Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Finding the Best Wire Closet Organizers

You won't regret getting wire closet organizers. They don't cost much and they also give your more creative ways to keep your closet in order. Moreover, wire racks and baskets can hold anything you can think of. If you have limited house space, you can use some of your closet racks to hold toiletries, towels, bags and many more. Here are some tips in finding the best wire organizer for your needs.

Shop Choices

Before you even pick a particular set of closet organizers, you usually pick a store first. Since you do want a wire organizer because of its versatility, you would want to make sure that your set of organizers fit your particular specifications and needs. You can settle for a store with a wide variety of wire organizer sizes and shapes. There are some online stores that also allow customization. You just have to submit your specifications and an online store can cut your organizers into the sizes that you need.

Space Needs

There are some wire organizers that are sold as sets. Depending on your choice, you could end up with a set with more racks and baskets or more rods. You should therefore first determine if you want more space for hanging or for keeping folded items. A better option would be to buy individual wire sections.

Material Strength

Another advantage of wire closet organizers is their durability. Different brands and types however have different levels of durability. The sturdiest kinds can be used for garage storage because they are made of thick wires. Some racks can have thinner wires but have more crossed sections to hold them up.

Organizer Parts

Wire organizer sets have different prices. Some cheaper sets might cost less because they do not have complete support accessories. In the long run though, you may be saving yourself a lot of trouble if you get a set that already has brackets and screws included.

Design Flexibility

The most common type of wire organizers are racks that you can screw on the wall. Some manufacturers however have come up with better models that you can adjust to provide different storage space sizes and storage types. If you can't seem to keep just one arrangement, you should try these flexible models.


The traditional wire organizers come in white coats. You can however also opt to go for a chrome finish. This will lend more elegance and sophistication to your closet.

Special Sets

There are some wire organizers that are specially made for particular closet types and brands. If your closet does not match the special wire organizer set, it would be better to look for a universal wire rack set.

Wire closet organizers are a great bargain for your money. If you choose the right set, you'll never have to worry about your closet getting constantly cluttered.

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