Monday, 29 September 2008

How To Come Up With A Custom Closet Design

Do you want a closet that looks as neat and as organized as the other parts of your home? And do you want it to be tailored according to your storage needs and your personal preference? Why not consider a custom closet design?

Custom closets are those that are designed, constructed and mounted to your exact dimensions and specifications. They don't just fit your available space and all the items that you want them accommodate; they are also made to suit your personal taste and the design of your home as well. You can customize your closet all by yourself or with someone's help.

If you are a busy person and you believe that you don't have the time and the creative vision for a custom closet design, then call or go to your cabinet component supplier and ask for their services. You can even order a custom-made closet online. However, ordering online can be a bit scary sometimes, especially if you are planning to order a custom-designed product. There are few tips that can help make your online purchase of custom closet more secure and quite easier.

1. Get to know the layout of your closet. Get the precise measurements including the height of every wall. If there's a difference on the ceiling height of your closet, you have to determine exactly the part where the change takes place. To take the widths of the wall, you must get the dimensions at the floor level, mid-way and the highest level.

2. Formulate a simple sketch of the closet and indicate the measurements of each wall. This sketch can help you figure out your closet's potential.

3. Think of a practical floor plan. When thinking of a design for the floor of your closet, be realistic enough on the available space as well as the obstructions in the closet. In an attempt to maximize the storage space, most individuals tend to over design the spaces in the closet. Don't forget that the place for hanging clothes should be at least 24 inches deep and for folded wardrobe, the least possible depth of the shelf is 12 inches.

4. Determine the type of items that you will store in the closet and the space that you should allocate for every type. Decide if you want your closet to have drawers and how many drawers do you need.

5. Start creating your custom closet design. You can look for an online design program that can creatively design your closet. There are home centers and closet companies that offer design programs online.

6. Design your closet one wall at a time. It is advisable to choose the companies that suggest custom closet design and systems that make use of all the closet space, even the corners. So after choosing the program that suits your needs, start designing your closet.

After creating a perfect custom closet design, you should tell the store or the company the design that you want. You can also choose the material and color that you desire. Then they will provide you with a drawing of the proposed closet. Once you approved it, they will now ship the pre-assembled pieces for you to mount.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Need More Room in Your Closet? Try a Custom Closet Organizer

How much time do you spend searching for lost items? If you’re like most Americans, you probably spend about four weeks a year just looking for things. Much of that time is spent rummaging through the closet, tossing aside old clothes and worn-out shoes. Imagine what you could do with that extra time.

From kitchen pantries to bedroom closets, from children’s closets to office space—all closets could benefit from organization. Well-designed closet organizers can be bought from local home improvement stores and department stores. However, if you have special needs or simply desire a one-of-a-kind closet, custom closet organizers are available to custom fit closet space of any shape or size. Custom closet organizers are designed to fit your specific needs.

Some companies offer an online “design wizard,” allowing you to put in dimensions of your closet and the desired components. You can choose the type of material, color, and style. You can also select the types of knobs or handles desired. Available accessories include belt rack, tie rack, jewelry tray, hooks, drawers, and shoe racks. The wizard will then show a drawing or picture of the proposed custom closet. Upon approval, the company will send you fully-assembled pieces. You simply have to install.

Another option for custom closet organizers is to have a professional closet consultant come to your home or office. This person will evaluate your space, your d├ęcor, and your needs. Based on your budgetary constraints and your design requirements, the consultant will make recommendations for a custom closet. They then build the pieces (or have them built) and install. These people generally charge per hour in addition to the cost of materials and commission.

With custom closet organizers, you have some options that are not normally available at the local home improvement store. For example, islands and benches can be installed in large closets to create a dressing room. Dressers can be placed inside the closet to free space in the bedroom. This is especially helpful in smaller bedrooms or for customers with large beds.

With a larger budget, you can create a truly unique closet for any room.

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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Wood Closet - Water Closet

Old antique closets are made of wood. Well, most of them anyway. I have yet to see an old antique stone closet but that does not mean that one does not exist! A closet is meant to be used as a storage space so it doesn’t really matter what it is made of, as long as it works. But wood has always had an artistic value to it. Different hardness, texture, grains and color opens up a plethora of possibilities when it comes to designing and building wooden closets. I am guessing that this would be a good reason why antique closets were mainly made from one kind of wood or another. Even with today’s modern materials, wooden closets can still hold their own in the market.

A good old antique closet is usually one huge, hulking piece of finely crafted wood bits. They normally made with solid wood so if you plan to buy one, get some really strong friends over to help you get it into the house. Antique closets come in several pieces that you assemble to make up the final majestic unit. A wide, three-door antique closet would possibly be made of a base unit to set everything else onto. Then the three separate closet compartments would rest on the foot unit and you top it all off with the head unit. A simple enough assembly but being of solid wood really makes assembly a little tricky. A little polishing every so often can make an antique closet last through to another few generations.

Interestingly, closets are not only used to store stuff in. The water closet is not a closet built to store water but is actually for a very different purpose. When I tell you that the water closet is also better known as the toilet, you get the picture immediately. A water closet is usually a room with a toilet and sometimes a washbasin. I am guessing that in the early days of the toilet, the amount of space that one had to house a toilet and a washbasin was no bigger than a large closet. You probably had to bring in water regularly to refill the tank. I guess that is why it is called a water closet. It looks like a water closet does store water after all…

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Closet Solutions for the Cluttered Closet

If you have a closet that is completely unusable because of the amount of junk in it, it is time to consider some closet solutions to give you your closet back. A complete closet reorganization is a monumental task if it is not something that you want to do. The first thing you need to do is to pull everything out of the closet. Organize your belongings into several categories. Things you use, things you can give to a charity or throw in the garbage and things you can give to friends or family.

