Thursday, 29 January 2009

Closet Storage Design Solutions For Your Household Clutter

There are different types of storage devices designed for the closets in the market. They are offered from the most basic storage solutions to extravagant, custom-designed devices. Choosing from these arrays will give you the real start in building that closet storage design idea that you have.

Closet storage organizers are the simple solution to cluttered, unorganized appearance of all the closets inside your house. They are worth purchasing if you want to have the most use out of all the closet spaces. They will certainly make a difference especially in terms of organizing all your items and possessions, which may look like a real mess but in fact are still valuable and fully-functional.

With the multitude of designs available in these organizers offered in the industry, you will surely find those that are going to look best with your closets, or with the entire appearance of the house, for that matter. There are different sizes and shapes available as well, so you have options to choose appropriate ones to fit the kind of closet storage design that you are going to remodel.

When choosing closet storage systems, there is another essential thing to be considered, the types and amount of items and goods going to be stored. Fitting smaller storage organizers inside the closet full of huge items may not serve the purpose, as in the same manner that bigger devices fitted inside small closet storage designs may be of no use. Consider this tip essential if you don't want to waste your money on purchased closet storage devices.

Closet organizers are the best solutions to different closet storage design needs. They will particularly come in handy if your closets have seen better years. The tendency with older closets is to run out of enough spaces to accommodate all accumulated belongings from the past years. If new, wider closets are simply beyond your means your house will never end up being the organized and beautiful one that it was as before.

And even if you have the resources to build new closets, the lack of space inside the house is a problem. So you must really come up with real, handy solutions without breaking your wallet, and the only possible one is having closet organizers. The importance of different closet organizers available in the market comes very practically during these times. These can be fitted inside the older closets, so mess and the clutters accumulated over the years will no longer a problem to consider.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The Bifold Closet Door - A Great Space Saving Addition For Any Room

The bifold closet door is a door for closets which is designed to fold outwards just in the same way that an accordion does. Often these doors are made of two panels which are connected together by hinges and it is these hinges which allow the door to fold outwards.

The bifold closet door is especially useful as a space saver and yet still allows you easy access to the contents inside the closet unlike a sliding door would. The great thing about the bifold closet door is that it can be custom made to fit any size closet.

Certainly there are some situations where a bifold closet door would be much more effective to use. These doors are good for exceptionally large closets like those that stretch the whole length of a room. As previously mentioned, if equipped with sliding doors they do not allow you access to the whole of the closet. Whilst with bifold doors you are able to easily gain access to all corners of the closet space.

Another situation in which you may want to utilize bifold closet doors rather than using a standard door fitting is when you have a wardrobe that is fitted with swinging style doors. Unfortunately although the wardrobe fits into the bedroom there is not enough room in which you can effectively open the doors, so by replacing these swinging doors with bifold closet doors you will easily be able to access the storage space within. This means that you do not need to get rid of the current wardrobe and buy or build one much smaller in order that you can get into it, but rather just spend a little money on replacing the old swinging doors with a bifold closet door instead.

Although there are many advantages to be had from the installation of a bifold closet door there are still some other things which need to be taken into consideration before you go ahead and have them fitted:

1. First of all you will need to ensure that the space you have within your storage cabinet is utilized fully. Unfortunately the items that you have already purchased in order to fully utilize this space may not work with bifold closet doors, so you may have to find another way of utilizing the space that you have. But if you speak to the company where you purchased your bifold closet doors they should be able to provide you with some answers.

2. As bifold closet doors tend to see a lot of use where they are being opened and closed constantly, this may well place untold stress on its mechanical parts. As the bifold closet door is on a track it is this which will bear the brunt of the stress placed on the doors and they can soon become warped and damaged. If you want to stop this from happening you could try spraying them with a small amount of a greasing product (WD40 springs to mind) on to the tracks.

For more information on bifold closet doors visit, a website that specializes in providing advice, tips and resources on closets and closet organizers that you can use to help create a safe and clutter free home.

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Saturday, 24 January 2009

Closet Organizers Help Solve Your Closet Puzzles

Everyone could use a little help with their closet problems every now and then. The closet seems to have a life of its own when it just suddenly grows on you. Suddenly, you can't find anything! Every little thing you own seems to have piled on top of each other, creating a chaotic mass of fabric, shoes, etc. When this happens, it is time for closet organization. Closet storage organizers are the answer to these organizational problems (and your sanity as well).

