Sunday, 31 May 2009

Closet By Design

Everybody dreams of a home where they can build every nook and cranny of the house to their heart’s desire. Every room will have its own distinctive ambience and the garden will be built like paradise. A lot of thought will be put into the color scheme to get it all to blend in just the way you want it. When a house is fully customized, then there would be a lot of spaces where standard sized furniture would not quite fit in. The kitchen needs to be custom built and so would the closets. Only then would the entire house materialize as the ones in your dreams.

To ensure that closets in your dream home fit in well, many companies nowadays are established to cater to your every whim and desire. There are closet systems that can be bought off the shelf and then mixed and matched to your home but why stop there if you have the means of realizing your dream home?

Companies that provide custom built closets will usually send a talented designer to your home to take in the theme and overall feel of the areas that you wish to implement custom closets. The designer will then proceed to take detailed measurements and explore the various possible storage possibilities that your new closet will provide. This is the time for you to really communicate with the designer on what you expect. Let the closet designer know just how you want your closet to be built from the way the closet doors swing or slide open to the way the clothes will hang. Custom built closets can cater to your every storage need so don’t be afraid to let loose your imagination.

After taking in your wants and needs along with the detailed measurements, the designer will come up with the design on paper to show you. This is when you will be able to see for the first time as to how your whole closet by design would look like. Most closet designing companies have 3D computer capability nowadays so you can actually see your custom made closet and manipulate it on the computer. With the visualization aids, you can finalize your closet design and set the manufacturing into motion.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Magic, Monsters and Closets

The closet has been around for many many years. We all know it as a convenient place for storage. Closets come in many shapes and sizes – ranging from the simple rectangular unit with just a clothes bar inside to the modern closet organization system. Closets have evolved from being just a simple storage unit to a complex multi-purpose fashionable storage system.

Even with the emergence of modern closets, the old antique closets will still live on for years to come. This is because the old antique closets not only come with storage space; it also comes with an aura of mystery and magic. These old antique closets are usually designed to be a huge storage space. There is more than meets the eye though. The old antique closets are built with multiple hidden pockets of storage as well. A concealed panel at the back of the closet opens up to a secret area, the bottom of the drawers gives way to more hidden pockets and sometimes only a certain combination of movements will open some other secret storage within the closet.

The look of an antique closet itself lends a lot towards magical myths and legends. Detailed sculpting of lions, dragons and gargoyles are often seen as are carvings of mystical symbols. Coupled with a big mirror in the front, most antique closets look like a gateway to another world.

A lot of children’s stories ride on the dimensional gateway look of the antique closet. Writers often scribe tales of wonderful worlds that exists on ‘the other side’ of the closet. Stories like the recent movie adaptation of Narnia takes the mystery of the antique closet and spins it into a tale of adventure for children. The closet in Narnia – termed as wardrobe – served as the gateway to another world with magical creatures such as centaurs and satyrs.

Another popular angle of the closet mystery used by authors lean towards scaring children. The popular monster in the closet tale has been spun many times over and has spawned many variations telling the tale of monsters that come out at night from the closet in a child’s bedroom. Disney added a humorous adventure twist in the movie Monsters Inc. where monsters from another world scare children as a profession to generate electricity for the monster world. The story ends with the closet monsters turning to comedians because laughter generated more energy.

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Monday, 25 May 2009

Closet Control

The amount of stress that comes from disorganization is much larger than most people will admit. Not only floors and counter space need to have some order, but places like the closet can greatly affect your overall mood for the day, as it is often one of the first things you see when preparing for your day. Closet Control might help give a person just the right amount of control and confidence to make a difference in their attitude toward the coming day.