Now that you have an empty closet you can feel satisfied that you have de-cluttered it and de-cluttered your life as well. However, simply putting your clothes and belongings back into the closet does not complete the job. You need to put the final changes to maintain the organization that you have created.

Begin by organizing your hanging clothes by type such as separating tops from bottoms. If your outfit has a top and bottom, utilize the bottom rod for the pants and skirts and the top rod for jackets, blouses or shirts. Another solution for your closet is to divide the shirts by type. Such as, sweaters, long sleeves, short sleeves etc. When you have a specific location for each type of clothing, it helps to give your closet a neater appearance. Thus, it is easier to find what you are looking for as well.

Many people have all different types of hangers; go out and purchase matching hangers for all your clothes; it will create a much nicer appearance of your hanging clothes. In addition, it allows all clothes to hang at the same level and nothing will be hanging below other clothes and thus maybe even becoming lost in your closet. These are simple closet solutions to revamp your closet.

Some people have a large shoe collection that could fill an entire closet. Standardized shelving can be utilized for the shoe collector. With all your shoes organized, your closet solutions will be that much more streamlined. If you do not have space for all the shoes consider donating some of the more practical shoes to a third world country, they could really use them.

If you have many small items, try to store them out of site. Small items can give the appearance of a cluttered closet. This is when a storage bin or box is a good closet solution. A good closet re-organization is more than just re-arranging your belongings. Creating a closet space that is both functional and pleasing to the eye is the aim of total closet re-organization.

Many closet solutions meet your needs and wants. Search the internet for the latest styles and trends in closet design. You will find many tips and tricks along the way. The main idea is to re-organize your life not just your closet. Get rid of the excess baggage you collect both literally and figuratively.

Creative closet solutions will do wonders for your home and lifestyle.

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Monday, 22 September 2008

How Using A Closet Organizer Can Save You Space

Are your closets cluttered? Do you find yourself digging around for hours just to find something in your closet? This could all be avoided if you install a closet organizer to get your things stored in order. You can find a pre-made closet organizer at your local home store or on the Internet. Use your favorite search engine on the internet, such as Google (tm), to locate a closet organizer. Also check out Ebay(tm), you may find what you need at a reduced price there. Closet organizers go a long way in getting you organized for easy access to the items you want.

It is a common problem for people to have trouble keeping clothing closets looking orderly when they always seem to be too full. The best answer to this is a closet organizer. Add a couple of shelves and hang a shoe holder from the inside of the door. Placing the wardrobe bar that you hang your clothes from higher in the closet can make room for another bar to be installed for another row of clothes. These ideas are some of the ideas that professional organizers use in their day to day work.

Most families have at least one extra closet in the home that they use as a "junk closet.” This is where the random miscellaneous items go that do not have a better place anywhere else in the house to be stored. It is just like a "junk drawer" that seems to be in everyone's home. Instead of just throwing things in disorderly, add a few rows of shelves to place things on so that you save space and can find anything quickly. You can find many types of shelves where you find any other closet organizer. They only take a few minutes to put in and are build sturdy enough to be full of items and not break.

You can even double the storage capacity of your closets with a closet organizer. Anything from an entire closet system to just a simple set of hanging shelves could save space and keep you organized. For families that have a "junk closet," a set of shelves could be the answer to getting it all in order so that it is easy to find anything that you need. Finding a closet organizer that suits your needs is as simple as browsing around your local home supply store, Walmart or the internet.

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Sunday, 21 September 2008

Walk in Closet Organizers - Achieving Organization With Creativity

You have a walk in closet cluttered with a lot of junk. You look at the heaping pile of mess not knowing where to start. You dread doing anything at all as you feel that there can't possibly be a place for everything that is on the pile. The good news is that your closet cleaning experience doesn't have to be that painful. Several walk in closet organizers are available to choose from, and they can be customized any way you'd like.

Walk in closets offer a multitude of design choices. For one, you could have shelving installed for folded clothing or books. You could also have several hang bars on which to hang your clothes. What's more, hooks can be placed on the walls for hanging hats and robes. You'll have room enough for racks for shoes and cubbies for storing a variety of items. Moreover, if you are looking to free up space in your room, you could store your dresser inside your walk in closet.

Walk in closets allow you the freedom of creativity. For instance, you could install mirrors and benches to give you the feeling of being in a dressing room. Not to mention, you could even have a vanity if your closet is large enough. With walk in closets, the sky is the limit when it comes to being creative.

There are a variety of walk in closet organizers for you to choose from. Some are costly and eloquent whereas others are inexpensive and simple. What you choose will depend on your budget and taste. Nonetheless, you can be creative and make for yourself a closet that is organized enough for you to function as you'll now be able to find the things you need more easily.

With walk in closet organizers, you can get your closet organized and no longer have to deal with looking at heaping piles of miscellaneous items. Your possessions won't appear as though they are junk: rather, they will be in their proper places, and your closet can be refreshing and fully functional!

Learn more about how to organize your walk in closet and choose and tips to choose the best closet orgaizers in Easy Closet Organizers site.

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Closet Organizer Software - Organize Your Closet So It's Clutter Free At The Press Of A Key

In todays era of modern technology, it seems that nothing escapes the clutches of the microchip. There is software out there that can help you do virtually anything... even organize your closet! Yes. Closet organizer software is now available that can help you maximize your closet space. By entering information such as the dimensions of your closet, it will produce information on the materials you can use and an estimate of the costs involved. It will even provide drawings of layouts you can use to help organize your closet.

Dependent upon your level of computer understanding, different closet organizer software is available, and it goes without saying that you should only purchase software that you understand how to use. Some features to look out for in the closet organizer software are the drag and drop method that you can use to easily add and remove items from your closet design. Also, if you can, only purchase software that provides excellent customer support services at no extra charge. Ultimately, the price of the software is to be considered as well.