Organizing closets is a breeze with the variety of options available, like hanging closet organizers, wardrobe organizers, shoe organizers, and other closet accessories that can make a neat closet.

One way to organize closets is to use shelves. These can help you segregate your shirts, blouses, or bottoms or to store clothes that are currently out of season. Shelves in closets can help you store clothes you do not use often and can help keep them neat and proper.

You can choose from any of these canvas closet organizers that serve as hanging closet organizers. Aside from organizing adult closets, you can also use some of these closet organization ideas for those of children. Some have adjustable shelving flexible enough to let you organize different clothing according to type or color or season.

Hanging closet organizers are easy to set up and are available in colors that can match your closet. If you are keen in calming the chaos inside your bedroom closet, you should consider hanging these soon. The good thing about these kinds of closet shelving systems is that some have their own lighting. These are ideal closet storage systems that can help you choose what to wear even in dark closets.

Adding a couple of shelves and hanging a shoe organizer can help you steer away from any closet troubles. You will end up with extra space once everything has been folded nicely and kept in shelves. The extra space saved will probably surprise you, especially if you have constantly been worried about running out of room.

Pack rats and very neat people can benefit from these closet storage solutions since their closets can be miraculously transformed into a very organized box where one can find anything fast.

To help you choose your closet organizer system and to help you get organized properly here are some tips:

• Open your closet and see the real situation. Evaluate and assess which items need to be organized to make room for others.

• Check for extra shelves if you need more room.

• Take measurements of your closet so you will be able to purchase the right sizes of hanging closet organizers. This is especially useful if you will shop online.

• Take that hamper off the closet because it is eating up much space. Instead, buy a mesh liner, which you can easily pull out during laundry day.

• Segregate the items inside your closet. Check which ones you can keep in the shelves and which ones you can display more visibly because you are likely to use them more often. Take out anything you haven't used for a long time or those you intend never to use again

There are ways to get your closet organized. In time, you will find that there is a great advantage to a neat closet. See your options at

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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Bringing Order to your Linen Closet

In theory, a linen closet is a perfect haven for storing linens such as extra bed sheets, towels and blankets. In practice, many people make use of this versatile storage space for linens, plus a horde of other items that just do not seem to belong elsewhere. In this case, the versatility of a linen closet can become the enemy as items seem to keep going in the closet but never make it out. The resulting chaos can make you forget you own half of the contents of the linen closet, much less put them to use.

The first step of instilling order in your linen closet is the same inevitable first step of any closet organization endeavor—remove everything from the closet. This will give you an accurate idea of the amount of space you have to work with, and may help you find some things you forgot you had. Next, assess with brutal honesty which items you want to keep and which to donate or throw away. Once you have determined what items to keep in the closet, it is time to convert the linen closet into a functional, accessible and tidy storage area once and for all.

The key to linen closet organization is establishing a balance between long term storage and accessibility. Reserve easily reachable, eye level shelves for the items that are most frequently used, such as towels and washcloths. If your linen closet serves double duty as a bathroom closet, items such as toothpaste and other often used hygiene products should also have a place on an easily reached shelf. Particularly if you have a collection of hygiene products or other smaller items, utilize trays, baskets or other containers to keep products in place and make for a clutter free closet.

One of the major challenges of maintaining an organized linen closet is the tendency of linens to unfold and maneuver with time and closet use, resulting in a disheveled mass of sheets, pillowcases and the like. There are a few ways you can combat this problem in your linen closet. You may consider purchasing a few appropriately sized, clear storage bins in which you can stack folded sheets, pillowcases, and blankets. Another option is to use shelf dividers, which will keep stacks of linens independent while taking up little shelf space. Another space saving method of keeping linens separated is utilizing vacuum compressed storage bags, which minimize the area consumed by your linens while protecting them from dust, moisture and insects.

As you create permanent, functional storage in your linen closet, organize it in a way that facilitates ease of upkeep based on the way you uses the items kept inside. Perhaps you separate sheets that are often used from less frequently used ones, or organize them according to size. Whatever your strategy, be sure to return items to their designated spaces after use, and periodically straighten the closet to keep it as tidy as the triumphant day you organized it.

