Wednesday, 27 April 2011

How to Stay Organized on a Budget With Discount Closet Organizers

If you live in a rental apartment or are a student in a dorm you don't have to forgo on keeping your closets organized with closet organizers because they are too expensive or are too permanent a solution for your current residence. It is true that if you are renting an apartment you need permission to drill holes in the wall and you also don't want to invest in anything that you can't take with you as that would be a big waste of money. Discount closet organizers are your solution.

Where to find discount closet organizers

Discount closet systems are available at most discount stores and many can be found online which will save you time and money. When thinking about how to find cheap closet organizers, you don't have to compromise on quality. Wire organizers are extremely popular and very durable. They are much cheaper than wood type and can be easily assembled and disassembled to take with you to use in your next apartment or dorm.

Why closet organizers are essential for small living spaces

In today's economic downturn, many people are moving into small living spaces. When your living space is limited either because of economic necessity or because you live in a college dorm, it is essential to organize the space you do have as efficiently as possible. A standard closet with a rod and one shelf is an utter space waster. Any type of closet organizer is an improvement over that basic set up. If your budget is very limited, look for the simplest closet system and add on to it later. That is the beauty of cheap closet organizers. You can buy a basic system and buy more pieces to extend it at a later day.

Why discount closet organizers are not just for people on a budget

Discount closet systems are generally much easier and faster to put together than wood closet organizers. Many people buy wire closet systems for this reason. With people working longer hours then ever before, who has time to spend on assembling a complicated closet organizer system? Look for closet systems that do not require an inordinate amount of hardware or tools for assembly. As mentioned, wire systems are very sturdy and adjustable for use in any type of closet be it your bedroom closet, coat closet, pantry or linen closet.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Sliding Closet Doors Verses Bi Fold Closet Doors

Choosing the right door for your closet will depend on the type of closet you have. In many cases you may find that you do not want a closet door at all. There are lots of closet ideas that will help you choose the right door. In terms of built in closets located in a home or business you have two basic choices. These include a walk-in or a reach in design. If you have a standard walk in closet you have a lot more door options compared to the reach in closet.

Walk in closets by their design require more space and are in general U shaped giving you more door options. In some cases walk in closet may not even have a door as part of their design. A standard interior door may be used as a walk in door. Classic mirror closet doors are frequently used to increase the functionality of the closet door.

Reach in closets are probably the most common used storage design in home construction. More or less obviously the "reach in" design got its name from the fact that one stands outside of the closet and reaches in to insert or remove items without physically entering. In most cases the reach in design is used where space is concern. In most cases they are 3 to 10 feet wide and average 30 inches in dept. Considered by many builders and architects to be a very efficient was to maximize storage space.

Selecting the best door depends on the size of the closet. Long closets are best suited to sliding closet doors as opposed to bi-fold closet doors. Wide sliding door allow you to have access to about ½ the length of the closet and give good access the ends of the closet. In addition if you are interested in mirror closet doors the sliding design will facilitate their installation. In addition large mirror surfaces will give the room a more open appearance.

bi-fold closet doors allow you to have better access to the center of your closet. They are in general lighter and frequently design to will washboard slat openings that allow air exchange in and out of the storage space. One disadvantage of the bi-fold door is that when it is open the hinged portion extends out into the room. This can in some circumstances interfere with the placement of furniture or beds.

Both designs require the installation of top and bottom tracks to hold and guide the doors as they move. The type of bottom track installed is important if you are installing carpet within your closet. Some designs have only a center bottom guide track that is relatively short thereby allowing you to use your vacuum cleaner within the storage space.

In general we favor sliding closet doors as opposed to bi-fold closet doors. They allow more access to the storage area and allow mirrors to be installed on the doors. bi-fold door operation requires space for the hinged portion of the door to project out in the room when opened.

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