Closet organizer software can be purchased from retail or home improvement stores and from the Internet, and is normally available from $25 up to $200. If you decide to purchase the software from the Internet, you can normally find great deals at the online auction sites such as eBay and Yahoo Auctions. Just make sure that the software will work on your computer and that it comes with all the instruction manuals.

If you are in the business of organizing closets for other people, then you need to look for closet organizer software that is compatible with your computer, is easy to install and is simple to navigate. You will probably need to invest more money in the software so that it will produce professional looking designs and will possibly provide more functions.

If you are simply looking for software that will help organize your own closets at home, then you will get away with closet organizer software at the lower end of the price range.

One thing to remember with closet organization is not so much the lack of storage space, but rather that it is being used to its full potential. A lot of closets tend to have a lot of dead or unused space. It's now time to put that space to good use with the help of closet organizer software.

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Friday, 19 September 2008

Closet Organizer Systems To Store In Any Room

Closet organizers are extremely popular around the world and pretty easy to install. All that is needed are a few basic tools that you can usually find in most homes and reliable transportation. Closet organizers are sets of racks, boxes, shelves, hooks, and storage bins that change a closet from being a dark mess of clothing and equipment to a clearer, organized area where everything is in its place.

The majority of organizers can be a combination of accessories brought together from different places, but often, complete kits are sold with matching racks, shelves and bins that fit together and compliment one another. Closet organizers are usually manufactured using melamine or strong wood. Whatever look and style you need there is sure to be a closet organizer that will fit into your home and personal preference.

Closet organizers are the best solutions to different closet storage design needs. They are very useful if you have a lot of clutter and are definitely the storage equipment that will make your life easier.

Closet organizers are a great invention, as you can put shelves in that will hold jumpers, trousers, and so-on, ridding the need for a large dresser. By removing clutter from a room can also have the effect of the appearance of more space and larger rooms. Closet organizers are generally either wood or wire, and are easy to install for any do-it-yourself amateur. Wooden closet organizers appear more elegant, but wire organizers tend to be more affordable.

Wooden closet organizers are the most traditional kind of system available. While wire systems might be a better choice, a wood closet organizer system can work just as well. Wood closet systems are durable and are highly suitable for clearing the bedroom. These types of system are available in different types of wood such as oak, pine, maple and so-on.

Wire closet organizers can usually be adjusted pretty easily to fit the overall height and width of a standard bathroom closet. Furthermore to using wire closet organizers in the bathroom, many people also integrate the accessories of these units on various walls within the bathroom to create more space. Wire is strong and sturdy, yet a lightweight material that can support the collective weight of the items placed on top of it. Many wire organizers are painted so that they look appealing and cater any type of room.

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Closet Maid - Organizing Your Closet

When you are on the lookout to better utilize the space in your closet or the shelves in your basement, look no further than products by Closet Maid to solve all your organizational needs. There are a lot of space organizing and conserving products that are being offered by Closet Maid. They have designed their items to better utilize your space and making items easier to find.

You can start shopping at Closet Maid right at home. Surf over to the Closet Mid website to browse through the full catalog of products that are being offered. There is a nice visual storage planner that will help you plan out the storage in your home. This will assist you in making a list of the proper products for your storage needs. With your Closet Maid plan handy, you can make a quick dash to the nearest Closet Maid to purchase the products that you planned for. Store assistants will be on hand to assist your purchase. There are also tips on installing the products on the website that could save you some money when you perform installations yourself.

There are many space organizing products on offer such as the popular wire rack shelving. You might have a closet that has some unutilized space simply because it comes with minimal shelving. You end up having to stack clothes so high that getting to what you want can be quite a balancing act. Adding a few tiers of wire rack shelving can make this problem go away. Installing tie and belt racks can further optimize closet space usage and make accessing different clothing items a pleasurable experience.

When you find that you are fast running out of closet space or if you are facing a challenge at organizing whatever space you have, then it might be time to get some space organizing products. The first thing to do is to surf onto the Closet Maid website and have a look at the online catalog. Then fool around with the visual planner before deciding whether a trip down to the nearest Closet Maid is next on your agenda.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Closet Clutter - How to Add a Closet Organizing System

Every shopping adventure results in less space in your bedroom closet. To remove clutter and maximize storage space, begin by taking everything out of your closet. Organize items into four piles - keep, sell or give away, toss, and store elsewhere. Group items heading back to your closet by category, such as shoes, sweaters, etc. This will help you determine what type of closet organizing system and accessories to invest in. For instance, perhaps you need more hanging space, or more shelves and baskets for folded items or shoes.

Following are tips for cutting clutter in your bedroom closet:

Choose your closet organizing system. Look for a modular closet storage system that fits your closet space and organizational needs. For example, telescoping rods and adjustable shelves work in closets of different sizes, as well as cabinet-style systems. Design your own storage area or have a professional create a custom-designed closet system.

Double your storage. Double your storage by adding a hanging rod with another rod to create more space for hanging pants, skirts or shirts. Allow about 36 inches between the two rods and leave some space for longer items, such as dresses.

Add shelving. A single overhead shelf is a common feature in bedroom closets. You can add storage space to your closet by adding more shelves all the way to the ceiling. Choose shelves that are no more than 16 inches deep. This way, items are visible and won't get lost in the back of the closet.

Accessorize it. Add storage system accessories to suit your needs, like shoe shelves, wooden drawer towers, or sliding baskets. Sliding baskets mount on tracks and are open so you can what's inside. They are perfect for handbags, hats, and foldable items like t-shirts, sweaters and socks. Other closet storage accessories include tie and belt organizers.