The most important first step to an organized and visually appealing closet is considering the contents of your closet. If you are like most people, your closet is stuffed full of close that don’t fit or haven’t been worn in years. The best thing to do in this situation is to seriously sort out the clothes that you actually wear from those you do not. Everything you do not wear can go to Goodwill or various other charities. Many people have trouble getting rid any clothes, so for those things that you do not wear but you seriously think you might wear some day, pack those away somewhere else besides your closet. They do not need to clutter up your daily life, but if you really cannot part with them they can be stored in a box or somewhere else. Do not put anything on clothes hangers that you do not currently use, and separate what is left into those clothes that need to be cleaned, dry cleaned, or mended. Having a regular place to put these pieces of clothing will help tremendously in keeping your closet clean after you have reorganized it. This part of cleaning your closet should be repeated every few months, and if you do so, the amount of work will be minimal. It becomes difficult to tackle the closet once it has grown into a large problem.

Now that you have only the clothes you actually wear on clothes hangers, it is time to further sort them into categories. First, consider the seasons that these articles fall under. If your closet is still over stuffed, move the winter apparel into another closet or storage space during the summer or vice versa. Then separate by types of clothes. Formal wear, work attire, and casual outfits can be put together to help you find what you need more quickly. If you do not really have these kinds of divisions, then put them in groups according to their purpose. Jackets can be together or blouses can form a group. You get the idea. It is not enough just to make these categories without labeling them. This sounds silly, but making labels to go on the hanging rod between clothes hangers is important so that you continue to categorize as you add new clothes or replace clothes after washing. The last organization strategy is to keep like colors together. This will feel better to your eyes as you are starting to pick out an outfit, but it will also make the process much quicker. You will know where to find particular items quickly as you think things like, “I could where that one blue shirt I have with my new slacks.” You will immediately know where to look for that blue shirt. No digging or messing with a tangled mess of clothes.

Try using a little closet control and see how it affects your daily routine and attitude. It is guaranteed to make life a little simpler and wearing clothes a little more enjoyable.

About the Author: Ron Maier is the owner of OnlyHangers, a leading provider of clothing hangersdecorative clothes hangers. For more information, please visit and

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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Men's Style - 10 Must Have in Your Closet

If you want to avoid the inevitable "what do I wear" crisis, it's important to have ten key pieces in your closet.

You may need to spend a little extra on a few of these items, but you'll always be prepared for that surprise event. Here are the ten key pieces no man can do without.

1. Designed jeans - Every man should have at least one pair of designed jeans. They don't have to be trendy or strange, just nice pair of good looking jeans that make you look good.

2. Button down shirt - This is an essential wardrobe piece that can be dressed up or down. Pick a color that will give you the most options, such as white or light blue. Remember, a dressier fabric is easier to dress down than a rumpled cotton shirt is to dress up.

3. Leather belt - Even if you despise belts, they can really pull a whole outfit together. Look for one with simple hardware that's not too flashy. Pick a color that matches your dressiest shoes or that will go with most of your wardrobe. Black is always an excellent choice.

4. A nice suit - Even if you don't think you'll ever need to wear a suit, it doesn't hurt to have one on hand. Whether it's a surprise wedding reception or a fancy date, you'll be all ready to go. Expect to pay $1500 to $2000 for a nice suit, but it should last you at least ten years. Go for a classic cut in either navy or black to get more wear out of it.

5. Dress slacks - There are times when jeans are too little and a suit is too much. A classic pair of dress slacks always solves this problem. Whether you want to look nice for a date or you need to impress the boss, dress slacks are essential. Get a pair in a neutral color that will go with everything.

6. Dress shoes - There's no point in getting all these dressy items if you have a lousy pair of boots to go with them. Get at least one pair of nice dress shoes, preferably in black. Stay away from wingtips and stick with a classic shoe that will give you the most wear.

7. Leather bomber jacket - There is nothing like a bomber jacket. Dressed up or dressed down, they always work.

8. Nice overcoat - For the times when you just can't get by with a bomber jacket, you'll need a nice dress coat. For colder climates, get one is a nice wool. You can get away with a nice fabric trench coat if you live in warmer areas.

9. Designed t-shirt - You should have at least one solid color designer t-shirt in your wardrobe. This is the shirt that can go with jeans, slacks and everything in between. The fabric should be very high quality and it should be fitted in shape.

