Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Closet Doors Dare To Be Different

You've just spent a considerable amount of money on the interior of your closet, installing a closet organizer to assure that your shoes, ties, belts, scarves, dresses, shirts and slacks are all easily accessible. As nice as the interior of your closet now looks, you don't want the effect to be spoiled by a door that doesn't do it, or the rest of your bedroom, justice.

How big is your closet?
Of course the type of closet door you have depends in large part on the size of your closet. If it's a wall closet - very shallow - then of course you'll need a different type of door then if it's a walk-in.

The four types of closet door, therefore, would be the simple panel door that opens outward and lets you into the walk-in closet, bifold doors that let you view your wall closet, and the sliding doors which could be used for either version, depending on the length of the closet itself. The accordion door is also a choice.

Bifold doors would allow you to use over-the-door system to store shoes, for example - which would not work with a sliding door. Sliding doors can look more attractive than bifold doors, however.

Matching or contrasting colors?
Of course the first thing you'll have to decide about the door is its color. You'll need to find a color that will match your bedroom walls, or set it off in a striking manner. If you'd like to give your bedroom the illusion of greater size, than you'll want to get mirrored doors. And for that really elegant touch, you can even get sliding frosted glass doors.

And you'll have to give some thought to the future, of course. If you like to change the color of your bedroom every now and then, you won't want to have to change the closet door as well because it would clash with your new decor.

Vinyl or wood or what?
And what should your closet doors be made of? You've got a lot of varieties to choose from: stamped steel, hollow core, super-thin wood, or solid wood. Solid wood doors give you the most variety in their design, for you can have them hinged, folding, sliding or with pocket applications. These doors can have flat panels - to which you can affix mirrors or fabric, or louvers. (Kestrel Wood Closet Doors is one company that offers solid wood doors of high quality. They also do custom doors.) For mirrored closet doors, Fort Glass (fabricators of Stanley Mirror Doors) are one provider out of several that you can investigate on the web.

There are so many choices that you won't want to rush into your decision. Take your time investigating sources on the web, visit such stores as Home Depot or Menards or the specialty stores in your area. You can also take advantage of open houses in housing developments to go in and visit these houses and see the way those closets and bedrooms are designed. You'll then be able to make an informed decision.

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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Guide to Organizing Closets – How to Manage All That Clutter

Is your closet in such disordered condition that you’re always wasting time in finding important stuff? Are you frustrated with all that clutter? To save yourself from the hassles of finding lost things, you need a guide to organizing closets. It is time to move on from utter chaos to an organized state, and getting a guide to organizing closets would definitely help you save time and make you feel that you are in control.

If you are a pack rat and would like to keep your closets' contents, this guide to organizing closets will show you how to choose which to throw, which to keep, and what to do when you decide to throw them out.

Guide to Organizing Closets: The Plan

Empty your closets. Take out everything that makes things cluttered. Take out everything, period. Put them all in a pile in a wide space where you can organize everything.

If you're organizing a clothes closet, group your clothes by color and type. Just pile them there. If you're doing accessories, sort them out by kind too. Then leave them there while you go to the next step.

Get yourself some racks and organizing trays to hold all your stuff in. Then put the items you have arranged in these trays and racks.

When you put your stuffs back in the closet, do it in an orderly way; you have to put them in by kind. You have to make sure that things are not as they were before. The clothes go on the rack, arranged by kind and color; the knick-knacks go on the trays, and everything else should be arranged by color and kind.

Whenever you take something out, put it back where you got it. Have the discipline to keep things arranged as they are. And do a maintenance cleanup weekly, so things don't fall into disarray like before.

Guide to Organizing Closets: To throw or not to throw? That is the question.

Some people toss everything out when they clean up. When they realize that they actually need an item, they realize that they have already thrown them out. You do not need to be a victim of “oh-I-threw-it-out!-itis”. You just have to be wise and careful with your sorting. You also have to think about the importance of the thing you are considering throwing. Below are some questions you may want to ask yourself, in sorting out which to throw or keep:

 Is it still important to you?

 Is it still usable?

 Do you want it?

 Does it have sentimental value?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above 4 questions, then keep it.

 Was it from an ex?