About the Author: Stephen Nickse is the founder of Closet Solutions, a leading provider of quality Boston closets, strategically headquartered in the nation’s design capitol, Boston, Ma. For more information, please visit .

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Friday, 16 January 2009

Prebuilt Sliding Wood Closet Doors

There can be various types of closet materials, most of the time; it reflects the style of its owner. Wood closet doors are more distinct than their steel counterparts.

There are closet issues that can be very annoying at times; you can usually correct them with sliding wood closet doors. One of the best examples of these is floor to ceiling closet systems. It also utilizes the sliding doors to provide better usability without eating more space.

Sliding closet doors are very easy to install, they can come pre assembled and would require as much as to no professional help. The prefabricated versions are often lightweight and can measure 2400 mm high. With an average setup time of 3 hours on 2 people per installation is not that bad.

A wooden sliding door is also a good alternative to get your design tastes on your room. With being a space-saving tool, a sliding door will easily get you access to the insides of your closet without worrying about the door banging and making noises.

There are different types of wooden sliding closet doors. A traditional door can give your room a very distinct and warm look.

There can also be other variations on the wooden material such as laminated and other different combination of textures and colors; there are even designs which are completely covered in mirrors.

This can give your room life as well as saving space. You can get more interesting designs along the internet to suite your taste and style.

Along with wooden materials, they can also be complimented with glass; they can give an open look to your storage closet and will give more room and an impression of being wide and open.

They can be easily organized on its visible material. This can be a perfect design for people who would like to see their things even from the outside or just simply show off their belongings.

It will ultimately end up to your selection and decision. With a limited space, you can install sliding wood closet doors as your best bet. But even if you don't have any space constraints, they offer a good decorating quality to enhance the overall look of your area.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Fun With Closet Organizers

More often than not, you might be resigned with chaos as a part of your everyday life. You wake up in the morning and dig through the drawers for your undies, sift through your jumbled clothing for a pair of pants and turn your closet upside down looking for a shirt or a blouse to wear with the pants. Your cluttered closet might not really be intentional and you might say that you try to keep it as neat as possible but chances are, with your busy lifestyle, you just cannot get it organized.

Fret no more, for closet organizers are now available to do the work for you! Now you can have the organized and easy lifestyle you deserve. No more clutters for you! Closet organizers are a system of hooks and shelves, storage bins, boxes and shoe racks that help you organize your clothes and keep them in a neat and orderly fashion. This storage system does not only keep your clothes organized and make their retrieval easier and faster, they also maximize the space in your closets.

Closet organizers are available in fully assembled pieces that you can purchase in any home improvement stores. These pre-assembled pieces come in different materials like wood or coated wires. The price depends on the nature of the material and you can easily choose one that is not only functional, it is also easy on your budget. Some home improvement stores deliver your closet organizers to your home and set them up for you. Nowadays, closet organizers are not just for your closets, you can also purchase one for your kitchen pantries.

You can also opt to purchase a closet organizer kit in which you do the setting up yourself. Before you set one up however, you have to make sure that there is adequate lighting in your space to ensure easy organization. A kit comes with some rods and hangers to hang your clothes with, some additional shelves for your folded clothes, some storage bins as additional drawers and others also provide shoe racks to keep your shoes in place.

A closet organizer helps you keep your life free of clutter, madness, headache and stress. It helps you save much of your valuable time and also maximizes your closet and storage space. Isn't it wonderful to wake up in the morning and be greeted by a clutter-free and organized closet?.

Greg Lucas is a small business owner and an on-line marketing expert who owns and operates a large network of informative and educational websites. for more information please visit: closet organizers

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Thursday, 8 January 2009

What You Should Consider When Purchasing Closet Organizer Systems

The intended use of a closet is to provide extra storage space while also matching the overall decor. Closets do not have to be a place of shame because it is cluttered to the ceiling with junk. This space, just as the rest of the house, can also be something to show off. Closet organizer systems can make this possible.

Closet designers try their very best to accommodate everyone's needs into a mass-produced design. However, the reality is that not everyone is the same and will require storage space tailored to their needs. Some frequent the clothing stores quite often and will buy just about everything they see while others may keep the same seven outfits and two pairs of shoes for several years. Whatever category you fit in, there is certainly a closet organizer system that will suit you fine.

