy assembly closet design that fits closets between 4 ft and 8 ft wide. If your laundry room has a solid wall that is this size, it could easily be installed in your laundry room to give you a place to hang and sort your laundry. Instantly, you will have 10 feet of hanging space and 14 feet of stacking space right in your laundry room.

For a unique closet design in your bedroom, Home Depot also carries a large line of ClosetMaid items. A popular item is the 8-in-1 closet organizer, which fits closets between 5 feet and 8 feet. The organizer can be assembled in 8 different configurations and offers ample shelving space as well as closet rod space. Depending on what you need from a closet design, the 8-in-1 organizer is guaranteed to give you more closet space and make your entire closet system more efficient.

If you are cramped for space in your linen closet, Home Depot’s ClosetMaid line also includes storage items such as the 10-runner drawer kit. This item is portable, making it ideal for extra towel storage. Drawer kits are also great for a child’s closet design, as they are ventilated and easy to access. Another idea for your linen closet design is ClosetMaid’s 3.5 ft Closet Wall Stack Organizer. This item takes up a very small amount of space and works well for folded articles, such as towels.

Home Depot’s ClosetMaid 6-pocket canvas Garment Organizer is a great way to hang up folded items. This closet design solution can be used in any type of closet, but is particularly useful in bedroom closets. The Garment Organizer hangs on the closet rod and has drop-down storage cubicles, perfect for undergarments, accessories, hats, or anything foldable.

If you’re come to the conclusion that the only way you’re going to have a successful closet design is to eliminate some of your items, think about purchasing a Shelftrack?

4-Shelf Organizer. Only 4-feet long, this attractive item looks great in any part of your house, not just as part of a closet design. It is ideal for storing those photographs, knick-knacks, and everything else that you have shoved into the back of your closets and forgotten about. This versatile item is easy to install and easy to rearrange, making it a must-have purchase during your closet design agenda.

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Making The Most Out Of Your Closet Organization

If it is hard to find certain articles of clothing in your bedroom closet each morning, you probably need to work on your closet organization. There are a lot of tools and items that will make this task easier, whether it is a major overhaul or just a simple closet organization project.

For clothes that you don’t wear very often, consider purchasing a wicker 5-drawer storage tower from Target. The tower is designed to easily fit into your closet and is an easy place to store off-season clothes, socks, and undergarments. This type of closet organization is helpful because it clears up some of your rod space, allowing you easier access to the clothing that you wear on a regular basis. Target also offers a shorter chest version of the same model and is available in a 3-drawer, 4-drawer, 5-drawer, or 6-drawer design. This form of closet organization is useful because of its less exaggerated height, allowing you to store even more items on top of the unit.

There are closet organization solutions available for bulky or special garments as well. The Space Bag is a revolutionary vacuum-sealed storage system that reduces volume and increases protection. At you can purchase hanging space bags? that improve your storage space by up to 75%. These bags are vacuum-sealed and are ideal for wedding dresses, occasional-use cocktail dresses, blankets, out-of-season suits, and sweaters. If you are running out of space on your closet rod, these bags are the perfect solution to your closet organization problem. Vacuum-sealed bags are easy to use and are guaranteed to keep your items dry and out of harm’s way.

Another way to improve your closet rod space is to purchase multi-tier hangers. These types of hangers allow you to store multiple items of clothing on the same hanger and are available at The Container Store offers multi-tier hangers for skirts, slacks, and shirts. Having enough space for all of your clothing items is a key element in closet organization, and these multi-tier hangers are perfect for smaller closets or for people that have a lot of clothing items.

Another idea is to double your hanging space with a closet rod doubler, also available at The Container Store. If your closet organization project isn’t going as smoothly as you had hoped, this handy item is bound to give new life to your closet. The closet rod doubler adds an additional rod below your existing closet rod, giving your closet instant space with minimal effort.

tie rackWe can’t talk about closet organization without mentioning how to organize things like ties, stockings, hats, and jewelry. A lot of people find that they have no idea how to store these items in an orderly fashion. The Container Store offers clear vinyl bags specifically for storing these types of accessories, and they are available in a few different sizes. These bags hang on your closet rod and clear up your existing clutter. An important factor in closet organization is being able to see where your items are located, which is why clear storage bags are the perfect solution.