 Does it carry bad memories?

 Is it ugly?

 Do you abhor it?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above 4 questions, then toss it!

It is important to throw out items tied with bad memories. You have to move on too, and not to mention your goal of cleaning out your closet. It's a win-win situation. You get to toss out bad memory reminders (this is actually symbolic), and you'll have less clutter to cram your closet with at the same time.

All in all, organizing anything could be a pain. But going through all your stuff and reliving memories could be part of the process that would make closet cleanup a happy event. Either way, I hope you've enjoyed this guide to organizing closets!

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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Sliding Closet Door - Silent Sophistication

If you have a walk-in closet, that is longer than it is deep, you may want to think about installing sliding closet door. A sliding closet door lends sophistication and grace to any room where it is installed.

Sliding doors of good quality will have silent rails and a damper system so the door doesnt slam with force. It should slide silently and easily into place each time, you close the doors. When you are shopping for sliding closet door, you will encounter many styles you may want to consider for the room where you want to install it.

A small room will benefit greatly from mirrored sliding closet door. Floor to top mirrors make a room seem twice as large as it really is. An added benefit to mirrored sliding closet door is you will be able to see yourself from every angle when you are dressing to go out.

If mirrored sliding closet door isnt for you, you can look at frosted or smoked sliding closet door. These will give a unique and fresh look to any room in your house. You may opt for a wooden sliding closet door. You can get a wooden sliding closet door in a solid wood, paneled wood, or louvered. It all depends upon the look you are striving for in the room you are thinking of installing sliding closet door.

Keep in mind that sliding closet door is not an expense to take lightly. Your sliding closet door should be with you for many years to come. When you are comparison-shopping, use all the tools you have at your disposal such as the internet. When you shop for sliding closet door on the internet, you will have a myriad of choices as to styles and price ranges. Be sure you see the types of doors you want by going and looking at your choices at a local home store in your area. You can decide the style you want at the store, and then search for it online to see if you can get a better price for sliding closet door than you were offered at the store.

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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Closet Portable Storage: Ideal For Storing Unusual Stuff

There are times when even the most well organized closet is just not big enough. You may have to consider portable storage. This may sound odd but it works. Portable storage closets have been around for years. As kids we called them wardrobes. Some were made of metal. Others were made of wood. There were some made of heavy gage vinyl. These were the ones you could see through.

Times are changing. Spaces and people have not. The portable storage closet is still around and stronger than ever. You can now get them in a durable plastic as well as the wood, metal, and vinyl. These movable closets are great for storing just about anything. There is even a portable storage closet offered at outdoor sports stores for hunters to keep unnatural odors off their hunting equipment. It is called the Scent-lok closet.

Closets have become big business. The portable storage closet is no exception. This is due to its versatility. You can put them in the attic or basement. You can even use them in the garage. They are great when company comes in from out of town. The space the portable closet can fill up just as quickly as a regular closet.

Storing out of season clothes is a breeze with a portable unit. All the winter coats can go in one. Some of the more durable ones have shelves. This offers even more storage ideas. The entire set of Christmas decorations can be stored in one unit. It can be rolled to the garage each year and rolled back in when you need it again. They make the perfect way to organize anything.

It is possible to find portable storage closets anywhere. They are great for the class room or office. You can keep everything organized. Craft supplies can be stored for easy access. Sewing and other needle work supplies are safe in the units. These movable systems can even be used in the garage for organizing summer items or winter items.

The gardener in the family will love a portable closet for storage. Pots and other small gardening tools can fit nicely on the shelves. Seeds or potting soil can be stored in an orderly fashion. Some of the systems even have a tall section perfect for your rake, shovel, or hoe. The durable plastic ones can even be set outside by the garden.

If your garage is like most, you have a hard time getting your cars into it because of all of the stuff, bicycles, footballs, soccer balls, lawn chairs, Christmas yard decorations, and the list goes on. Set up a couple of portable closet storage systems along one wall can make quick work of storing most of the stuff that is on the garage floor. Who knows, you might be able to fit your car in the garage again.

