Thursday, 28 July 2011

Creating Beautiful Closets on a Budget

A nice, spacious home can still feel cramped if you don't have your closets in order. Many of us put off organizing our closets because we don't have the money to fix it up how we would like. Here are some budget friendly options for getting your closet beautifully organized.

Shelving in your closet will add a lot of space. You don't have to spend a fortune to add storage shelves. Wire shelving is very easy to install, comes in multiple sizes, and it won't break the bank. It can hold boxes, blankets, sweaters, shoes, baskets and more. It can hold a considerable amount of weight if it is properly anchored into the studs of your closet. Another convenience of wire shelving is that you can buy standardized attachments for it, giving you hanging space for tote bags, sports equipment, robes and more.

If wire shelves aren't your thing, you might like wood. Wood shelving doesn't have to be expensive, although it can be. Preassembled shelves normally cost more, but you can buy just the wood from your lumber and hardware store and save a bundle. We built 1'x1'x1' cubby shelves from the floor to the ceiling and only spent $50. They are sturdy, solid wood, and we stained them to match our furniture. Cubby shelves and corner shelves are so useful and take up such little space. If you don't have room in the front of your closet, try moving the hanging bar back a few inches until the clothes hangers are close to the wall. You can discover so much space just by thinking outside the box!

Another inexpensive option is to add another hanging bar. Just move your current bar up as high as you can comfortably reach. Be sure to support the bar by anchoring it into a stud. If you don't have a stud in the right place, you can anchor a 1"x4" board into the studs around the area where you want your bar, and then attach the bar to your board. Most bars come with a bracket that hooks over the wood for added support. Do the same thing down below and you just doubled your hanging space. You may want to put a short bar on either side of the closet for items that hang down lower, like dresses and suits. With each bar costing under $10, this could be the most dramatic, cheapest change you've ever made to your closet.

When you get the space, update your clothes hangers. Hangers can make or break a closet. You would be surprised how cheaply you can stock your closet with a sturdy wood hanger or coat hanger if you go directly to the supplier or manufacturer online. You can usually get discounts for buying in bulk. Enjoy your new, spacious, budget-friendly closet!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Custom Closet Designs Makes Your Closets Beautiful and Easy to Use

There are many uses for closets; they are used to store linens, clothing, presents, exercise equipment and so much more. Having an organized closet space makes it possible for you to get the most out of your closet, whether you have a walk-in closet or you a standard sliding door closet with one long shelf and just enough length to hold two rows of shoes. Making the most of your closet space often requires the use of one of the many organizational systems available on the market today.

The great thing about the available systems for organizing closets is that you can afford one on just about any type of budget. An Easy Track system, for example, can be purchased one piece at a time for those who have a very limited budget and can't afford a big initial budget. In addition, you can purchase this system in groupings, such as a series of drawers, bar and shelving systems and so on. You can also choose between open wire options or laminate systems in different colors. You can choose to include things like a purse organizer, shoe organizer, tie storage system and so on.

A California closet system is another affordable option for your closets. Much like the Easy Track system it is made of laminate; however, California closet has more options in terms of color and style. If you have a preference when it comes to matching a wall color and you don't want to paint the product yourself, then this is a great affordable option for your home. In addition, you still have a lot of storage choices, which include laundry room storage designs, wine storage, drawer storage and more.

If you have more high end tastes and a big budget, you can choose closet storage designs made of made of real wood that is custom made for your specific closet. These types of systems can be do it yourself projects and can get quite expensive as well. They are worth it, however, as having custom closets can actually help increase the value of your home as it is considered a luxury item.