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Closet Solutions

If you have a closet that is completely unusable because of the amount of junk in it, it is time to consider some closet solutions to give you your closet back. A complete closet reorganization is a monumental task if it is not something that you want to do. The first thing you need to do is to pull everything out of the closet. Organize your belongings into several categories. Things you use, things you can give to a charity or throw in the garbage and things you can give to friends or family.

Now that you have an empty closet you can feel satisfied that you have de-cluttered your closet and de-cluttered your life as well. However, simply putting your clothes and belongings back into the closet does not complete the job. You need to put the final changes to maintain the organization that you have created.

Begin by organizing your hanging clothes by type such as separating tops from bottoms. If your outfit has a top and bottom, utilize the bottom rod for the pants and skirts and the top rod for jackets, blouses or shirts. Another solution for your closet is to divide the shirts by type. Such as, sweaters, long sleeves, short sleeves etc. When you have a specific location for each type of clothing, it helps to give your closet a neater appearance. Thus, it is easier to find what you are looking for as well.

Many people have all different types of hangers; go out and purchase matching hangers for all your clothes; it will create a much nicer appearance of your hanging clothes. In addition, it allows all clothes to hang at the same level and nothing will be hanging below other clothes and thus maybe even becoming lost in your closet. These are simple closet solutions to revamp your closet.

Some people have a large shoe collection that could fill an entire closet. Standardized shelving can be utilized for the shoe collector. With all your shoes organized, your closet solutions will be that much more streamlined. If you do not have space for all the shoes consider donating some of the more practical shoes to a third world country, they could really use them.

If you have many small items, try to store them out of site. Small items can give the appearance of a cluttered closet. This is when a storage bin or box is a good closet solution. A good closet re-organization is more than just re-arranging your belongings. Creating a closet space that is both functional and pleasing to the eye is the aim of total closet re-organization.

Many closet solutions meet your needs and wants. Search the internet for the latest styles and trends in closet design. You will find many tips and tricks along the way. The main idea is to re-organize your life not just your closet. Get rid of the excess baggage you collect both literally and figuratively.

Creative closet solutions will do wonders for your home and lifestyle.

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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

A Walk-in Closet Of Your Very Own

What girl does not dream of having her very own walk-in closet? A room where she can be surrounded by all the things she loves: clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories. It is a bit of heaven on earth. While most dismiss the thought of having their very own walk-in wardrobe as an extravagance that they could live without, walk-in closets may be practical, affordable and easy to set up in reality.

Setting up a walk-in closet requires a lot of patience and requires minimal technical skills. In fact, the most important skill you would need in setting up your own walk-in closet is your measuring skills. The first thing you need to do in setting up your walk-in closet is not necessarily measuring the area where you want to set up your walk-in closet. The first thing you have to do is make an inventory of all you clothes, shoes and accessories. This will give you a good idea of the size of your shelves, the length of your clothes rack, and the amount of space that would sufficiently house your closet. Only after doing this can you start measuring the area for your closet. After getting the dimensions of your walk-in closet, you can draw a layout of how you want your closet to be.

Once you have a good idea of what you want your closet to look like, shop around for closet components or systems that suits your aesthetic taste and your budget. You can go as high end as wood components or closet systems or as cheap as wire mesh components or closet systems. All types of closet components or systems in the market today work fairly well differing only on the look and feel of the material. Just bear in mind that they have basically the same function. You can install the closet components or closet systems yourself to cut back on costs. Most, if not all, closet systems and components come with easy-to-follow installation guides or manuals.