Smaller portable storage closets can be used when trying to organize a walk-in closet. Some even may work with the system you plan on installing. You can always store the things from the closet until you get the system built. Investing in a portable storage closet may be perfect for someone who needs extra space and just can not seem to find it

wilhelm at bestclosetorganizerguide.com

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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Closet Organizer Systems to Store in Any Room

Closet organizers are extremely popular around the world and pretty easy to install. All that is needed are a few basic tools that you can usually find in most homes and reliable transportation. Closet organizers are sets of racks, boxes, shelves, hooks, and storage
bins that change a closet from being a dark mess of clothing and equipment to a clearer, organized area where everything is in its place.

The majority of organizers can be a combination of accessories brought together from different places, but often, complete kits are sold with matching racks, shelves and bins that fit together and compliment one another. Closet organizers are usually manufactured using melamine or strong wood. Whatever look and style you need there is sure to be a closet organizer that will fit into your home and personal preference.

Closet organizers are the best solutions to different closet storage design needs. They are very useful if you have a lot of clutter and are definitely the storage equipment that will make your life easier.

Closet organizers are a great invention, as you can put shelves in that will hold jumpers, trousers, and so-on, ridding the need for a large dresser. By removing clutter from a room can also have the effect of the appearance of more space and larger rooms. Closet organizers are generally either wood or wire, and are easy to install for any do-it-yourself amateur. Wooden closet organizers appear more elegant, but wire organizers tend to be more affordable.

Wooden closet organizers are the most traditional kind of system available. While wire systems might be a better choice, a wood closet organizer system can work just as well. Wood closet systems are durable and are highly suitable for clearing the bedroom. These types of system are available in different types of wood such as oak, pine, maple and so-on.

Wire closet organizers can usually be adjusted pretty easily to fit the overall height and width of a standard bathroom closet. Furthermore to using wire closet organizers in the bathroom, many people also integrate the accessories of these units on various walls within the bathroom to create more space. Wire is strong and sturdy, yet a lightweight material that can support the collective weight of the items placed on top of it. Many wire organizers are painted so that they look appealing and cater any type of room.

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Sunday, 12 April 2009

Three Simple Steps for Decluttering Closets

Life simply works best when we have our physical environment really work. When we’re organized, we can think more clearly, we’re more efficient, and we can take on projects that have lain dormant for months or even years.

I’ve found that I have more time to spend with my children and a greater sense of peace when my house is organized and easy to maintain.

When my closets are clean, I get laundry done and put away with great ease. I wear nicer clothes (because I can find them). And the bedrooms don’t suffer from the dreaded Closet Overflow.

But good, lasting organization doesn’t happen overnight. It is crucial to start smart because decluttering takes a lot of effort at the beginning. I strongly recommend getting expert advice in order to see results quickly and avoid getting bogged down in too much “stuff”. You’ll save yourself hours and hours of work if you listen to the right people.

So if you’re getting working on decluttering closets, following these simple steps will at least get you started:

Step 1. Get Rid of Things You Won’t or Can’t Wear – If you have clothes that are too small, take them out of your closet and put them away for later. This will give you an idea of what you actually have to wear and will stop you from feeling bad about yourself every time you open the closet doors. You can always retrieve the clothes later. Also, throw out the clothes with the holes in them, or store them in your chest of drawers for projects like cleaning the garage. And if you don’t like an article of clothing, and don’t intend to wear it, give it away or have a garage sale.

Step 2. Clear out Things that Don’t Belong in the Closet – The closet is not a storage facility for extra bedroom items. It is for clothes, shoes, blankets, and towels if you don’t have a linen closet. I don’t have a linen closet, so I’ve stacked our towels in the top of my closet. But I don’t have a stack of 40 different, random towels. I use sets of towels and store away mismatched towels. If you don’t use 10 wash cloths a week, don’t have them taking up room in your closet. Put a stack of three or four into the closet. I also have a stack of utilitarian cleaning towels that I keep in the closet. That way, they’re always handy for cleaning and spills.

Step 3. Organize Your Hangers – One of the keys to decluttering closets and making laundry a snap to put away is the practice of putting hangers off to the side every time you take a garment off the hanger. That way, you don’t have a dozen hangers left hiding amongst the clothes. When you hang things back up after being laundered, you’ll always know where to find hangers.