10. Sunglasses - The right pair of sunglasses will complete an outfit. Look for a classic aviator style that will go well with everything.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Organizing Closets Folding And Hanging Clothes

Many individuals lead busy lives and experience hectic mornings on a consistent basis. Days can start out on a sour note if we cannot find our work clothes or that blouse that perfectly complements the skirt we have chosen to wear in a hurry. With an organized closet, you could avoid this morning hassle and get a much better start to your day.

Though it can be difficult to find gaps in a busy schedule to organize a closet, the end result is well worth the time invested. An entire weekend may be needed in order to complete this project. The payoff for doing this will certainly be worth giving up your social life for a couple of days. Imagine flinging your closet doors open and immediately seeing everything from accessories for your head to your shoe collection, and everything in-between. Picture how wonderful it would be not have to pull everything out making a huge mess in the process to clean up later, just to find one particular clothing item or accent piece.

It is time to stop dreaming about it and to start making an organized closet a reality. This may seem like a daunting task with a mountain of disorganization from your closet seemingly taunting you. Fear not though, you can do this! A good first step is taking a good look at the current setup of your closet. You want to make sure that your closet features storage capabilities designed to encourage organization, draws on every inch of closet space available, and that is handy for you to use.

After inspecting your closet, you may have discovered that it is lacking in some needed items for organizing. Items such as hanger extensions, adjustable shelves, hooks, a shoe or sock caddy, bins, baskets, stackable boxes, floor or hanging racks, can provide the appropriate configuration to organize your belongings. You cannot expect to organize a closet and keep it that way unless everything has a specific space provided for it within your closet.

Once you have taken care of equipping your closet with various storage features, you can begin using these space savers and organizational products to help organize your closet. This should make it easier to keep it that way once you get everything into place.

Generally speaking, clothes occupy the majority of the space in any closet. Optimize the use of your closet space for hanging and folding your clothing. Extension hangers that can accommodate the hanging of several pairs of dress slacks or jeans on a single hanger are great closet organizers. Hangers made for attaching an additional hanger to them permit you to hang two shirts in the space previously only housing one shirt.

You do not have to hang all of your clothing in your closet. You can in fact store more clothes and find them with less hassle by folding some of your clothes versus hanging them up. Of course, you may want to give priority-hanging space to work and special occasion apparel to reduce the chances of wrinkling them. However, folding your causal clothes for storage will not hurt them, and makes more room for your more dressy clothes. Some shirts may wrinkle when folded, while other clothing is wrinkle-resistant. Does a wrinkle in the comfortable clothes you wear around the house matter all that much? Will anyone really care or even notice wrinkles in the shirt you wear while tending to your garden? Probably not, but considerations such as these can help you make logical decisions for storing your clothes.

Whether a sweater is for casual or formal wear, professionals recommend you always folding sweaters instead of placing them on hangers in your closet to help them retain their shape and to last longer. Sweaters can be bulky when folded. It is best to store them on an open shelf. However, they also fit nicely in sweater bins to be stored on a closet shelf or on the floor.

Another way to organize your closet is to fold and place seasonal clothing in plastic containers to prevent insect invasions, and store those containers on very high closet shelves when not in use. This frees up eye-level space for hanging and folding clothing that you wear every day, or that is in season for quick and easy locating.

The best way to keep your closet organized after a spring closet cleaning or organizing spurt is to remember to put things back in their place after laundering, or should you grab something to wear and change your mind. It only takes seconds for the roots of disorganization to begin growing. One blouse tossed aside in favor of a trendy t-shirt instead of put back in place will soon have other shirts joining it to wreak havoc on your closet organization. Thinning your wardrobe annually and donating unused clothing to charity also goes a long ways towards helping your closet to stay organized.

Now that you have an organized closet, open the doors and see how refreshing organization in your closet looks and feels. You may decide that the rest of the house could benefit from some organization too.

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Monday, 18 May 2009

Modular Closet Organizers Will Help Clean and Organize the Clutter in Your Home

Modular closet organizers are very good items to use to get rid of the clutter that you may have in your home. At some point, there will be a pile of clutter to accumulate somewhere. Whether it is in your bedroom, bathroom, or even utility room.