Move clothing into the closet. Adding more storage space to your closet means you may be able to rethink your bedroom furniture. For instance, perhaps adding a closet organizing system eliminates the need for a dresser in your bedroom which would provide you with more floor space.

Consider future growth. Why stop with one closet? Consider closet kits for children's room since they're easy to adjust. Hang clothing at an appropriate level then raise shelving and rods as your children grow.

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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Closet Efficiency at Home

When it comes to having closets in a home, it is not necessarily the amount of closets you have but the amount of efficiency you get out of the closets you own. With a good storage strategy, whatever space you have is maximized and all your items are easily accessible. Closet organizers are the perfect accessories to have to turn any bland closet into an efficient storage space.

If you want your closet to be organized quickly, then purchasing an off the shelf closet organizing system is the way to go. There are many accessories available ranging from simple units such as wire baskets and plastic containers to some advanced designs such as a sliding shelf unit or a hideaway vanity. The simpler closet organizer units are easy to install because little or no DIY work is required. The more advanced units will require you to work a bit but these units have been designed with the users in mind so most of the work that needs to be done in installing them are not too difficult. If DIY is not up your alley, then most of the stores selling closet organizer systems do offer installation service.

Remember to consider just what it is that you want to store in a particular closet before running out to purchase closet organizer accessories. Take into account the hanging lengths of your clothes to see if you can implement a multi-level clothes hanger. If there are long clothes involved, maybe a shorter length lower hanger is needed to make room for the clothes hanging from the top. Calculate how many feet of hanging rods or shelving units you will need. Take note that drawers can be costly so you need to decide if an open shelf is acceptable or if a drawer is really needed.

Other than purchasing closet accessories that maximize storage space, you might also want to have a look at closet accessories that add functionality your closet. There are hideaway units such as mirrors which you can pull out of the side of the closet wall. You can install tiny little damper plugs that will avoid the closet doors from slamming when you swing them close. With the modern closet organizing systems available, upgrading your closet can truly be an interesting experience.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Tips on Closet Organizer Purchasing and Installing

One can make an efficient usage of the space in a closet by using an organizer for Closet. Building a complete system for organizing a closet, will assist in making most of the space, in which you would want the closet or cabinet to fit in irrespective of size and shape of the space. A closet organizer can play a crucial role in the overall look of the house or office. It can help not only in beautiful aesthetics but also in the utilitarian purpose of your setting.

You have to determine the space available inside the closet first for setting the closet organizers in the closet. Note the amount of gaping between the shelves and also width of each such gap or space. Then decide upon which storage is needed at what place. Prior planning on the things that would be stored in the closet can help you in choosing a correct organizer. This can help in reducing wastage of space and the other advantage is that when the closet is ready for use, it would be very easy to store things in an uncluttered manner. Go to hardware shop or a mall to purchase when you have all the details of plan and also the measurements.

A store would have someone to assist you to select the correct closet organizer that caters to your requirements. This is much needed as the number of choices is getting bigger year by year. Increasing technology doesn't only increase the quantity of closets produced but also the materials used to produce these closets. A specialist in the store, after understanding your requirements recommends the closet organizer with the required material and sizing and also within the estimated budget. It is always possible that you might end up picking up a high budget closet organizer as the options are vast. So, it is always good to have a prior budget plan to be on track.

Installation process for the closet organizers is simple and straight forward. Your efforts to put on the organizers depend on what you have purchased. Simple ones only need to be placed in the correct place whereas a bar used for clothes would need tools and also sweat for fixing. Incase, you have bought a complete organizer, it is always good to hire some professional as organizers are supposed to fit in a particular space in the home and these professionals always make the job easy!!!

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Closet Organization Tips For Men - Show Your Wife How It's Done

Guys, are you tired of your wife continually complaining about the way your closet looks? It's true, the majority of us do not pay much attention to how our closet looks, but we all know that we should. Here are some simple closet organization tips that can really show your wife that you know what you’re doing when it comes to organizing your closet space.

Arrange like shirts together. This first of the closet organization tips is so easy. All you have to do is group the same style of shirts together. Put long sleeve dress shirts together, short sleeve polo shirts all together, etc. Also, be sure that all the shirts are on the hangers facing the same way. Even though you have done nothing more than rearrange what you already have, you will be surprised at how much neater it looks. And trust me, your wife will notice that your closet is neater if this is the only tip you incorporate.

Group all like accessories together. The second of the closet organization tips uses the same principles as the first one, except with accessories. Have one place that you put all of your belts and one place that you put all of your ties. This may be a special hanger or you may have a rack for each already. Arrange all ties so that they face the same way and hang at the same length. Do the same thing for your belts.

There you have it, some simple yet effective ways to impress your wife with your organized closet that she will really be proud of.

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Kid's Closet Organizers - Keeping Track of the Necessities!

When you're in a hurry and your kid is asking you where their jacket is or why can't they find their favorite book, the answer to their questions are probably, in the closet somewhere. The closet, however, is a big space and unless it's neatly organized, it can be easy to lose things in the closet. There are many closet organizers out their tailored to adults, however, there are also some that are made for the closets of children as well.

Children's closet organizers are usually much more colorful and match the many colors of a kids room better than a standard closet organizer. They are smaller in size as well, to better suit a kid. They are usually very easy to install as well, so if you lack the skills of Bob Vila, do not be alarmed. Most organizers are "snap in place" or "hang in place" making it easy for the common parent.