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Friday, 10 April 2009

Why You Should Look Into Custom Closet Organizers

Do you dread going to your closet? Is it full of clothing, shoes, and accessories? Do you have to dodge falling objects, and then search endlessly for something you know is in there?

If this describes the closets in your home, that you should look into custom closet organizers. They come in many styles and are made from various materials including plastic and wood. This is a great way to divide your closet into sections, making a space for each item. You will love being able to open up your closet and see everything neatly arranged and very simple to find.

The first order of business is to take everything out of your closet! I know this can seem overwhelming at first but it is necessary. Go through each item and place it in a pile depending on how you want things to be organized. Some people choose to organize their closet by colors of the clothing; others do it by the style of the clothing with piles for blouses, skirts, sweaters, etc. Pick a system that is going to work well for you. Once you have all of your piles in place you can start allocating closet space to meet those needs.

Custom closet organization doesn't have to be difficult. You can be creative or you can use the internet or magazines to help you make a decision. Adding a second clothing hanging rack to your closet is a very simple solution if you have too many clothes to hang up. You can also use various types of hangers that put several pairs of pants onto one, reducing the amount of storage space they take up.

You can choose from various dividers, shelves, and baskets to customize your closet storage space. Many closets have a deep shelf on top but it is hard to keep piling more stuff on it. Putting in shelves or dividers will help you use more of that available storage space at the top of your closet. These products are quite inexpensive so organizing your closet won't be too harsh on your budget.

Shoes are a common issue when it comes to closet organization. Install a shoe rack or even a wooden shoe storage box that attaches to the inside door of your closet. These are great ways to get your shoes together without taking up a great deal of space. It will also ensure you are able to find the shoes you want quickly on any given day.

Once you have installed the items you are going to use to keep your closet organized you are ready to start putting items in. This will be the really exciting part of the entire project. As you see your closet transform into an organized location for your clothing, shoes, and accessories, it will look more approachable and less like a jungle that swallows up your things. This memory compared to your old closet organization will help you stay motivated to put things back into their place.

Custom closet organization may seem overwhelming at first, but if you break it down into small tasks it will be easier. The time it takes you to complete the transformation will be a very worthwhile investment. You will save time each day as you go to your closet and find everything in its place. Who knows, you might even create enough extra space that you have an excuse to go on a shopping spree!

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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Closet Organizer Software You Need To Have

In the computer age, you should realize that there is software out there to help you do virtually anything, even organize your closet! This type of software is very simple to use. It will allow you to enter information including the dimensions of your closet. You can then choose from various layouts and materials to get a visual picture of exactly how your closet area can look. Most closet organizer software will also give you information on the exact materials needed to complete the project as it is layed out and an estimate of the costs.

More advanced closet organizer software will keep a complete inventory of your closet for you. This is a great way to always know what you have in there. You can also store the clothing and shoe size of all your family members in there. This makes it a very good reference when you are considering purchasing any items of clothing for them. This is also an excellent way to keep track of household items in the event you need them for insurance purposes.

Not all closet organizer software is designed the same. You need to check the level of expertise needed to operate particular types of closet organizing software. Some features to look for in such software include the click and drag method to add and remove items from your virtual closet design. You should also only purchase closet organizer software that offers excellent customer support services at no charge. Of course the price of the software should be taken into consideration as well.

You can purchase closet organizing software beginning at $25 up to $200 from retailers, home improvement stores, and the internet. Online auction sites including Ebay and Yahoo Auctions are great places to find closet organizer software that is used. This is a great way to get the close organizing software you want at a lower price. Just make sure the software you purchase is compatible with your computer and that it comes will all the instruction manuals.

If you want great ideas for organizing the closets in your home or if you are in the business of organizing closets for other people, then purchasing closet organizer software is a good investment. Look for software that is compatible with your computer, easy to install, and very simple to navigate. If you can't operate the software then it isn't going to work well for you.

If you plan to use it to help other people organize their closets then you should look for software with all the options to meet the different needs of individuals. If you will be for your own personal use then you are better off only getting closet organizer software with the features you need to get the job accomplished.