After setting up your closet system or components, you can install other furniture or fixtures that would make your walk-in closet look its best. You can paint your favorite shade on your closet components or system, as well as the closet's walls. You can also replace existing lighting with halogen or incandescent lamps that tend to flatter your skin tone. You may even want to think about setting up a full-length mirror or a vanity in one area of your walk-in closet. An ottoman in the closet is also a good idea. It serves as additional seating space and doubles as a place where you can lay out your clothes. If you really want to pamper yourself, you can add an area rug or fill the entire space with wall-to-wall carpeting. Don't forget about storage. There are many storage containers to choose from. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and materials. These storage containers are very important items to have in your walk-in closet because they keep clutter at bay. They make everything easy to organize and store.

The next time you find yourself dreaming about your very own walk-in closet, take action and build it. It is easier than you think.

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Monday, 18 August 2008

Do You Know What Closet Organizers Can Do For You?

Clutter around the house can be a bit of a nuisance and let’s face it; most people just put it in the nearest drawer or cupboard that they can find. There could be a full drawer of old paper and magazines etc and now it is absolutely bulging. Also, when it comes to appliances they are just put away any old how and it can look extremely untidy. However, with a bit of organization, things could look so much better.

What Can a Closet Organizer be Used For?

Closets can be a great way to store anything you like and when done properly; it can look tidy and organized. Also the great thing about having an organized closet is that things are easier to access and you will not have to spend ages searching through everything.

They can come in many different materials and all have a different purpose, so it really all comes down to personal preference and circumstances when it comes to buying one to suit your needs.

Do You Know How to Make the Most Out of Closet Organizers?

If you have a closet you may already have something that can help you to organize things, but you might not necessarily make the most out of it.

A closet organizer is basically something which can be used to obviously organize the closet. This could be a fitted shelf to store books, an iron or whatever it is that you want to store. It could be that you need to store coats and keep them organized so you might use a rod to attach from one side of the wall to the other. Or, if you have a lot of shoes, a shoe organizer may be just what you need.

With closet organizers they can really help to create more space in the closet and make it safer to use. With a lot of clutter, it can sometimes be dangerous, especially if it is stacked high and you need to get something from the bottom.

As you can see the benefits from closet organizers is evident and they can really make a difference. They come in all shapes and sizes and will cater for everyone’s budgets so they are really worth getting to keep things better for you. Whether you choose to purchase something to help store your shoes, clothes or any other type of clutter, there will always be a closet organizer to help you.

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There's A Closet Accessory For Every Need

No matter how big your closet is, it is important to have it organized in such a way that you can find what you want when you want it, and remove it, with a minimum of fuss and bother. And, just as important - put it back!

Large or Small, Closets Need Organizing
If your closet isn't very big to begin with, then it is imperative to take advantage of as many closet accessories as you can to help you keep your clothing easily accessible and well cared for.

Accessories are made to fit the needs of both men and women.

What special accessories do men need?

Well, tie and belt holders for a start. Don't stuff them together in a drawer when you can hang them up properly and make sure they are easy to find. Such companies as Hafele and Easy Track make such devices which you can install in your closet to make life a little bit easier. You place your ties and belts on the rack in such a manner that you can easily spot the one you need.

Men can do with a shoe storage system as well.

You can go with shoe cubbies, basically a system of utilitarian shelves in which you place your shoes, one set to a cubby hole. If space is at a premium you can even get what's called an overdoor shoe rack, which is a system you install on the back of your door in which to place your shoes. Most of these types of systems can hold 15 pairs of shoes for you.

Of course shoe storage systems aren't just for men. If you're a woman you know that typically you'll shoes than men, and so its imperative that you have a neat space for them. From shoe cubbies to overdoor systems to drawers, there'll be something to fit your needs.

Then it's time to look at shelving systems. Some people will need shelves that extend the entire length of the closet, others will need staggered shelves - and there's companies out there that can make anything to fit your needs.

Clothing hampers can also be fitted inside your closet, so that you can be sure what clothes are cleans and which dirty. And if you have a lot of clothes (or bedding) that you don't use anymore but don't want to get rid of, there are systems for that as well, designed to save you a maximum amount of space.