Now, just because this clutter does accumulate, does not mean we have to just let it sit there. With the use of modular closet organizers we can now separate and neatly put it away. There are many different items that can be stored in these household organizers that will make your home look open and free once again.

Many people may feel that they do not have enough room to place all of their belongings neatly in an area. This may be true for some homes, but with modular closet organizers, we can do more with the limited space that a room may offer. These space-saving organizers offer drawers, shelves and racks for us to place our belongings to keep them neat and organized and out of the way.

This makes them perfect to store our shoes, ties, mittens if the weather is cold, hats and jackets. These are just a few of the things that can be used to place in one of these closet organizers. These storage systems will make the most out of the available space that a room or closet has to offer.

Everything needs a place of its very own. With everything in its own place, it will be easier for people to put things where they belong. You can use them for organizing your closet area or better even, there are some that use these closet organizers in the open room to store other types of household items.

Thats right with the use of the modular closet organizers you can double or even triple the amount of space in a room or closet. They are available in many different styles and designs. But no matter what style you choose, you can be assured that you will be rid of the clutter once and for all.

Using this type of a system is also a great way to teach your children neatness and organization. Placing everything where it belongs builds good character and instills this organization for life later on. A clean and organized home is a happy home. That everyone will love to be a part of.

Daryl Plaza is a regular contributor to a website that gives you information and resources on how to find the right closet space organizers for your home.

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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Finally Ridding Yourself Of Closet Clutter

There's not very much that's more exhausting than always having to look at a big pile of clutter and junk in a closet that's sloppy. This is especially true when the muddle of mess we're concerned with is yours. Badly arranged garments and other personal things not only makes your closet look untidy, it also makes you feel unhappy knowing your things aren't as organized as they could be. You wind up wearing the same things over and over again while your other precious belongings wind up lost in the shamble of things some of which you most likely don't even need anymore. Well, you've got no need to fret anymore! Your days of agonizing are almost over because we have just what you need, a kid's closet organizers kit. It's high time you have a bit of control over the most important thing you possess-- your wardrobe.

When you take a step back and look inside your closets, you're tempted to say the solution to your problem is that you need additional space. Extra space in the closet would just end up costing you more of your bedroom space. This problem will never come to an end largely because as the years go by, you'll just acquire more stuff. Because of that, you'll need more space for your closet which will just make the room smaller. A closet organizer can actually sort out your things. Not only will your things be neatly stacked together, you'll be able to actually see all that you own. As a result, you can toss out stuff you won't need again and make space for the garments you have never worn because sadly, you never located them after the day you threw them into your bottomless pit of a closet.

In general, people store their garments according to their type and need to also remember to find space to put ties and other accessories as well as shoes. A closet organizer permits you to do just that. For pants, coats and dresses, you need to have a long hanging space. For many kinds of clothes like folded pants, blouses, shirts or skirts, your closet space could benefit from double hanging rods, one on top of the other. As for things like undergarments and socks, you could put in some drawers and shelves. Closet organizers can also include shoe cubbies or a shoe rack. So, there you are! No more crumpled clothes at the back of your closet.

Aside from shoes and clothes, accessories like scarves, umbrellas, purses, ball caps and ties should to be arranged neatly so that you can quickly locate them. This is particularly important when you are late for work and in a hurry. Instead of wasting a lot of time searching for a specific scarf, you can have more time to put together a gorgeous outfit for whatever event you are attending. With such arrangement, it will be much simpler to find exactly what you are hunting for. Moreover, the clean look just can't be beat.

With a closet organizer, your bedroom can be turned into a haven for rest. If the space in your closet is effectively used, your room will look better than it ever has before. A bedroom closet organizer will ensure that the extra space in the bedroom is effectively utilized. Which, of course, makes the room tidier. A a bedroom closet that is well planned and arranged will produce outstanding beauty in your space. Investing in a bedroom closet storage system will most definitely save you time in organizing clothes, along with providing you the peacefulness knowing that once and for all, you're free of clutter.

