Friday, 1 May 2009

How To Take Advantage Of A Great Bedroom Closet Organizer

Sick of arranging your clothes in the closet time and again? Searching in vain for your white blouse or your Hermes scarf? Nowhere to be found, rather it must be submerged deep down in the chaos of your closet.

Put an end to all the problems related to your bedroom closet. Here's a way to a tidier and orderly closet.

Clear Out: Get rid of clothes that you don't wear anymore. Get rid of torn shirts, jeans that don't fit anymore and lingerie that's old. Sell or donate clothes that are definitely fashion mistakes of yesterday. If you have duplicates of a garment, give them away too.

Classify: Clothes should be sorted and then classified according to color, season or function.

Get yourself a bedroom closet organizer

A good bedroom closet organizer is a sensible investment. Buy one to suit the clothes and accessories that you have. If you have lots of shoes and don't wear pants, then buy a unit with more storage space for shoes and without a slack rack. The idea of a closet organizer is to maximize your storage space. Pre fabricated, customized closet organizers in wood with in built storage units are a very good option. While giving a classy and elegant look to your closet space, they are also very sturdy and last a very long time. Wire closet organizers which cost less are also available. These are as attractive, but serve the purpose.

How to install

You can order the kit and components. Then you can either assemble the whole unit yourself by following the instruction manual. You can also ask the supplier to provide professional service for installing it.

What bedroom closet organizers should have

From this list of what bedroom closet organizers should have, you can choose, based on what you personally need and create a closet that is completely well organized and feasible.

1. Garment rods and valet poles are must-haves.
2. Hooks - Hang your scarves or pajamas.
3. Shelf dividers - to stack your sweaters and jeans and prevent them from toppling over.
4. Long hanging and short hanging units - group your long hanging clothes together.
5. Shelves for your bags and shoe cubes for your shoes
6. A lingerie drawer or hosiery tray.
7. Slack rack.
8. Tie and belt racks.
9. Hatboxes and a keepsake box.
10. A jewelry organizer.
11. See through baskets, for easy retrieval, to hold all other items.

Extra drawers and pullout shelves can be fixed in addition to the above in order to hold other knick-knacks.

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