Investing in closet organizer software will allow you to create original layouts for all the closets in your home regardless of their size. This is a great resource for getting your home organized. You will be able to find anything. The issue with most home storage space isn't a lack of it, just that it isn't being used to its pull potential. Closets have a great deal of unused space when you consider the amount of room under your hanging items. Put that space to work for you with the help of closet organizing software.

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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Closet Organizing - Ouch! What Fell On My Head?

Yikes! Does this article's title sound like your experience in domestic organizing? You need help!

Don't panic! Let's start with a simple (yet messy) closet and I'll show you step-by-step how to put that whole things-falling-on-the-head problem behind you.

One of the most important parts in closet organizing is probably one you've managed to overlook. What is it?

Getting rid of the junk.

Okay, okay. I know I've struck a chord here. You're pulling out your hair. You're looking for a place to hide.

Really, it's gonna be okay!

Let's start with an easy question. Have you ever given thought to why you keep the things you keep? There's a reason why you have all those items stuffed inside your closet. At one point you liked these things enough to purchase them, right? Or maybe some of these things were (gasp) gifts?

Do you find it difficult to toss away gifts without feeling guilty for at least...six years or until the giver has died?

Well, I'll admit it. I do find it difficult to throw away stuff I was given as gifts. The problem is, of course, that if I am storing it in a closet, I'm not using the item, am I? Unless I have a terrific reason for storing it between uses (if the item is seasonal, for example), it would be smarter to recycle it in some way, by giving it away to someone else who will actually use it or by offering it a home in the trashcan.

Is just thinking about this painful? Hang in there with me!

Let's take a trip through a typical overstuffed closet and see what we might be able to toss so that our closet organizing efforts will be at least minimally successful. Here we go.

-- Starting right in front of us.

When we open the closet doors, the first thing we lay our eyes on is the rack of clothing. Susan Wright, author of "Good-bye Clutter", suggests starting with whatever's in the back of the closet. Why? Well, if you used it all the time, it would be out front, wouldn't it?

Okay. Deep breath, let's dive in.

* Is the item too small or too large? It goes in the Giveaway Pile.

* Is it too ugly? Put it in the Giveaway Pile (beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all).

* Is it too worn? Throwaway Pile.

* Is it too outdated? Giveaway Pile (see 'too ugly' above).

* Are you undecided about the item? Then it goes in the Thinking-about-it Pile (this pile will go in your garage for six months. If you have not thought about it or retrieved it within that time period, it magically changes into another Giveaway Pile and goes to your local charity).

What's left? Remove seasonal items and pack away until needed. Arrange remaining clothing so you can see what you've got; pants with pants, blouses with blouses, etc.

You're doing great! Let's tackle this next section with our eyes OPEN, okay?

-- Looking up.

What's in the high, back spaces of your closet? Can't see? Don't WANT to see there? Be brave! Grab a sturdy step-stool and take a look. Here's your goal for this part of your closet organizing adventure: clean out the space, toss what is trash, give away what needs to be given away and put the remaining items in boxes or containers. Then mark those containers so you'll know what's in them at a glance.

Hey! No more falling objects! I told you this would work!

-- Looking down.

We're probably looking at shoes now, but there could be other items hiding on your closet floor, as well. If there are dust bunnies mixed in with everything, resist naming them and get to work.

Pull everything on the floor out of your closet. Then sort it all. Clean your closet floor. Get a shoe organizer and put those matching pairs on it. The other stuff should be tossed, given away...you get the drill.

You are making progress! Only five (or so) more closets in your home to go....

-- Pulling it together.

Here's a step to closet organizing that can really make the difference. Now that you know exactly what's in your closet and can clearly see the space in which that stuff is in, you are in an excellent position to organize even better.

What bins, baskets or shelves would give you even more space and help you keep things where they belong? Mark down the measurements of your space, grab your ideas and go shopping.

While shopping take a look at the many gadgets available for closet organizing and give thought to which ones would help you the most. You don't need to spend a lot (although you certainly can spend a wad on closet organizing) and you can end up with a closet that uniquely fits your needs.

Hey, great job! After this the only thing falling on your head when you visit your closet will be the satisfaction of a job well done.