There are a couple of ways to organize your bedroom closets. The first way is to find a closet designer company to make a customized one for your room. This will probably cost you a small fortune but the results will be entirely worth the money that you spend. The second way is less pricey but requires a fair amount of your time. You can buy a bedroom closet organizer kit designed to suit your exact specifications. Be it a reach in closet or a walk in closet, you can get one that will accommodate your price range. With just a few simple and basic tools and a small investment of time, you can put together a closet organizing system to make your bedroom not only free of clutter, but elegant and classy.

About the Author: Mike Roberts is a licensed contractor and has done home improvements for many years. He sells bedroom closet organizers as well as walk-in closet systems from his online store for the do-it-yourselfer.

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Thursday, 14 May 2009

The Fun With Closet Organizers

More often than not, you might be resigned with chaos as a part of your everyday life. You wake up in the morning and dig through the drawers for your undies, sift through your jumbled clothing for a pair of pants and turn your closet upside down looking for a shirt or a blouse to wear with the pants. Your cluttered closet might not really be intentional and you might say that you try to keep it as neat as possible but chances are, with your busy lifestyle, you just cannot get it organized.

Fret no more, for closet organizers are now available to do the work for you! Now you can have the organized and easy lifestyle you deserve. No more clutters for you! Closet organizers are a system of hooks and shelves, storage bins, boxes and shoe racks that help you organize your clothes and keep them in a neat and orderly fashion. This storage system does not only keep your clothes organized and make their retrieval easier and faster, they also maximize the space in your closets.

Closet organizers are available in fully assembled pieces that you can purchase in any home improvement stores. These pre-assembled pieces come in different materials like wood or coated wires. The price depends on the nature of the material and you can easily choose one that is not only functional, it is also easy on your budget. Some home improvement stores deliver your closet organizers to your home and set them up for you. Nowadays, closet organizers are not just for your closets, you can also purchase one for your kitchen pantries.

You can also opt to purchase a closet organizer kit in which you do the setting up yourself. Before you set one up however, you have to make sure that there is adequate lighting in your space to ensure easy organization. A kit comes with some rods and hangers to hang your clothes with, some additional shelves for your folded clothes, some storage bins as additional drawers and others also provide shoe racks to keep your shoes in place.

A closet organizer helps you keep your life free of clutter, madness, headache and stress. It helps you save much of your valuable time and also maximizes your closet and storage space. Isn't it wonderful to wake up in the morning and be greeted by a clutter-free and organized closet?.

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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Learn Great Closet Organizing Tips That Will Change Your Home And Your Life

If you're like most people, you never seem to have the time available to get the tasks you want to accomplish done. A huge reason why you can never seem to get things accomplished is your lack of organization.

Quite simply, you can never be productive if you spend half your life searching for items you've misplaced. Below are some tips to help you get your closet (and ultimately your life) organized today.
First of all, you absolutely must decide what items in your closet should stay and what need to go now. Be very honest in this process.

If you know, for instance, that you won't be using that pair of shoes you get 10 years ago, but just like to keep them around for old time's sake, then force yourself to give them up. It is items like these, which you have no use for, that are usually the biggest cause of the clutter in your home.

Often times, up to 90% of the items in your closet are no longer being used. If that's the case, you can instantly take back over 90% of your closet space with just one thorough cleaning!

It is incredibly simple, yet very effective in getting your closet organized and ultimately your life. Once you've determined the items slated for removal, put them in boxes in the garage. From there, you can either throw them out or donate them to charity.

Next, group your similar belongings together. For instance, keep all your shoes together, your shirts, pants, etc. There is no bigger killer of your productivity then spending all your time searching for items you've misplaced.

In fact, just by doing these simple exercises, you will likely find that you have more free time than ever before, because you aren't spending your time searching for items you should have at your fingertips.

After you've grouped your belongings together, don't be afraid to make use of the closet floor. No, I'm not talking about strewing your items all over the place; simply make neat piles of your clothes in various areas. This takes the pressure of the vertical space in your closet (which in many closets is quite limited) and opens up more free space for your belongings.

Make sure you have some space left over when you're done. Not only does having free space have tremendous aesthetic appeal, but it also provides you with some extra room should you decide to put more items in your closet.