There are all sorts or closet organizers for children as well. They are shoe organizers, shirt and pants organizers, tie organizers, and even book or item organizers. No matter what kind, I'm sure there is something that can be done to maximize the storage in your child's closet. Shoe organizers will save you the hassle of having to hear your kid ask, "Mom, where are my shoes?" or "Dad, I can only find one of my shoes. Shoe organizers keep all shoes in line and in neat pairs so they are easy to find. Pant organizers allow you to place multiple pairs of pants on the same hanger to save room. Book organizer are just like bookcases except they go in the closet and can be removed and replaced at will. Item organizers, organize non-clothing items such as your sons baseball glove or your daughter's art supplies.

No matter what the reason, if you think your kids closet is a nightmare, then maybe its time you looked into getting a kid's closet organizer of maybe you'd like more information on kid's closet organizers themselves. Either way, your kids closet nightmare can turn into a dream.

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Friday, 12 September 2008

Closet Shelving Tips for an Optimal Home Improvement Experience

The type of closet shelving you use will greatly depend on the location of your closet. For instance, you'd not use the same shelving in a bathroom closet that you would in a kitchen pantry. Here are some tips that will help you tremendously when it comes to choosing the shelving you need.

Should you need to put closet shelving in a bathroom closet, you'd want to use shelves that are manufactured from plastic. You'd not want to use wood or metal as the moisture from the shower will cause the wood to rot and the metal to rust. Not to mention, there is no need for the shelves to be as durable as wood or metal as all you'll be storing are your shampoos, soaps, and towels.

In a kitchen pantry, you'd want to use shelving that is made from metal. This is because the metal will be durable enough to support the weight of canned goods and other kitchen items. Wood could do: however, it will wear down after extended use. Plastic is definitely out of the question as it is the least durable material.

When it comes to your bedroom closet, wood is definitely sufficient. You can be creative with this option because wood can be painted and stained numerous colors, and it can be designed any which way. You can be creative and customize the closet to fit the style of your bedroom whereas with metal or plastic, you'd not have that flexibility.

The next time you plan to do a bit of home improvement, you'll have no trouble finding the proper closet shelving for the closet that you are working on. Your experience will be a good one as you'll know which materials to use in which closets. Not to mention, you'll get the best use out of your shelving as it will be fit for what it is being used for.

You can learn more free tips about where and how install closet shelving in Easy Closet Organizers Site

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Thursday, 11 September 2008

Closet Organizers - Ending Your Storage Nightmare

A closet organizer system can bring order to a messy closet, providing dedicated storage spaces and compartments for all kinds of clothing and shoes, helping you to sort out your clutter and stay organized! Closet organizers are the perfect solution for those of us suffering with untidy closets that sometimes seem like they're bursting at the seams. With a well-designed combination of hanging space, shelving and shoe storage, a closet organizer can help you make better use of the limited space available in your bedroom closet, so you should always be able to find that favorite outfit, without having to rummage around in a pile of crumpled clothes!

There are loads of different types of closet organizers, from adjustable ones for reach-in closets, to larger units designed to make sense of the chaos that's all too often found in big walk-in closets. Many come with several tiers of hanging rods for storing garments of differing sorts and sizes. Shelves are useful for keeping folded garments neat and within easy reach. Other useful accessories when it comes to organizing closet space include plastic storage bags for protecting rarely-worn or out-of-season clothes from dust, damp and insects, and various types of shoe racks. Something as simple as a shoe rack attached to your closet door, or a shoe cubby, can make all the difference. You need never waste time searching for that missing shoe again!

If the mess in your closet is getting you down and you're tired of being unable to find what you want to wear, then how about you get organized? Closet organizers are easy to install, and once in place your new organized storage system can transform a chaotic closet into an oasis of neatness! A closet organizer really can make a difference and help stop the clutter piling up in the future. What are you waiting for - start getting organized today!

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Closet Organizing -- Out With The Old Season, In With The New

No matter where you live in the world, you probably deal with the change of seasons. A few souls can get away with wearing the same clothing year-round, but not many.

Closet organizing can be challenging if you are wearing shorts and tank-tops one season and need jeans and jackets for the next. However, with some basic planning, you won't dread rearranging your closet when the weather turns colder or hotter. Just remember these simple ideas.

1. Organize your closet based on the coldest time of year where you live.

That's because these seasonal clothes will be the bulkiest and take up the most room. If you have room for your sweaters, coats, and boots, you won't have any trouble organizing your shorts and bikinis.

2. Archive out-of-season clothing.

Don't try to keep an entire year's worth of clothing in your closet all the time. That's a recipe for frustration and you'll end up not liking (or wanting to wear) any of your clothes. Invest in a few sturdy storage containers and keep your off-season clothing safely packed away. Be sure and put only clean, dry clothes in your containers and take the necessary precautions for pests or humidity based upon where you live. Different types of fabric need to be stored differently (many fabrics need to breathe). Remember, your clothing is an investment in yourself. Do an online search for "clothing storage tips" to find the correct storage information for your needs.

3. Have a place for everything.

This is a standard organizing concept, but it's even more important when it comes to closet organizing. Why? Because handy shelves for stacking sweaters in the cold season means you'll have plenty of shelf space for your extra hot-weather sandals, as well. The point here is that you'll be able to easily swoop one season's clothing off your shelves or hangars in minutes. As you put the current season's clothing away in its place, take the time to check for fit and any little problems that may need fixing, like missing buttons, for example.

4. Seasonal closet organizing means better shopping!

Let's face it: if you don't know what's in your closet you don't know what you REALLY need when you go shopping. Keep some tried-and-true basics in each season's clothing arsenal and you can make a list of what you need to add to those basics as you unpack your clothing 'archive' at the beginning of each new season.

By starting with what you know already works for you and adding the latest accessories plus a few new pieces to the mix, you'll end up with a wardrobe you're much happier with and probably for less money.

5. Keep a list.

In fact, to make it super-easy on yourself, hang a pad and pen inside your closet and compile your clothing shopping list all year round. Don't have the right belt for that great pair of jeans? Write it on your list. Need a new red blouse that goes with two pairs of pants, a skirt and your favorite wool blazer? Write it on your list.