If perhaps you are the one who frequents the clothing store often, and you find that the bottom of your closet is a heaping mess a lot of the time, you could purchase an organizer that addresses clothing and footwear. You could have several hanging bars for all of your outfits instead of having that one single bar expanding the entire width of your closet, and you could have a floor unit with stackable shelves or portable drawers to store shoes and other items that you'd keep on the floor. If you want to show off your shoes, you could get some adjustable shoe racks that sit on the floor that enable you to hang your shoes from them so as to have them on display. If you want nothing on your closet floor at all, you can obtain an organizer that lets you hang your shoes off the back of your closet door.

Now, let's say that you are the type that is not always purchasing clothes and shoes but finds that your closet is still a mess. You could purchase a closet organizer system that is small in size. For example, you could purchase one that has a compartment for clothing and another for shoes. You won't need an organizer that is elaborate: rather, you'd need one that will facilitate your storage needs. Whatever choice you make, you'll want to be sure that it is one that you are happy with.

Learn more about tips to add extra space to your home and the best way to organize your closet with closet organizer systems in Easy Closet Organizers site.

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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Create An Extra Space in Your Home by Adding Closet Organizers

Closet organizers can be a valuable space saving technique in your home. Closets are a much used part of the home, but they are, typically, poorly organized. That can cost space that could be used to store other belongings. This lack of space can sometimes be costly, as often people must rent storage spaces outside their home to have a place for all of their belongings. There are many types of closet organizers that you can build or buy.

Make closet organizers your New Year's resolution.

One way to create an effective closet space is to build your own closet organizer. This offers several benefits as it is specifically designed to fit your space as well as your organizational needs. Moreover, it can be built for far less money than a traditional pre-made closet organizer unit can be purchased for. If you plan this do it yourself project, there are a couple of things you should consider. What do you need in terms of organizational space? How useful would a shelving unit be to your needs? How many clothing rods do you need? Do they need to be the same height? Also, how much shelving do you need at the top? All of these questions can be answered with a bit of measuring and a solid plan.

You also need to consider you abilities as a home repair person. If you do not feel you can compete the project as required, perhaps it would be better to purchase a pre-made kit. There are several steps required to build any type of organizer. First, sketch your plan and measure your closet. Be sure to find your studs. Next, draw level layout lines in your empty, well-lit closet area. Then, cut your materials. If you need to paint or stain them, do that after you have cut them. Finally, you are ready to attach your materials.

Closet organizers can also be purchased at your local hardware store. They come in many different materials including wood, metal, and laminate. Moreover, you can purchase them as temporary or permanent units. Some stores even offer planning computers and consultants in the store, as closet organizers come in many shapes and sizes and you may need help finding the best system for you.

Adam Peters contributes adding content continuously to, a free online magazine for interior design and decorating ideas, where you can find information about closet organizers among many other complements to your house.

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Monday, 5 January 2009

Walk In Closets - Are You Making Sure You Are Getting The Most Out Of A Walk In Closet?

A walk in closet can be a fantastic inclusion in any home. Unfortunately, many people allow them to turn into nightmares they are afraid to open and use. There are ways to get the most out of these storage spaces and keep them clean and useful, too.

Closet organizing systems can be very useful, but it is also possible to craft a storage system at home. The key to using this space to its best advantage is to size it up, consider what really needs to go in it and then make sure things fit as they should where they should. When a walk in closet is maximized in its storage capacity, these mini-rooms can handle a whole lot of stuff in a fairly neat manner.

To whip a walk in closet into shape, it's a good idea to follow a few basic steps. These include:

* Emptying them.
This is the step no one wants to take, but it is the most important for organizing a walk in closet. Take everything out and go through it. Create three piles: one to keep, one to throw away and one that includes items that really belong elsewhere in a home.

* Sizing up the space.
The next step is to take stock in how the closet is configured and what would be the best use of it. Also, take a look at the "go back in" pile and see what's in it. Perhaps, a few hanging brackets could be removed for a floor to ceiling shelving system? Maybe there are enough shoes to constitute a special storage shelf under one of the hanging units? Brainstorm the best way to put a walk in closet back together in order.

* Find the right organizing materials.
Small shelving units, hanging shoe shelves and other similar devices can help when a full walk in closet organizing system is too expensive to buy. Get creative here and really consider the size, shape and amount of items that need to go back in.