For instance, if you finish your closet organizing and use up every inch of the closet, should you change your mind afterwards and want to put more items in there, there will not be room. If you leave some room, (say, a third of the closet) when you decide afterwards to delegate more items to your closet, you can do so with little trouble at all.

Again, these are some very simple, yet extremely effective tips at helping you organize your belongings for maximum efficiency. Quite simply, if you are able to organize your home and your life and know where all your items are, you will be simply amazed at how much more you can get accomplished. Follow these closet organizing tips, and watch your productivity as well as overall happiness skyrocket.

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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Feng Shui My Closet!

Feng Shui teaches that you are consciously and subconsciously affected by your surroundings. Harmony in your home is the best place to start. When your home life comes into focus and it is synonymous with who you are and who you hope to become, your life will naturally follow the path that you’ve chosen for it. Many of us need some serious help with our closets. Clutter, disorganization and endless varieties of hangers can be very detrimental to the view that you have of yourself, your life and where you are headed. Consider the fact that your closet is one of the first places that you visit every day. All of the negative energy that you collect can affect your mood for the rest of the day! Feng Shui principles say that having a cluttered closet symbolizes that you are resistant to change and you are blocking out possibilities of new relationships. It may look like a huge undertaking, but really it’s very simple to Feng Shui your closet.

My first piece of advice is to buy uniform, high quality, sturdy, wooden hangers. They absolutely must be matching to keep your mind free from clouds of disarray. Hangers are eye level when you open your closet, so they are your number one task. Throw away every old hanger that you have, go online and order the best hangers available from a supplier such as Beautiful, sturdy hangers are a must for keeping clothes separated by equal increments in your closet. There must be equal space between each article of clothing, so selecting the right hanger can make or break the overall appearance of your closet.

Next, you need to get rid of as much as possible. Keep twenty to fifty percent of all storage places empty to invite change into your life. Full spaces block the flow of chi into your life, and you don’t want to sacrifice any energy that you may need to start your day. Creating space in your closet will immediately lift your spirits and brighten your mood. Line up your clothes according to length, color or usage and decide what works best for your chi. If you really want to strictly stick to Feng Shui guidelines, follow the rules of bagua.

Place items related to knowledge and family on the left. This would include things like jewelry and clothes with sentimental value. Not your entire wardrobe from the eighties, but one or two items such as a dress that your mother made for you when you were little.

Items that remind you of your personal fame, reputation or career should go in the center. Think active as well. Work clothes, active wear, formal gowns and interview clothes all go in the center.

Creativity is always on the right. Put clothes that just ooze your personality and really define your style on the right side of the closet.

Don’t store anything overhead, it produces an oppressive energy that will weigh you down in every aspect of your life. Evenly space your clothing and make sure that nothing is stored beneath them that might touch them. The goal is to create space around each thing in your closet. Get rid of old worn out shoes or those that just hurt. Line them up neatly facing the same direction. Imagine the direction that you would like for your life to go every time you select a pair to wear.

Finally, make sure that everything is highly visible. Install extra lighting to brighten your mood each and every time you look in your closet. Feng Shui always dictates that doors should be highly functional and take very little effort to open and close. Now that your closet is completely decluttered and organized, you can let the chi flow.

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Friday, 8 May 2009

Bringing Order And A Lot More Storage With Walk-in Closet Organizers

Remember when you were little, the dreams of walking into a big walk-in closet with rows and rows of fancy dresses, purses and shoes? Everything was in its own space. The clothes were organized by color. It was dress up fantasy land. Many of us have grown up and now have that walk in closet. The difference is the clutter and piles of stuff. Stuff because we have no place to put it. Stuff that just does not belong on a hanger and the little shelving that is available is packed full of other stuff. You do have an option. Try a walk-in closet organizer.

You can purchase a walk-in closet organizer at any of the home improvement stores. There are so many on the market to fit just about any budget. Services are available online and in some local stores to have the organizer designed specifically for your space. The options are endless. Free standing systems are available to be placed against the wall for the built in look. There are hanging systems designed to keep the closet floor clutter free. The style you choose should fit with how you want your closet organized.