If you've got a messy closet and you've decided it's time to solve that problem, don't go out and buy a lot of mismatched products. You'll want to measure all the dimensions of your closet so that you'll know exactly how much room you have. You'll want to acquire items that will do the job but will also match the decor of your bedroom. Put a little bit of planning into what sorts of organizers you need...and then go out and get them.

Those are the 'large' items you'll need. You'll also want some small essentials, such as sachets to keep away moths, aroma balls to impart a nice aromatic odor, and damp 'domes' to absorb excess moisture. Indeed, no matter what you need, somewhere out there you can find it. And you'll be glad you did.

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Sunday, 17 August 2008

Closet Organization

One of the ironies of life today is that, for all the labor-saving devices and speedy transportation we possess, we still feel as if there is not enough time in the day to accomplish everything we want to do.

Do you feel the time crunch? Give a thought to your daily activities. How much time do you spend looking for things that you've misplaced or lost - such as car keys, grocery lists, or the clothing your kids need before they go to school, etc.

And it's not just a matter of you spending five minutes looking for something you've misplaced. That's five minutes that you could have spent doing something else. So that's actually ten minutes lost out of your day. And those minutes add up so that at the end of the day...and week...and month, you don't know where the time has gone.

If you can stop wasting time looking for misplaced items, then you'll have more time to spend getting your work done, and thus more time to spend in leisure activities such as reading or playing sports.

There's an old saying that's as important today as it has ever been, "A place for everything and everything in its place."

And that includes your closet. (And perhaps more importantly if you have children, your kid's closets!)

If you're able to look into your closet and see all your clothing hanging neatly, and in organized fashion (all blouses together, all t-shirts together, all sweatshirts together, all light dresses together, all dark, and so on), then it's the work of a moment to choose the matching items you need for the day. (And indeed, if you make your decision the evening before and set out the next day's clothing then, you'll be even more ahead of the game).

It's easier than ever to organize your closet. There all sorts of systems out on the market - trees on which to place shoes, shelves that slide out so you can reach things easily, and multi-tiered rack systems - all so that you can reduce the clutter in your closet. These systems come in a variety of prices, of course, from the most inexpensive plastic varieties to the more elegant - and consequently expensive, systems made from wood or metal.

With an organized closet, you'll find that you have a lot more space in which to place items that you want close at hand. You'll save time because everything will be at your fingertips. You'll reduce changes of accident - stepping on something breakable because it's hidden underneath a casually thrown shirt, or having a heavy box fall on your head because you've got them stacked precariously on a top shelf.

The cliche with kids - from toddlers to teens - is that given the option they would live in a messy room. That's certainly true of toddlers, but you owe it to your kids to teach them, as soon as they are able to properly grasp the concepts, of the common-sense virtues of organization. For their time is precious, also.

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How Closet Organizers Could Help You

If you do not have much space within your home, you may find that things just tend to be cluttered everywhere. With all of your storage full, where one earth are you expected to put all of your extra things that you have lying around? Well there are two ways in which you can help in this situation and those are sliding doors and closet organizers.

Why a Sliding Door Could Help You

If you do not have much space you may need to think about having a sliding closet door. That way, when you open it up, you simply have to slide it to one side instead of attempting to open it out wide. If you do not have much space then trying to open a door out wide could cause the door to bang into things and you may have to squeeze your way into the closet. F on the other hand you have a sliding door, you can simply slide it across and easily gain access to the closet. It is simple yet really effective and it will help to save you space in the long run.

You can get a variety of sliding doors and really it all depends upon your personal taste and the way that your home is decorated as to which style you do eventually choose. You can even put a mirror or a picture on the front of the door in order to make it look more homely. As for the style, they do come in various wooden styles and that can really help to add a touch of warmth to the home. This means that your closet does not have to look dull and uninviting. In fact, used with various closet organizers, a sliding door can really enhance the look of the closet and make you a little proud of the space which you have saved.