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Saturday, 4 April 2009

Closet Organizing For Sports Nuts

The topic of closet organizing is not usually used in the same sentence as "sports nut", but if you have an active sports-minded family, you may find yourself needing some organizing ideas. Closets overflowing with sports equipment and the inability to get out the door on time because you are digging through your closet looking for the right uniform or equipment can be frustrating for any parent.

Here are some simple closet organizing ideas for corralling sports equipment.

-- Take a look at what you've got.

Is it mostly small sports items, such as balls? Or are we talking hockey sticks? The size of your sports equipment will determine how to organize your sports closet.

-- What can hang up?

Hang up whatever you can. Put racks and hooks on your closet wall to get as much stuff off the closet floor as possible.

You can even use a closet organizing system that utilizes hanging baskets for smaller items likes balls and gloves.

-- Use shelves to stack.

Make sure your shelves are sturdy and can handle the weight you plan to put on them. Bins that stack and are open to the front allow you to access small items inside without taking apart the whole shelf in the process.

Also consider the top shelf in your sports closet. Often that shelf is awkward to reach which means anything you put up there will be difficult to get down...or put away. Consider using the top shelf for off-season sports equipment or uniforms that you don't need to access regularly.

-- Think seasonal.

Another option is to organize your closet for one sport at a time. Put all other sports equipment into storage and only keep items related to the current seasonal sport available in your sports closet. This includes uniforms and shoes which eliminates running here and there to find complete gear before dashing out the door.

-- Consider a calendar.

A calendar on the inside of a closet door that shows the league schedule can be extremely helpful. Everyone can see at a glance what's going on this week or next.

Hang a pad of paper and pencil on the closet wall for notes between you and your athlete as well as notes on what needs to be washed or repaired before the next game.

-- What size are your sports-minded kids?

Closet organizing always needs to keep in mind the ages that will be using the closet and this is certainly true for your sports closet, as well.

Putting preschool age items down low means your kids can help themselves to their own balls and play gear as well as present the opportunity for them to learn to put their sports equipment away when the fun is done.

-- Safety counts.

Of course, safety needs to be on your list as you organize your sports closet. Some equipment is heavy, sharp or dangerous and needs to be stored away from little hands or with protective guards in place.

Teaching your family to put away their sports equipment properly as well as checking that equipment regularly for wear and damage is simply smart sports training.

A sports minded family will benefit greatly from a closet organizing system that reflects their active lifestyle. By considering what types of sports equipment you have, how to store it properly and what your seasonal sports needs are, you can go a long ways towards designing a closet space that adds to your family's fun and lowers your stress level at the same time.

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Friday, 3 April 2009

Find the Perfect Closet Shoe Organizer

There are many ways to organize your shoes in your closet. Which one you choose depends in large part on personal style and on just how much space you have in that closet. Here are some tips to help you get the perfect closet shoe organizer for your needs.

Take an inventory of your space
Do you have space on the floor of your closet for a shoe rack? Could you use the back of your closet door for a hanging closet shoe organizer? Do you have space in your closet for a hanging shoe organizer? Figure out what space you have and what organizing solution would work best for your space. If you are already using the space on your floor for other storage, a traditional shoe rack is not the solution for you. Likewise, if you are using the closet door for other storage, the closet shoe organizer that fits on the closet door will not work. And if you already have a closet filled to overflowing with clothes, the one that hangs in your closet will not work for you. Know where you have space for your shoes and find a closet shoe organizer that works within that space.

Know what size closet shoe organizer you need
One piece of this is just counting how many shoes you have to make sure that you buy a closet shoe organizer that will actually fit all of the shoes that you have. The other piece of this is measuring the space that you will be putting the closet shoe organizer in. Measure the space that you have and make sure to take those measurements with you when you go shopping for that shoe organizer. You do not want to come home with a closet shoe organizer that does not fit in the space that you have.

Shop around to find an organizer that fits your style
The sheer volume of closet shoe organizers out there is amazing. No matter what your personal style and preference is, you will be able to find the perfect solution for you. Searching online is a good place to start your search for the perfect shoe organizer. That will at least give you an idea of the different kinds of options available. Your local organizing store and some department stores will also have a variety of closet shoe organizer products.

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