There may be shelving requirements you have for folded items. You can also choose to add tiered hanging systems to organize short items such as blouses and skirts. Some of the walk-in closet organizers offer drawer systems to take away some of the clutter of your dressers. A more personal touch like a padded bench and a mirror can turn your walk-in closet into your own dressing room.

Should you choose a shelving unit with your walk-in closet organizer, lined baskets can be added for a more personal touch. These are great for keeping smaller accessories like chain belts or scarves. They can also be used to store hair accessories and small hair pieces. You should also add a set of small compartments where you can store your purses. Also, consider adding a shoe rack that is large enough to hold your entire collection.

Depending on how much space you have in your closet, you could be able add enough shelving and drawer space in your closet to eliminate your dresser from your bedroom. Now you have a whole host of options on how to decorate your bedroom.

You should organize your walk-in closet by how you use your things. The clothes you wear most often will want to be at the front of the closet. Formal wear and evening attire would be more towards the back. As you organize your things do some spring cleaning. Take items you no longer need or want to the local charity. There is no sense in having more clutter than you already have. This is why you are putting in an organizer system to begin with.

The walk-in closet organizer is available in a coated metal system as well as wood. Some are pre-assembled for easy installation. Other systems need assembly with only a few simple tools. The instructions are very complete and step by step. You can have your walk-in closet organizer in place and functioning in a Saturday afternoon.

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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

How You Need To Organize Your Closet System to Fit Your Wardrobe Today

Perhaps your old closet system was perfectly fine when you first started using it. It may have had all the necessary equipment to store all your things. However, anyone's wardrobe tends to change over time; sometimes drastically. When that happens, your closet may no longer suit your needs. Then it is time to make some changes in your closet.

Before you rush out and start buying new storage devices, it is always good to take note of what you already have. Look objectively at the closet space as it sits with all your clothing in it. You need to ask yourself a few questions.

1. Is there enough room for dresses and other long garments?

2. Are there plenty of double hanging bars for shorter items of clothing?

3. Is there a place to put sweaters that cannot be hung?

4. Is there anyplace to hang things you use everyday, such as robes?

5. Do you have a place for accessories?

6. What are your accommodations for shoes?

7. Are there items that should be in the closet that you do not have a space for in there?

When you have determined the pluses and minuses of your present closet system, you will be ready to begin to do an overhaul. You can go a long way by sitting down with graph paper and sketching your closet as you wish it to be. Keep in mind all the answers to the questions you have considered.

If you have been getting by with one tall bar for all your hanging clothing, you will find that putting in double hanging bars will increase the amount of space in your closet. This is because all your short clothing will be stacked double height. It will not be harm or wrinkle the clothes because there is ample room between the bars.

You can still have room for your long hanging clothing if you leave some of the space in your closet with a single bar. To determine how much room you need, hang all your long things together loosely with room to spare for future purchases. Then measure, and you will know how much to leave in a single bar.

If you do not have any shelves in your closet, it is a good time to buy them when you redo your closet. Do not make the mistake of piling them up with household odds and ends, though. Use them for items that you cannot hang, but want to keep in your closet. A good arrangement is to have box shelves that will hold several garments each.

Put hooks in for robes or ties. Accessories such as jewelry or scarves can be put into baskets. There are a number of shoe storage options that you can find at any home improvement store. Just make sure you have included all the clothing you want in your new closet design.

If you put some time and thought into organizing your closet, you will have more room for your things. Your clothing will be more convenient to you. Most of all, you can think about it once, and it will work for you for years to come.

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Monday, 4 May 2009

Advantages To Hiring A Professional Closet Company

When designing a custom closet, you first need to choose whether to hire a professional or design the closet on your own. Hiring a professional can give you a better idea of what you hope to accomplish in terms of style, aesthetics, function, and organization. However, the costs involved may be higher than your budget allows for and you may choose to do some of the leg work on your own. Following are reasons why you might consider hiring a professional before making the decision to design and install your own custom closet.