If you are worried about sliding closet doors not being strong enough or quiet enough, you can actually purchase ones which have silent rails. Also, it all depends on the quality as to how strong the doors are. Try and shop around and get a door from a brand which you can trust. Perhaps ask the store sales people if you do not particularly know which brands are good and which ones aren’t.

Overall, if used with closet organizers such as shelves and rods, you are preparing your closet to be as organized and as space efficient as possible. Just think – no more old clothes lying around – you could simply hang them from a rod within the closet. That leaves space within your wardrobe for new clothes and the old ones are safely hidden away until you decide what to do with them. Also, any books, old ornaments and other bits and pieces can safely go on shelves within the closet. So, using a sliding closet door as well as various closet organizers is definitely a good idea if you want your home to remain clutter free.

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Friday, 15 August 2008

Getting The Most Out Of Your Closet Space

For many of us, storage space within the home seems to be at a premium most of the time. Although the majority of homes include a large number of closets, they always seem to be full. The truth is, most home owners only use about one-third to two-thirds of their closet space. Because closets are designed vertically, there remains a lot of room even in closets that seem the most crowded as there is a lot of the area that contains only air. Depending on the location of the closet, there are many ways that you can maximize the storage capacities of your household closets.

Bedroom closets are the first type of closet that comes to mind. Bedroom closets usually contain most of our clothes. Clothes are a major space taker in a closet, but they can be reduced so that your closet has more capacity. One way to add to the space for storage within your closet is to use or add additional shelves. Most bedroom closets will include a shelf at the top that can be useful for storing boxes and other smaller items such as underwear and socks. There are many accessories available that can add to your storage capacity as well. Closet organizer hang vertically but contain several vertical compartments that are useful for storing clothing items that can be folded such as pants and T-shirts. You can also buy apparatus that hangs from the main bar in your closet, and is essentially a second bar. This is used to hang more clothing on. The idea of both of these pieces of equipment is to fully utilize the vertical space in your closet.

Other closets in your house are probably used for a variety of storage purposes, for games, books, food, and seasonal clothing. All of these shelves are useful in that they are ready for additional shelving to be incorporated, giving them some extra capacity. There are several different types of shelves for this purpose. One is the bracket shelving style. This type of shelf is easily adjustable due to the many slots on the mount into which the metal bracket is placed. The flexibility offered by these shelves is great, but they tend to be unreliable in terms of stability, and you may find yourself knocking the shelves themselves over gain and again. A more complex process in terms of installation, but a much more reliable model when it comes to stability, are installed wooden shelves with ledges. These shelves have to be measured carefully on installation, or they will be useless to you. The mounts are merely ledges nailed into the wall, the shelves sized planks that fit on top of the ledges. The whole project requires some attention to detail, and you lose the flexibility offered by bracket shelves, but they are a much more stable model.

There are a few ways to maximize the closet space in your home, depending on the use of the closet and the degree of stability and effort you want to put into it. Wooden shelves on mounts are the best way to go for a closet that needs stability, such as a pantry or game shelf, while mount and bracket styles are best for closet with goods of variable sizes that are prone to reorganization.

For many of us, storage space within the home seems to be at a premium most of the time. Although the majority of homes include a large number of closets, they always seem to be full. The truth is, most home owners only use about one-third to two-thirds of their closet space. Because closets are designed vertically, there remains a lot of room even in closets that seem the most crowded as there is a lot of the area that contains only air. Depending on the location of the closet, there are many ways that you can maximize the storage capacities of your household closets.

Bedroom closets are the first type of closet that comes to mind. Bedroom closets usually contain most of our clothes. Clothes are a major space taker in a closet, but they can be reduced so that your closet has more capacity. One way to add to the space for storage within your closet is to use or add additional shelves. Most bedroom closets will include a shelf at the top that can be useful for storing boxes and other smaller items such as underwear and socks. There are many accessories available that can add to your storage capacity as well. Closet organizer hang vertically but contain several vertical compartments that are useful for storing clothing items that can be folded such as pants and T-shirts. You can also buy apparatus that hangs from the main bar in your closet, and is essentially a second bar. This is used to hang more clothing on. The idea of both of these pieces of equipment is to fully utilize the vertical space in your closet.