Include notes that will help you get exactly what you want when you're shopping. This will also enable you to take advantage of off-season sales and save even more money.

6. Do the same for other family members.

If you have kids, you know how disorganized their closets can become. A seasonal clothes change can seem overwhelming.

Hold on! Put these same ideas to work in your children's closets and add one more step. Check for size changes when you pull out the new season and put away the last one. Separate all clothes that are outgrown into a box for a local charity and toss out clothes that are simply past their prime. You'll be able to see at a glance if little Johnny or Suzi is going to need a serious clothes shop next time the temperature changes. Add that fact to your closet shopping list and watch for those off-season sales!

Seasonal closet organizing doesn't have to be a drain on either your wallet or your time. Use the basics you already know about closet organizing to keep your seasonal wardrobes at their peak and looking fantastic on you!

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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Add: Come Out Of The Closet And Be Happier

When you have ADD, it's almost certain that you have a messy closet. You probably have racks for your shoes, but they're laying in a pile in the middle of the floor. You might have too many clothes, though you only wear about half of them, and they're all bunched onto the hangers and wrinkled all the time. Or, you have ties all over the room, slung over this and that. Well... what if you could come up with an ADD-friendly plan to stop the clutter?

Your first step should be to get rid of the really old stuff. You may have socks with big holes in them that you keep meaning to throw away, but somehow, they keep landing on your feet. Once they're there, ADD isn't going to let you take them off. Get rid of them! Unless that's all you have, of course. If that's so, go and buy new socks right now. They're not expensive, and if you can only afford to go to the dollar store and buy 2 pair, you're better off than you were with the holey ones. Throw those bum socks away! Don't let ADD procrastination make your feet suffer.

The next step should be to go into the bowels of your closet and pick out things you haven't worn for 12 months. You may have a seasonal wardrobe, depending on where you live, but if you haven't worn something in a year, it's already missed a season and you aren't going to wear it anyway. You decided you hated it when you got it home and tried it in front of your own mirrors, but your ADD made you miss the deadline for taking it back to the store. So, get rid of it! Just because it still has a price tag on it, that doesn't mean you'll ever wear it. Put it into a big garbage bag, along with anything else you haven't worn in a year. Then, immediately put the bag into your car and drive to the local charity store. There are poor people who need these things, and you'll feel good knowing you helped out.

The third step is to get a big basket for your unimportant shoes. They might be sandals, flip-flops, flats, and tennis shoes. Just kick them right off your feet and into the basket when you've finished wearing them. How ADD-friendly is that? The other shoes that you want to take care of can be put onto a shoe rack, but if you find that they're ending up in the basket, too, just use the basket. Whatever works for you and your personal brand of ADD is what you should do.

Then, get some heavy plastic hangers. They're great for slinging things over. Ties can go across the bottom bar, as long as you don't put so many on each hanger that they slide off. You can put belts over the top part of the hanger, as well as bras, bathing suits, and purses. But you're not finished.

Go to the top of your closet and ferret out things you haven't used in 6 months. Even if you love that blanket, but haven't used it, what's it doing in your closet? It's just taking up space, so get rid of it. However, if it's something you love and it has sentimental value, then put it into an empty suitcase. There's no point in letting them sit without some use, too.

Though this system might seem as though it will take hours to complete, it probably won't be that long, if you do it in 5 minutes a day. This works perfectly for people with ADD because we can generally tolerate anything for five minutes time. After doing this as a regular routine, you'll see that your closet is soon cleared out and that you're able to keep in clean. ADD-friendly systems work very well, if you really use them.

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Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Enhance Your Walk-In Closet Design

You are lucky enough to have a walk-in closet in your home. It is because this type of closet is a lavish yet practical solution to cramped and cluttered closet and to the annoyance they usually bring. Walk-in closets offer a plethora of storage options. So if you are someone who has to fight against the junk messing up your closet, try to come up with a good and functional walk-in closet design and apply it in your existing walk-in closet.

Advantages of Walk-in Closets

1. They are really big. Usually, walk-in closets are big enough so you can comfortably walk into.

2. You have a wide range of walk-in closet design options. Such type of closet can be outfitted with shelves for your books or folded wardrobe. It can also house shoe cubbies, tie racks and belt racks. It can accommodate several garment racks where you can hang your clothes. You can also mount hang bars and hooks to hold your robes, hats and other like items. And if you want to free-up space in your room, you can even place the drawers and dressers inside the walk-in closet.

3. Walk-in closets give you the chance to be creative. Benches and islands can even be positioned inside huge walk-in closets to make it feel like a dressing room. Truly, when you own a walk-in closet, the sky's the limit.

4. Also, walk-in closets have a room for the appropriate lighting and also for mirrors, which allow you to see yourself from every possible angle.

5. Walk-in closets can also provide your vanity table a place to stay.

6. You can open up your walk-in closet into your bathroom so you can dress yourself up before going to your bedroom.

If you don't have much time to create your own walk-in closet design, you can purchase closet organizers that are available as kits from home improvement centers. The said organizers include virtually all the things that you need in organizing your closet such as shelving, hardware and other components. Closet accessories can be obtained separately. If your walk-in is really big, then you should purchase more than one kit. Though closet organizers still need to be assembled, the job is rather simple.

Another option to achieve the walk-in closet design that you want is to purchase closet organizer systems. The said systems contain pre-assembled pieces that need to be mounted. For a built-in look, they can be positioned on the floor. But if you want the floor area to be clean, you can have them mounted on the wall.