One of the main advantages that a professional brings to your project is expertise in design and organization. A design professional is able to quickly take measurements, translate it into potential ideas, and give you a better understanding of the type of components that more easily fit into the space. They can also offer a wide variety of different styles and storage options, such as drawers, doors, and shelving that you may not otherwise have access to. Such a task would be time consuming for someone who has never customized a closet before.

Another very important advantage to hiring a professional closet company is expertise in the area of installation. Depending on the complexity of the design, layout, and construction of the cabinets, the installation varies from simple shelving to labor intensive cabinet installations. Regardless of the size of your project, it is important not to under estimate the work involved when installing closet units. Even simple shelving installations can quickly jeopardize plumbing and electrical work inside the walls and be a lot more work than anticipated.

One of the possible disadvantages of hiring a custom closet company may be the extra costs associated with seeking advice from qualified professionals. There are affordable companies to choose from, but a custom closet can be expensive as you are paying for both design and installation services. It is important to note, however, that mistakes are costly and it may be worth the extra money upfront for piece of mind and time savings.

While there are many advantages to hiring a professional, it is also important to hire the company or individual that is right for your style, budget considerations and organizational needs. Your designer should be able to portray both the creative aspects and functional purpose, utilizing the space in the most efficient way. Quality and craftsmanship should also be evident in the product that the company is offering. Closet systems can range from a minimal use of materials to high end custom cabinetry matching other built-in furniture and cabinetry within your home. It is important that you select the right system for your lifestyle and budget.

When you do decide on the professional that you want to hire, it is a good idea to educate yourself and get familiarized with the products that are available before you consult with your designer. It is important that you are able to communicate and define your current storage challenges and discuss some aspects of what you are hoping to accomplish.

A well designed closet is efficient, functional, aesthetically pleasing, and is an expression of yourself. It should not only help maintain organization in other areas of your home, but in your life. Simplicity is a gift and a professionally designed and installed closet is a practical luxury!

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Friday, 1 May 2009

How To Take Advantage Of A Great Bedroom Closet Organizer

Sick of arranging your clothes in the closet time and again? Searching in vain for your white blouse or your Hermes scarf? Nowhere to be found, rather it must be submerged deep down in the chaos of your closet.

Put an end to all the problems related to your bedroom closet. Here's a way to a tidier and orderly closet.

Clear Out: Get rid of clothes that you don't wear anymore. Get rid of torn shirts, jeans that don't fit anymore and lingerie that's old. Sell or donate clothes that are definitely fashion mistakes of yesterday. If you have duplicates of a garment, give them away too.

Classify: Clothes should be sorted and then classified according to color, season or function.

Get yourself a bedroom closet organizer

A good bedroom closet organizer is a sensible investment. Buy one to suit the clothes and accessories that you have. If you have lots of shoes and don't wear pants, then buy a unit with more storage space for shoes and without a slack rack. The idea of a closet organizer is to maximize your storage space. Pre fabricated, customized closet organizers in wood with in built storage units are a very good option. While giving a classy and elegant look to your closet space, they are also very sturdy and last a very long time. Wire closet organizers which cost less are also available. These are as attractive, but serve the purpose.

How to install

You can order the kit and components. Then you can either assemble the whole unit yourself by following the instruction manual. You can also ask the supplier to provide professional service for installing it.

What bedroom closet organizers should have

From this list of what bedroom closet organizers should have, you can choose, based on what you personally need and create a closet that is completely well organized and feasible.

1. Garment rods and valet poles are must-haves.
2. Hooks - Hang your scarves or pajamas.
3. Shelf dividers - to stack your sweaters and jeans and prevent them from toppling over.
4. Long hanging and short hanging units - group your long hanging clothes together.
5. Shelves for your bags and shoe cubes for your shoes
6. A lingerie drawer or hosiery tray.
7. Slack rack.
8. Tie and belt racks.
9. Hatboxes and a keepsake box.
10. A jewelry organizer.
11. See through baskets, for easy retrieval, to hold all other items.

Extra drawers and pullout shelves can be fixed in addition to the above in order to hold other knick-knacks.

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