Other closets in your house are probably used for a variety of storage purposes, for games, books, food, and seasonal clothing. All of these shelves are useful in that they are ready for additional shelving to be incorporated, giving them some extra capacity. There are several different types of shelves for this purpose. One is the bracket shelving style. This type of shelf is easily adjustable due to the many slots on the mount into which the metal bracket is placed. The flexibility offered by these shelves is great, but they tend to be unreliable in terms of stability, and you may find yourself knocking the shelves themselves over gain and again. A more complex process in terms of installation, but a much more reliable model when it comes to stability, are installed wooden shelves with ledges. These shelves have to be measured carefully on installation, or they will be useless to you. The mounts are merely ledges nailed into the wall, the shelves sized planks that fit on top of the ledges. The whole project requires some attention to detail, and you lose the flexibility offered by bracket shelves, but they are a much more stable model.

There are a few ways to maximize the closet space in your home, depending on the use of the closet and the degree of stability and effort you want to put into it. Wooden shelves on mounts are the best way to go for a closet that needs stability, such as a pantry or game shelf, while mount and bracket styles are best for closet with goods of variable sizes that are prone to reorganization.

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How To Shop In Your Own Closet

Let's say that you see an outfit in a magazine or store window that instantly calls to you, "Buy me, buy me!"

What do you do? Do you:

1. Go online or into the store and buy it right then and there?

2. Give yourself a few days to think it over?

3. Look at the price tag, curse the stars that you weren't born rich, and put it out of your mind?

4. Sew it yourself?

Or do you going shopping for it in your own closet?

If you said one of the first three options because you have no idea what the fourth one is, I believe I can save you both money and a few choice words to your forebears. For once you start learning how to REALLY wear everything you own, not only will you save money, you'll learn to make smarter choices when you shop.

So how do you shop in your own closet?

By taking the picture of the outfit you like (whether it's from a magazine or just a mental snapshot), and heading to your closet to see if you can re-create the look from the pieces you already have. You may not be able to replicate the exact ensemble, but you may find that you can approximate the look by using a blue jacket instead of black one, for example, or a pair of ankle straps instead of a pair of sandals.

Or you may find that you need to buy one thing to pull it all together instead of six things to start from scratch. Either way, you'll probably find that you can evoke the new look without buying it all from head-to-toe.

Now this presupposes, of course, that you actually KNOW and can see the contents of your closet. Many women can't. In fact, they can barely squeeze one more hanger onto the rack, let
alone move them around freely enough to flip through their inventory. So they'll swear up and down that they don't have anything like what they're looking at, buy it, bring it home, and are completely shocked to find that they already have something similar.

If you haven't cleaned your closet it a while, chances are very good that you have some duplicates taking up space as well. Take some time to cull through your belongings and organize your wardrobe. Knowing what you have to work with is the first step to putting together a wardrobe that works.

Next, take some time to flip through fashion magazines, stroll through the mall, or click around online to get some ideas of different ways to wear things. Rip out magazine pages, print off web pages, or make a mental note of the outfits that strike your fancy while you're window shopping. Then see if you can replicate the look by shopping in your closet FIRST. You may be surprised by what you already have or conversely, by how poorly all that impulse shopping has served you over the years. Always strive to fill your closet with pieces you can mix and match easily for maximum wear.

Shopping your closet first is also a great way to put together your holiday wardrobe as well. Since those velvets, velours, and Santa sweaters are usually only pulled out this time of year, take inventory of your existing holiday pieces before burdening your seasonal budget further with unnecessary purchases.

Mix and match them in new ways, or use the picture pull out/print off/mental snapshot approach to see how you can transform your old favorites into current looks. A snazzy new pair of hose and a stylish updo may be all you need to take that five-year-old little black dress or red velour skirt from ho-hum to va-va-va-voom! Try it and you'll see.