Size it Closet Organizer - A Great Choice For Many Parents

The size it closet organizer is one of the most popular closet systems among parents who have young children. Instead of receiving numerous pieces of clothing for your child, storing them all on standard hanging rods, and then discovering them later that they are too small for the child, parents can now organize by size with the size it closet organizer. This is a highly effective method of ensuring that a child gets the best use out of the clothing that they have. Here, you will learn a little more about the size it closet organizer.

The method behind the size it closet organizer is quite simple. You do not have to purchase a bulky closet organization system, or assemble anything using complicated instructions. With the size it closet organizer, you can use the closet, just as it is. The only difference is that you are issued an assortment of small hanger type size that hangs on the closet rod. In between each of these signs, you will be placing clothes that are appropriate to that particular size.

There are many size it closet organizers that come with the appropriate sizes preprinted on them. There are others that come with tags that you can interchange with the clothing sizes on them. Then, there are the ones that come with labels where you can actually place the sizes on the label yourself and organize them as you see fit. Regardless of which particular style that you select, all are bound to help you in creating a child’s closet that is organized and easy for you to access.

If you are searching for a great gift for the expecting mother, or a good gift choice once the baby arrives, the size it closet organizer is a popular choice. This is a gift that keeps on giving, as this closet tool can be used over and over again for many years to come. Even once the baby grows into a teenager, the clothes in the closet can still be organized according to size to ensure that the teen always has a good assortment of clothing that fits.

When you implement the use of a size it closet organizer, it allows the rest of the closet to be free from clothes. You can organize these areas of the closet as well. You can add a number of drawers, miniature storage units, shelves and more. There are many closet organization systems that are especially designed to meet the demands and needs of a child’s closet. There are storage units where shoes, toys, and books can be stored. There are also closet organizers that convert into a small desk so that the child can do homework and other activities.

The size it closet organizer is a very effective way to keep track of all the clothes sizes that are available in a child’s closet. This type of unit, used in conjunction with other closet organizer systems can help you to manage the clutter in a closet of a child.

For more information on closet organization ideas a child’s room try visiting, a popular closet organizing website that provides tips, advice and resources including closet organization ideas a child’s room, bedroom closet organizers, discount closet organizers and closet organizer ideas.

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Monday, 8 September 2008

Closet Dehumidifiers - Understanding the Basics of Closet Dehumidifiers

While the concepts of why dehumidifiers are a good idea for controlling humidity in your home, many people don’t realize you can use closet dehumidifiers to help prevent musty smells from clinging to your clothing and other items stored in the closets. Allowing moisture to continue building your closets and also cause warping and structural damage over time. Finding the right closet dehumidifier is quite simple and they are easy to use.

The majority of closet dehumidifiers don’t require an electric outlet for you to operate them. Instead they rely on gels, various types of salts, or specific materials that absorb moisture. You do need to keep an eye on the closet dehumidifiers you use though. You don’t want to simply forget about them or they will stop working for you.

After the material has become completely full of moisture it won’t be able to absorb anymore. To get rid of the built up moisture you can either set the entire system out in the sun to dry or plug it in. After the moisture has been removed you can place the closet dehumidifiers back in their locations.

Installing closet dehumidifiers is quite simple. Take a look in your closets and find a good place for it. There are closet dehumidifiers that can be mounted in the closet or simply placed on the floor or a shelf in the closet. This is a great way to make sure you don’t have mold or mildew growing in your closet. It can grow in the walls or under the carpet where you can’t see it.

Most closet dehumidifiers are quite inexpensive and well worth the benefits you get from them. Don’t wait until your clothing and personal items are ruined before you realize the importance of closet dehumidifiers.

If you live in an area that is extremely humid it is important for you to invest in closet dehumidifiers. They will protect your home from damage as well as the items you place in your closet. There are many different sizes of closet dehumidifiers to choose from. Make sure you read the information about how much square footage it can cover. This way you will buy the right closet dehumidifiers to meet your humidity needs.

If you found this information on Closet Dehumidifiers useful, you'll want to read this article about House Dehumidifiers

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Double Your Space With Closet Organizers

Closets are probably one of the most necessary parts of any modern home, and one of the frequently used sections of a house. By function, we tend to keep closets away from the visitors' view, and so often we allow the closets to be disorganized.

Closet storage space is seen as part of the very important aspects to make a home convenient and functional for the homeperson. With the demands of more and more storage, closets represent the area where, with some work, we can improve storage space.

The principle of increasing closet storage space is to use the principle of "layering" ," levelling" or "stacking".

By creating a layer of shelves one on top of another, or by stacking different levels one on top the other, you can double and even triple the storage space in closets.

Vetical stacking works the best in most cases. While in some really crammed closets, the use of "hinged" and pullable drawers will also work well.

When you wish to custom make your own closet organizers, it is beneficial to go online and make use of the online plan creation programs of any reliable closet organizer vendor. There you can try to create your own customized closet organizer. Additionally, you can also make an appointment for an "on-site" consultation on your particular needs for a closet organizer with a professional from the closet organizer vendor or supplier. He will work with you to prepare a plan that suits your needs. In most cases, with some work, you can get a closet that meets your requirements at a fraction of the price of store-bought kits.

If you are looking for a closet organizer for a baby or a kid, bear in mind children are never as tidy as adults and there must be some leeway for your young kid to learn to get organized. So let him learn.

By some ingenuity and some planning, you can easily reclaim double and even triple your closet space with closet organizers.
Once your closet is organized, you can spend the time used searching through your closet on more productive things.

Peter Lim is a Certified Financial Planner and a webmaster.For more interesting and free ideas to double your closet space and get organized, visit

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Sunday, 7 September 2008

How to Find Small Closet Organizers That Fit Your Needs

Small closets present their own unique challenges so you are going to need to look for small closet organizers that can handle your small closet in unique ways. A few things you need to look for are:

Small closet organizers that make the best use of vertical space.