* Put everything back in.
Use the new materials to store what is supposed to go on or in them. Try to make sure everything in the walk in closet is easy to find.

A closet can either be a great tool for storing items or it can be a disaster that won't hold another item. When a walk in closet needs serious attention, the process can take some time, but the end results will be worth the effort.

For more information on walk in closets visit, a website that specializes in providing advice, tips and resources on closets and bifold closet doors that you can use to help create a safe and clutter free home.

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Saturday, 3 January 2009

A Good Closet Wardrobe Covers The Bases

Transforming a basic closet into a closet wardrobe that can store clothing and accessories in a logical fashion isn't necessarily the easiest undertaking, but it can be achieved. Thanks to prefabricated, customized and designer wardrobe systems, no closet needs to be underutilized.

A good closet wardrobe set up will depend a lot on your personal needs. With this in mind, it's important to consider what types of items you need to store before you start shopping for a pre-made wardrobe or make an attempt to design one yourself.

Women, very often, will have very different closet wardrobe needs than men. For example, a woman's storage needs might include such things as an extensive shoe collection, jewelry, delicates, small belts and other accessories, such as purses. A man might require a wardrobe that neatly stores ties, belts, shirts and pants while providing only a small drawer system for jewelry.

A customized closet wardrobe is a great consideration for those with a lot of things to store in a small space. The advantages to such a system can be great not only for providing storage, but also on the organizational end. It's simply easier to find things when they're needed if they are stored in a single place all the time.

If a closet wardrobe system sounds like something worth pursuing, you'll find there are a host of options available. These systems can be found in modular, pre-made designs that can be purchased to fit most standard closet sizes. Or, custom wardrobes can be made by some companies that take advantage of every available inch of closet space while doing so to meet custom design considerations and aesthetic desires. Both systems have their advantages.

A modular closet wardrobe system that's purchased pre-made will work very well for most needs. These are generally very fast to install and don't cost as much as custom systems. The only downfall here is that some wasted space might be left within a closet once installation is completed.

Custom closet wardrobe systems are designed to fit the available space and to meet the individual storage needs of their owners. These systems are great and fit their requirements very well, but they can cost more than pre-made systems due to their one-of-a-kind nature.

Whether you're looking for a pre-made closet wardrobe or intend to design one yourself or have it made for you, these systems can really take a basic closet that won't hold much and turn it into an organized treasure trove of belongings.

For more information on closet wardrobes try visiting, a website that specializes in providing advice, tips and resources on closets and closet organizers that you can use to help organize a safe and better home.

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Friday, 2 January 2009

Making Better Use Of Your Closets

In many homes closets are a place that can become out of control rather quickly. They often become crowded and space in them is misused. It can become very easy to turn a nice and neat closet into a wasteland of forgotten items. In order to make the best use of your closets you need to get them under control.

Clean Out the Clutter

The first step in any closet project is to take everything out of the closet. You have to get all the stuff out, go through it and organize it. You will want to make sure that you take care in choosing what to keep, what to give away and what to throw away.

A good rule of thumb is anything that is not sentimental in value that has not been used or worn for over a year is to go. If it is in good shape and someone else may be able to use it then give it away.

Once you have your closet clean you can then begin to decide what is going back in the closet ad what will go somewhere else. Additionally, you can decide what products you will need to organize the closet.

Organizing the Contents

The next thing you will do is put everything back in the closet, but this time you will do so in an organized manner. You will want to make use of shelving and hanging rods to do this. You may want to use organization products like:

  • Hangers
  • Storage bins
  • Storage bags
  • Show organizers

Once you have all the things you need to organize the closet and put everything back in an organized manner you can finish up the project. The most important point is to make sure there is a place for everything.

Keeping It Neat

The best way to use your closets efficiently is to never just throw things in a closet. You want to make sure that you keep your closets organized. Make sure of good organization tools and never just toss something in. Put things away when they go in the closet and you should be able to keep it looking neat and tidy.

Organized closets will help your home look better. You will feel better about it too. You will be able to ensure that you always have good storage places available to put everything without having to hassle with a mess.

Home Improvement is easy. All you need is the right resources that will guide you to improving your home. You can do so by visiting our website at and learn more about home improvement and how you can improvement your closet

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