Remember: Filling your closet with impulse buys is like eating a candy bar for dinner. It satisfies the instant craving, but always leaves you hungry for something more substantial. It can also blow your clothing budget as easily as a candy bar can blow your diet. So don't do it.

Instead, force some reason into the scenario. If you find an outfit "to die for", see if you can't recreate it (or parts of it) by shopping in your own closet FIRST. Not only will you save a bundle of money, you'll learn to get the most out of every piece of clothing you buy.

Or, to quote German designer Jil Sander, "Buy less, think more."

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Keep It In The Closet!

That'll probably become one of your most favorite expressions after you have yours rebuilt. And that's because rebuilt closets have a way of demanding organization from even the most messiest and disorganized person on earth!

As they originally stand (no pun intended), closets just aren't designed to work with our current lifestyle. Sure they provide a storage area and a convenient way to hang clothing, but if you think about it, they work against us - not with us. Why do we keep our clothing in separate areas of the house, anyway? Who came up with that absurd idea?

In one part of the house, we keep our underclothing in drawers. In another part of the house, we store our coats and jackets. Other areas house shoes, while the closets that we hang clothes in also store things that really belong in a garage, attic, or basement!

With all this running around from place to place (and trying to gather up an outfit everyday), it's no wonder we're disorganized! It's much smarter to put things that go together in one place - and having a custom closet built according to how you move about is the only real answer to convenience!

Whether you have a small family or a large one, everyone can benefit from a custom built closet because absolutely no one wants to trot about the house gathering things. That's just silly and although some closet organizers help a little bit - they're really no match for the individual needs of each homeowner. Closet organizers - although well meaning - may address the needs of Mary, Bob, Sue, or John, but they don't accommodate the requirements of Marissa, Tamika, Terrance, or Juan!

Closet organizers provide a convenient place to hang Mary's shoes, hang Bob's hats, hang Sue's belts, and hang John's ties. But they don't provide a convenient place for Marissa's roller skate equipment. They don't give Tamika the handicap access she needs to reach items that are placed high. They don't prevent Terrance from wasting 10 minutes trying to find his socks. Nor do they allow Juan to see how he looks in an outfit. Starting to see the picture?

Closet organizers serve a purpose -albeit a small one- and we're not suggesting that they be eliminated. They're good for storing things under a kitchen sink or in the laundry room of course. But for real organization that involves scores of clothing and bedding - and the ability to easily access those things on a daily basis really requires a custom built closet.

A custom built closet is typically the size of a small room - and if you have a room in your home that you're not using, you can turn it into the closet of your dreams. We're talking about shelving - carpeting - studio lighting - mirrors - the works! And as you can imagine, a closet of this size will help you become more organized than before because you have the space and opportunity to put everything that belongs together - with each other. Just picture it. With a custom built closet, you can walk in and then walk out fully prepared for the day without running from room to room in an effort to face the day!

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Thursday, 14 August 2008

Sort Out Your Closet With Closet Organizers

If you are one of the many people who need to take better control of the clutter in their lives, closet organizers might be just what you need. Piles of clothes lying around and old books and rubbish cluttering up the home can really have a negative effect on your mood. It is impossible to relax unless things look nice and tidy so if things are lying around everywhere it is likely that you will be stressed quite often.

So, organizing your closet is essential if you want to be able to call your house a home. Closet organizers are by far the most effective way of organizing your clutter and getting your home looking clean and tidy again.

The Most Effective Closet Organizers

The most effective way of sorting out all of your clutter is to have a range of closet organizers. Rods, a shoes rack and shelves will all come in extremely useful.

Many people own a few pairs of shoes and there is usually nowhere to put them. Well, if you have any shoes which you hardly wear, placing them on a shoe rack in the closet is generally a good idea. It will get rid of all of them away from the door and hide them away neatly. You can buy shoe racks in all different sizes and so it is easy to find one which suits your needs.