Because space is at a premium in small closets, you need to make use of all of the space that you have. This means making sure that you get a small closet organizer that has the right kind of shelving space that allows you to make use of the vertical space you have. Depending on what you plan on putting on those shelves, you also may need to make sure that it can hold plenty of weight.

Then make sure that you get stackable boxes. If they are not properly stackable, you will end up wasting space in your closet and you could also be in danger of them falling. Stackable boxes work great for out of season clothing, shoes, and all kinds of accessories. They can also work well for those discrete items that you do not want the kids to find.

Small closet organizers that have a double hanging rod in part of the closet.

The reason why this is important is because it doubles the hanging space in that area of your closet. This alone can help eliminate many of your small closet headaches. Getting double hanging rods in at least half of your closet space works well and still leaves you enough room to hang dresses and other items that need more hanging space.

Small closet organizers that fit in your space.

I know that this one may seem obvious but making sure that you take appropriate and accurate measurements before you go out and buy an organizing system. There is nothing worse than getting partway into getting your closet organizer system setup and realizing that there is no way it will fit into your space. Be sure to accurately measure height, width and length of your closet.

You can find small closet organizers that fit your space and your needs perfectly. Just be sure to know what you are looking for. Get more free closet organization help at

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Saturday, 6 September 2008

Get the Best Deal on Affordable Closet Organizers

Know what you want before you purchase from a store or online. Knowing what you want before you go searching in a store or online for your closet organizer will help prevent impulse buying. This will keep your purchase in the affordable closet organizer budget and out of buying more closet organizer than you really need.

As soon as you are sure of what you want, look at different closet company websites. Most of these kind of websites will let you design your perfect closet online. This allows you to look at different options and know which pieces will work best in the closet organizer space you have. Use these kind of tools as much as possible before you decide on your perfect affordable closet organizer.

Start with the basics of what you need in a closet organizer. Rather than going out and buying a brand new expensive system that has every bell and whistle on it, start small. Good quality closet organizers will allow you to buy a minimum starting point package and purchase add on pieces as needed.

This is not only important for your budget today but in the future as well. Your needs may change over time and a flexible closet organizer allows you to change as your needs change. A flexible system is especially important if you will be installing it in a child's bedroom because their needs change and grow as fast as they do.

Be sure to shop around to make sure that you are getting the best deal on the closet organizer that you want. This includes looking at all of your local stores, searching on the major organizing sites online and doing a general internet search for the closet organizer system that you have chosen. Do not just look at one place and assume that the price you see there is the price that you have to pay. The more places you look, the more likely you are to find the perfect bargain on the affordable closet organizer that you want.

One final tip: Make sure that the affordable closet organizer that you buy has a warranty and is of good quality. You have not done yourself any good if the organizer you purchased is going to fall apart in a few months or years. For more helpful closet organizer tips, go to

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Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Closet Organizers - Bringing Order To Messy Closets!

Closet organizers are cleverly designed to optimize the use of the space available, and can work wonders at transforming a cluttered closet into a neat and tidy storage place. We all know how annoying it is to have an a closet crammed full of old clothes and to never be able to find what we're looking for. Or when we do find that favorite dress, all too often it's lying in a crumpled heap at the bottom of the closet. A built in closet organizer can change all that, providing a dedicated storage place for different types of clothing and shoes.

Bedroom closet organizers can be installed in both walk in and reach in closets, and can be custom made to meet your particular requirements. Most closet organizer systems come with a variety of adjustable features, such as shelving and hanging rods, which can be fitted to best meet your storage needs. For instance, two short hanging rods one above the other, can be perfect for shorter items of clothing like shirts and folded pants. Wood shelves or wire racks can be useful for smaller items. Hooks are handy for ties and belts. And there are all kinds of options for shoes, from cubby holes to door hanging racks or organizer boxes.

If you're feeling inspired to tackle your messy closet and have a good clear out of all that clutter, then installing a fitted closet organizer or even just adding the separate components that you need most, can be very worthwhile. Once you've got your closet organizer system in place and arranged all your things in the appropriate storage compartments, it should be much easier to stay organized and not succumb to the clutter in the future!

Caroline Smith is a regular contributor to - an online resource offering a huge selection of closet organizers, including bedroom closet organizers, garage organizers and more.

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Monday, 1 September 2008

Professional Closet Organizers- Help is on the Way!

How do you know when you need the help of professional closet organizers? If you’ve ever experienced anything like this, chances are you would benefit from a professional closet organizers help:

It’s Monday morning, and you’re scrambling around to get ready for work. 5 minutes until it’s time to head out the door, and all you have to do is put your shoes on. You go to the closet and sort through the pile on the floor – you find one white shoe but where is the other one? After several minutes of frantically searching for the matching shoe, you give up. I’ll just wear a different pair, you think. You finally find two shoes that do match, but they are totally wrong for your outfit, so now you have to find something else to wear! It’s hopeless, you’re going to be late again . . .

Does this scenario sound familiar? Sadly, many people can relate to this situation. Organizing our closet and keeping it that way is hard. But there is a solution: Professional closet organizers.
Professional closet organizers specializing in selecting the appropriate organizing systems for your closet, organizing it in a way that will work for you, and helping you to keep it organized.

Professional closet organizers are often able to bring an objective point of view into your home, from the outside looking in, and see things that can help you that you would never be able to see otherwise. Finding a good professional closet organizer to help you is well worth the search, so that your mornings are less hectic and your time is better spent that looking for a missing shoe.

For more information on professional closet organizers try visiting, a website that focuses on providing resources, tips, and advice on closets and professional closet organizers that you can use to make your home the best it can possibly be. Click on the link to get all the facts and info today.

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