Rods help to keep old clothing out of the way and hung up to save space whilst shelves can keep any old bits and pieces on if needed. So, as you can see you really do need a variety of different space saving closet organizers. It is always better to see what kind of clutter you have first before buying any organizers. That way you can evaluate the situation and purchase the best organizer system for you.

If you have too much clutter it is always better to be ruthless and just throw some things away. The thing to say to yourself is ‘do you love it’ if not it can go. Sometimes you have to take the emotion out of the clutter and that way you will leave room for new things which you will love.

Overall closet organizers are a really good idea and most people can benefit from them. However, you do need to make sure that you get the right storage options for you and always take full and proper measurements before you buy anything.

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Customizing A Closet To Suit You

If you are in the situation where no matter what you do to your closet, you end up facing a cluttered mess, and then perhaps it would be a good time to consider customizing the closet. Customizing a closet can be done quite easily and with a very manageable budget. Storage space can be doubled or even tripled with a few well-placed customized closet organizers. Installing a couple of shelves or maybe even a full closet organizing items will change the way you use the space in your closet.

Customizing your closet begins with a well thought out plan and picking out some closet organizer items to implement the plan. Installing some extra shelves is quite handy when you need to fold away extra clothes that are out of season. One of the chief space wasters in a closet are clothes that take up hanging space that are not needed. Clothing accessories do not normally have customized storage spaces in a closet and end up being placed in awkward areas. This makes them difficult to find when needed. Adding an accessories storing unit to the closet will sort this out.

Another simple but very effective way of customizing your closet is to replace the doors. If you move a closet into a room with little space, then replacing the hinged doors with bi folding or sliding doors is a good idea. The new doors will allow a more convenient access to the pathway in front of the closet that would normally be blocked when opening a hinged closet door. If you prefer to hang on to the hinged door, then consider closet organizer accessories that utilize the back of the door. A hanging shoe rack would make shoes easier to find while freeing up a lot of space inside the closet that would normally be taken up by the shoes.

Customizing a closet to suit your needs with closet organizers is a simple and effective way to sort out your closet organization needs while making the most out of what little storage space you have.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Have A Better Organized Closet By Using Closet Organizers

Whilst we would all love to, for many of us coming home to a clutter free home is just not possible. Everything which we have collected over the years has built up and now it is constantly cluttering up our homes. We have things in every available drawer, in the closet and also under the bed. As well as in hidden spaces, any clutter which we have left over is often just placed in a room and forgotten about until the clutter starts taking over.

No matter how bad your clutter problem is, it can be sorted out with the right closet organizers.

How to Choose Good Quality Closet Organizers

One way to beat that clutter is to purchase several closet organizers. However, how can you tell which ones are the best and which ones should be left well alone?

There are a number of different closet organizers available and each does their own little job. There are shoe racks, pant trolleys, airtight storage savers, rods and shelving to name but a few. There are so many different brands too that you sometimes just do not know what to look for and it can be difficult finding something to suit your needs.

Shoes racks generally are stronger and they last longer if they are made out of metal. They come in a large variety of sizes so you should be able to find one to fit all of your old shoes on no matter how much of a shoe love you are!

Generally it is always better to do an evaluation of your clutter and see what you can throw away and what you can sell. These days the internet is brilliant for selling things and what you may consider to be junk, somebody else might consider to be really good. Of course you could always have a yard sale too and that would get rid of quite a lot of your clutter. It is always better to be ruthless regarding your clutter, that way you know what you really want to keep and you save a lot of space at the same time.

Shelving is an excellent closet organizer and you can buy various different sizes to suit your needs. Remember if you buy a shelf which is too big you can simply cut it down to size so do not worry about that. However, taking measurements to ensure that you do not purchase a shelf which is too small is essential.

Overall when organizing your closet there are quite a lot of options available to you. You can store any old toys, books and old ornaments on the shelving and you can keep old clothes on a rod in the closet. All of these options will save you space.

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